Dirtiest Van Ever! Maggots Mold and Treasures

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This van belongs to my friend Olie. He is the sweetest man you will ever meet. Over the past 10-12 years, he has accumulated amazing antiques, artwork, furniture, tools, and everything you can imagine. Likewise, there is also a ton of junk that has piled up in this disaster van. This is its first wash in 10 years and we found maggots and mold in the center console area that needed to be steam cleaned and power washed. The floor and car seats were disgusting but we scrubbed them with AMMO Lather and steamer to remove the germs and bacteria. The back of the van held countless treasured items, including Olie's lost eye glasses as you will see in the reveal at the end of the detail. We also polished his paint with Rupes Uno as well as the Rupes 21. The AMMO Detailing Simulator is featured in the episode. Please sign up in the link below. Hope you enjoy the disaster van restoration! -L

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wai wong
wai wong 2 månader sedan
For someone as accomplished as Larry, he isn’t too good to get his hands dirty for a task like this. Kudos to him for staying down to earth even with the unparalleled success.
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt 25 dagar sedan
I think another reason is that you see a very great result on those super dirty cars very easily. I think its way more satisfying to see a muddy car getting cleaned and shiny than an already very good looking car with just a few issues becoming perfect.
Kizashi Wellness
Kizashi Wellness 2 månader sedan
Facts! This is one of the main reasons why I love this channel!
A B 2 månader sedan
Should have switched the passenger seat to the drivers’ seat, since you did not fix the cushion or leather. Why be a cheap skate? Fix all the dents and do something about the corrosion, open up the back and install some seats in the back, turn it into an SUV.... för 1 sekund sedan
Muhammad Akbar Khan
Muhammad Akbar Khan 2 månader sedan
The best what you can do something for other
Robert Hennel
Robert Hennel 2 månader sedan
@Sean Bond He could, but what would the fun be on that? I run my own small company, by far not as successful as Larry, and I also had the opportunity to just hire people to do the work for me. Nah, money is an important part of running your business, but if you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you do, you always want to be part of the action. You can really see how Larry enjoys being there in his dream workshop detailing.
QUIX OTIC 7 timmar sedan
He got half a house inside a van
RDU23 Dag sedan
Semi pimp mah rayd
Will Dag sedan
how did he ever manage to look at his right mirror....was he merging fucking blind lol
cattriarch Dag sedan
My lord!! That's a whole house in a van 😂
Border the skeleton
Border the skeleton 2 dagar sedan
Seeing how bad the van was, im scared to see how bad his house is...
Travis Costanza
Travis Costanza 3 dagar sedan
Hmmm you should never put a car in park while driving. 🤦🏻
FlamingGold 4 dagar sedan
Huh...a stick of dynamite
Micah HewlenHarrell
Micah HewlenHarrell 4 dagar sedan
Bro wtf..
Seth Putnam
Seth Putnam 4 dagar sedan
Pretty sure the cops would have stopped him a long time ago for all that stuff obstructing his ability to drive safely.
Greg Jurek
Greg Jurek 5 dagar sedan
What happened to the old mans stuff
gamerups Playz
gamerups Playz 5 dagar sedan
Hold up that was all in the car 😱😱😱
Azores ToThe6
Azores ToThe6 5 dagar sedan
i have cleaned some pretty dirty cars when i was working part-time summer job as a teen but your a better man then me if this car came in to the carwash detail and my boss said clean in and out i would of quit so fast without giving it a second thought
Jason K
Jason K 6 dagar sedan
2021 life. A nasty hoarder van has a dirty mask hanging from the filthy steering column. Can you image the germs in that mask? Do you think that promotes health?
Akoni Martin kupau
Akoni Martin kupau 6 dagar sedan
What is you game called and is it on console or mobile
Samuel Ray
Samuel Ray 7 dagar sedan
Ollies van needs to be in your game
HARMONIE 7 dagar sedan
For the Tape residue use WD-40 it helps
Gypsie Emerald
Gypsie Emerald 7 dagar sedan
He must've been the master of tetris
capricorn girl
capricorn girl 7 dagar sedan
That van loves junk food
Thundertrain2930 7 dagar sedan
He looks fantastic for 85
For the Love of Humans
For the Love of Humans 8 dagar sedan
Also this van screams of meth addict lol. Sorry idc how old you are or what you’ve been through this is absolutely disgusting
For the Love of Humans
For the Love of Humans 8 dagar sedan
85?? He looks amazing
Zeerak Hameem
Zeerak Hameem 8 dagar sedan
Subbed after watching this. This was so wholesome to watch.
Lincoln McLeod
Lincoln McLeod 9 dagar sedan
4:17 Piss jar
Typical Khaios
Typical Khaios 9 dagar sedan
this is what hoarding can do man...
adhit wahab
adhit wahab 10 dagar sedan
Nice job
ryne matthew suano
ryne matthew suano 10 dagar sedan
4:48 STEVE!
cleo stars
cleo stars 11 dagar sedan
The maggots tho- 💀😭😭😭
Nicole 11 dagar sedan
I’m glad I got this recommended because this is surprisingly satisfying.
Sunny 12 dagar sedan
At least we know that he's not a hoarder!
Joyrose Paraiso
Joyrose Paraiso 13 dagar sedan
wow I wish I have a car
R -
R - 13 dagar sedan
Man literally got his entire house stuck in a van
AA Alimbzar
AA Alimbzar 14 dagar sedan
Imagine getting kidnapped in this van
Shad Khan
Shad Khan 14 dagar sedan
Idk why did they posted such a long video All they had to do is set car on fire
watrgrl2 14 dagar sedan
Oh man! I wouldn’t think it possible for all of that to fit in that van space!
Payton Edvalson
Payton Edvalson 15 dagar sedan
Will the game coats money to play
The Bearded Merchant
The Bearded Merchant 15 dagar sedan
I’m pretty sure covid originated out of this van 😂
creeper aww man
creeper aww man 15 dagar sedan
man this person is lucky to have friends like you beacause if you did not do this than he whould still have his van like this. we need more people like you :)
Xian Mark _23 Vlog
Xian Mark _23 Vlog 15 dagar sedan
Maybe its a thief car van witch is got forget and buy new car xD
Mad lad
Mad lad 16 dagar sedan
How much is the game
Veteran 16 dagar sedan
Imagine he drove car everyday in 1st gear lol He must be upset
Lexington Kirkland
Lexington Kirkland 16 dagar sedan
Does this game come to devices like an iPad?
Kate D
Kate D 16 dagar sedan
Oh, Greg Universe!
Sun N
Sun N 16 dagar sedan
This is amazing
Gc_Dwrfy DeRs A SNaKe In MY BooT
Gc_Dwrfy DeRs A SNaKe In MY BooT 16 dagar sedan
chair pog
Dorian Arnold
Dorian Arnold 16 dagar sedan
*mans got a chair in there, respect*
Smy 18 dagar sedan
The fact that someone has driven it in this kind of state one last time disturbs me
Dingo Starr
Dingo Starr 18 dagar sedan
abdul77756 18 dagar sedan
That's a well used van lol least you can have a yard sale.
Crafty Corner
Crafty Corner 18 dagar sedan
So this is the scene which every mother sees when a kids throws a t shirt on their bed
Luke Hudson
Luke Hudson 19 dagar sedan
"mysterious bottle of green liquid" ... excuse me?
SupItzMizuki 19 dagar sedan
This is making me wanna clean the bathroom
Ismael Amaya
Ismael Amaya 20 dagar sedan
And he is a retired engineer!!!
Antonio Rosado
Antonio Rosado 20 dagar sedan
I was hoping Ollie would let him keep the dynamite
Extract 20 dagar sedan
Why does he look through the things?- unless the man let him
Aman Rehan
Aman Rehan 20 dagar sedan
Hey did you also check the dirt you first broomed off from the van for any small stuff like vintage coins etc??
Aman Rehan
Aman Rehan 20 dagar sedan
Hey did you check the things you threw away once
Aman Rehan
Aman Rehan 20 dagar sedan
Day 2 van back to old self 😂
Aman Rehan
Aman Rehan 20 dagar sedan
Respect to you sir for how lovingly you helped the man
Aman Rehan
Aman Rehan 20 dagar sedan
Looks like my room
Skull Syrup
Skull Syrup 21 dag sedan
5:02 Those look more like carpet beetle larvae than maggots to me. Guess it's all the same when it comes to cleaning bugs out though.
Vigan Çekaj
Vigan Çekaj 21 dag sedan
good job by you guys but this is a waste of time should've just sent it to the junkyard it's a big piece of trash
mr.boombastic 22 dagar sedan
2:16 is that a f#cking time bomb!
palotak lah jua
palotak lah jua 22 dagar sedan
Should have call the guys from The American Pickers to offer some of the stuff for them to buy. 😁😁😁
Alex D
Alex D 23 dagar sedan
How long till it goes back to be like before? Love what you guys did for him!
Elivim !
Elivim ! 23 dagar sedan
God bless Ollie yes a great man 😇
Angelo Salvia
Angelo Salvia 23 dagar sedan
I have the game on my wishlist and I look every day waiting for it to come out. Cool video and always satisfying to watch
Kosmodows 2000
Kosmodows 2000 24 dagar sedan
OMG A GAME?! I WANNA IT NOW!!!1224w4rtgtregdhszdxrg
Shubham Bhargad
Shubham Bhargad 24 dagar sedan
Their soo much to this channel than just cleaning .. !! Actually helps my anxiety and motivates in a strange way to work🙌 You are a Genius man !
Kalecgoose 24 dagar sedan
You probably get this question a ton, but how do you handle all of your used washcloths! :) Thanks for the video, friend.
Jack Doff
Jack Doff 24 dagar sedan
Imagine someone uses it to shift drugs, it would take the police all year to search the vehicle 🤣
Chuckisgone 25 dagar sedan
Did you see something? 5:18
surge stage 1
surge stage 1 25 dagar sedan
Who else couldn't find the inside edition video
Thomas Bradley
Thomas Bradley 25 dagar sedan
That was the best I seen on SEmost! Iam 62 and wish started soon car detailing but I still have fun cleaning a car for someone.
Jeg Yzeckyel Ros
Jeg Yzeckyel Ros 25 dagar sedan
How much is the game
Gabriel Pettyjohn
Gabriel Pettyjohn 25 dagar sedan
Larry, I often admire the work you do to help those around you. How do things get better? We do what we can. Respect for what you do and how well you do it.
Gabriel Pettyjohn
Gabriel Pettyjohn 25 dagar sedan
...would you consider fixing up that van a bit more? I'm sure some kind folks would show interest in a crowdfunding to pay for repairs and steps to address that rust. Could be material for a follow up video. A very interesting elder. Caring for those who are older is most always good work.
Emily Campbell
Emily Campbell 25 dagar sedan
thank you for the message at the end about taking care of elderly people and appreciating their amazing lives and the stories they have to tell, this pandemic has really brought out the worst in some people and now more than ever is such an important time to take care of the elderly and vulnerable in society, youthfulness doesn't last forever, one day all of us are going to need help and support
Nicole Nera
Nicole Nera 26 dagar sedan
That suspension is able to breathe..
Anime Fan Edits
Anime Fan Edits 26 dagar sedan
Me cleaning my car Laughing cuz I hate washing And wanna scream loud because im tired And because its almost raining
Luca Lavore
Luca Lavore 27 dagar sedan
Valerio 28 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite episode. 😍😂
Kaczor ZdR
Kaczor ZdR 28 dagar sedan
Ain't this the same guy from brewstew story about his ford service job?
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 28 dagar sedan
When you live van life but is also a hoarder be like
danny xcon
danny xcon 28 dagar sedan
This is cool, I really enjoyed it
ULostConnection 29 dagar sedan
The Best
Duxi Duxi
Duxi Duxi Månad sedan
Cliff Cardi
Cliff Cardi Månad sedan
Ollie had a whole Antique store in his van!
Sean Månad sedan
16:58 John Lennon lol
Sean Månad sedan
Ammo, what do you do with the ripped up seats?
Sean Månad sedan
Has anyone thrown up yet
chriss505 Månad sedan
I would have had one wish during this otherwise perfect cleaning experience - you could have installed a new driver's seat. The old thing is already falling apart :)
Pamela Lafosse
Pamela Lafosse Månad sedan
BIG 1RENZON Månad sedan
Repent and return to God Don't die without knowing the Lord Jesus Christ
MRTN 005
MRTN 005 Månad sedan
Um are we gonna ignore the fact this dude had dynamite in his van
German League of Legends
German League of Legends Månad sedan
in 40-60 years we tell the kids about corona and going crazy about toilet paper
a8fi Månad sedan
Nice Work Larry
Mehdi Musa
Mehdi Musa Månad sedan
The green stuf on the car is not mold but rather moss
Venom_Bankz Månad sedan
Age 85 damn he looks 60
Hifumini Månad sedan
car detailing
Google Account
Google Account Månad sedan
Looks like my ex wife's minivan😂 I totally judge her
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