2021 BMW M3 Competition: First Wash and Review

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2 månader sedan

This was a quick 3 hour detail and clean before the big NYC release of the 2021 BMW M3 Competition. I washed the M3 with AMMO Foam and Boost. Allowed to sit for 3 to 5 mins. Then wash with the AMMO MF towels before power washing the dirt off the paint. Dried with compressed air and towels, then applied AMMO Reflex Pro with a blue applicator pad before buffing the residue off. We get a sneak peek of the performance options available on the new BMW M3 from a BMW product specialist. Hope you enjoy the quick sneak peek at the BMW M3 Competition before the NYC photo shoot and release party.
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Products used:
Car Soap: www.ammonyc.com/product/ammo-foam-paint-cleanser/
Wheel Soap: www.ammonyc.com/product/ammo-brute-wheel-soap/
Reflex Pro: www.ammonyc.com/product/ammo-reflex-pro-pre-sale/
MF Towels: www.ammonyc.com/product/microfiber-towels/
AMMO Paint Regimen: www.ammonyc.com/shop/ammo-paint-regimen-kit/
AMMO Interior Regimen: www.ammonyc.com/shop/ammo-interiorregimen-kit/
AMMO Wheel Regimen: www.ammonyc.com/shop/ammo-wheel-regimen-kit/
For more how to car care videos & full product line: www.ammonyc.com
Carpet Brush for hand drill: amzn.to/31F2PKL
Rapid Adhesive Remover: amzn.to/2WcuOjN
Mini Shampooer: amzn.to/2W7swlT
Headliner Adhesive: amzn.to/33Ts9Ox
Window Squeegee: amzn.to/2BAcE1X
Induction Heater: amzn.to/2N4YUBF
Festool Vacuum: amzn.to/33PuKJk
Steam Machine: www.ammonyc.com/shop/steam-machine/
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AMMO Formulas used in this video:
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Grit Guard & Washboard amzn.to/34d66m4
Stanley FatMax amzn.to/2Pr0iRM
Rupes Paint Light amzn.to/2JxzGuD
Clay Bar amzn.to/2NmWkXP
Wash Mitt amzn.to/330wYWc
Invisible Glass amzn.to/2PrCNrN
Milwaukee Fan amzn.to/2peO9VE
Milwaukee Rapid Charge amzn.to/2Wp2UB7
Festool Vacuum Crevice amzn.to/34benXD
Rupes Polisher 21 amzn.to/2NisKCQ
Rupes Polisher 3-in. amzn.to/2Wnl9Hj
Megs Foam Polishing Disc 6" amzn.to/2PqILJD
Megs Foam Cutting Disc 6" amzn.to/2MXPbOT
Rupes Bag amzn.to/2PulLcw
Positector Paint Depth Gauge amzn.to/2JwqOpf
Mercury Spray Bottle amzn.to/2PrFRnN
Masterblaster amzn.to/2C4Rt8F
CR Spotless Water Filter amzn.to/31Y7DuW
Megs MF finish 3" amzn.to/2N04Ugp
Megs MF finish 5" amzn.to/2Pulq9L
Megs MF finish 6" amzn.to/2q1TO19
Megs MF cutting 3" amzn.to/2BTDSAY
Megs MF cutting 5" amzn.to/2Nju1tk
Megs MF cutting 6" amzn.to/2q1TX4H
Black Wow amzn.to/2PtG4XH
Megs M205 amzn.to/2JwrNpr
Megs M105 amzn.to/2Ps31dS
RoboReel amzn.to/2Pud6qP
Steam Machine VX5000 amzn.to/368WBGm
Elcometer Paint Depth amzn.to/2NkP52A
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Gorilla Gloves amzn.to/36k2ZLg
Long-handled Window Scrubber amzn.to/2JyxZgJ
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Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname 8 dagar sedan
A-aaaa-aaaaangry beaver!!!!
Icyadamgamer 10 dagar sedan
vroom vroom
vroom vroom 14 dagar sedan
6:30 no enthusiasts would buy this "bmw"
Morgan W
Morgan W 17 dagar sedan
Do you not use a wash mitt anymore?
donkyuhbuhts540 17 dagar sedan
Nose is teribble
DoubleClutchOnline 17 dagar sedan
Nice job on a hideous car
Plado 18 dagar sedan
The 8 series is still the best looking BMW. I said it 😂
Darren Griffin
Darren Griffin 19 dagar sedan
this was not the only one in the country in february......someone explain this to mean please
StealthC1 20 dagar sedan
The new BMW M3 snoozefest.
Mrperrune 23 dagar sedan
Total wrecking a classic car...BMW how could you!!?
Xtreme 25 dagar sedan
Soo soothing to watch.😊
J Sal
J Sal 27 dagar sedan
Do you need a respirator to polish a car? Asking for a friend
J Sal
J Sal 26 dagar sedan
@Henry Collins lol.
Henry Collins
Henry Collins 26 dagar sedan
It would be recommended, polishes and compounds dust, which if you breathe it in, over time you’ll have breathing issues
Daniel C
Daniel C 27 dagar sedan
NJ and NY are so stupid bro, this bmw is from “Manhattan BMW” but has jersey plates lol kinda like the giants and jets playing in jersey 😂😂😂😂😂
Kanti123 Månad sedan
Is that his R8 in the back?
Henry Collins
Henry Collins 26 dagar sedan
Young Car Wiz
Young Car Wiz Månad sedan
That grill is growing to me. I’m starting to love it’s uniqueness
theo sincu
theo sincu Månad sedan
This and the 992 GT3 are my favourite new cars. Awesome.
Joes Golden Garage
Joes Golden Garage Månad sedan
Dope 🔥
TOETILAS Månad sedan
They fucked up the grill :/
Q8 Cyber
Q8 Cyber Månad sedan
Cleaning this car is like shaving a bald head
SHISHIR N Månad sedan
Okay this may be a *UNPOPULAR OPINION* but i think that M3 still looks good. I know chris from top gear did not like it...... and i know how other people feel about but i still like the new grills. 👍
Schmeat Månad sedan
No matter how much you clean it, its still ugly.
zhicheng steam cleaner
zhicheng steam cleaner Månad sedan
good car and well clean performance
Guacamole Hole
Guacamole Hole Månad sedan
Carbon fibre this carbon fibre that but does it still have all the brittle plastic parts in the engine?
TheNakedCommunist Månad sedan
Just looked it up, this car starts at almost £75000 in the UK. The equivalent to $35000 dollars more expensive.... I have an E60 M5, I think I’ll just keep running that thanks BMW 👎
IKhan Månad sedan
As usual this BMW will perform amazingly and have that dual use where you can carve the canyons on weekends and commute on weekdays. Too bad the styling, at least on the exterior, leaves some things to be desired. They can't call the grill the kidneys anymore as they're pretty much butterflies at this point.
Deniro Zako
Deniro Zako Månad sedan
Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle Månad sedan
guy is trash
JoeyMrTurbo Månad sedan
Listen I’m a purist but I have to say I absolutely love the front.
Mathew Akad
Mathew Akad Månad sedan
What's the soundtrack he used for the cleaning
sparky7679 Månad sedan
Designer 1: how much grille should we put on the new m3 Designer 2: yes
Jason Chen
Jason Chen Månad sedan
Am I the only one that just can't watch a full video on the M3 because of how ugly it is
say no to the rfid chip
say no to the rfid chip Månad sedan
Does anyone know of a top notch detail place in NYC or long island I need a good shop
Mikell Brown
Mikell Brown Månad sedan
If they get rid of the massive grill it would look so aggressive
Admiral Kool
Admiral Kool Månad sedan
At first I didnt like the giant grill. On this car, its looks good. That's just me.
DeeJay Månad sedan
I feel you I totally agree I love it too it's bold and full of fierceness you can see it really standing out
Jerome Aquiat
Jerome Aquiat Månad sedan
Clever marketing with the grill design. Get the entire car community to talk about it.
Alan Ó Cléirigh
Alan Ó Cléirigh Månad sedan
Great vid once again thank you Larry, I really hate the new front end design on he new BMWs, no amount of buffing is going to make that pretty, savage car though.
DeeJay Månad sedan
I think it's nice love the mean and bold character a good change from the same mundane
Abdulrahman Hadid
Abdulrahman Hadid Månad sedan
you should have pixelated that grille 🤢
Deepak Duvvi
Deepak Duvvi Månad sedan
Super work all videos are worthy, looking forward in India
Rolling Shutter
Rolling Shutter Månad sedan
"according to our company´s own research, one in five people actually like the big kidney grill" Bmw Chief designer Duke.
Spencer Porter
Spencer Porter Månad sedan
Who the hell gets the automatic AWD...it only has 25 more crank HP 😂 I’m not one of those guys who bashed autos over manuals, but in this case if you chose that over a 475hp RWD 6 speed then I’m sorry, you’re either wrong or you have so much money that you don’t even know lesser 3 series exist
Spencer Porter
Spencer Porter Månad sedan
Everything else on this car is spec’d out beautifully however. Those wheels are incredible. Once the aftermarket comes up with a better front end option, these paired with a manual option very well might be one of the best cars on earth
Juan Quevedo
Juan Quevedo Månad sedan
Seeing this car in red completely convinces me i need this vehicle in my garage
DeeJay Månad sedan
I think it's nice love the mean and bold character a good change from the same mundane
Miah Månad sedan
Can any microfibre cloth be used in place of a wash mitt?
Rusal Miah
Rusal Miah Månad sedan
Its going to take alot of time for us to like the grill
The Jake G
The Jake G Månad sedan
Awesome channel.. BMW will need a fuel pump in a week.
Neman Momand
Neman Momand Månad sedan
Why the bigger grills? Asnwer: most Chinese and american
Donovan Tompkins
Donovan Tompkins Månad sedan
“Only one in the country” didn’t last long 😂 my dealership and neighboring dealerships already got them
inSAYn Månad sedan
The more I see that grill the uglier it gets.
kitbuilder123 2 månader sedan
Any tips for a white semi truck thats been run hard and rarely washed for 6 years? White truck but the paint is yellowing. Only found this channel lately, top class work
Nonya Business
Nonya Business 2 månader sedan
Geez that is an ugly car. BMW has done their finest to ruin the M3, along with all their other vehicles. I will never buy another BMW. They are turbo junk now...
Kevin Dilshan
Kevin Dilshan 2 månader sedan
Please take me as your apprentice after I done my practice in here. I can learn more from you. I really like to work with you.
Henry Collins
Henry Collins 2 månader sedan
Looks like everyone loves the new grill design
stephane8200 2 månader sedan
Larry, would you be able to connect to M539 Restorations? That guy does amazing BMW restorations. He’s just received a BMW E32 750iL that is undergoing restoration and that car is worthy of some of your cleaning materials. He is also a very nice guy who just gave up his day job to pursue his passion, so that is something that we could all encourage.
atotalidiot 2 månader sedan
Hey Larry!! If you see this, can you experiment using lofi hip-hop beats in your videos? I watch your vids when cutting loose and trying to relax, and I think more lowkey music would fit the bill. Up to you!
イザヤ書 2 månader sedan
That is not the only g80 in the country lol there are literally other ones in jersey. Great video though
Dinosaur67 2 månader sedan
I'm going to cut and polish a black dodge charger but at my job there is a restaurant next door with an outside smoker and it covers the cars in the lot with ash and grease. I've tried washing it with a bunch of different name brand car washes but nothing seems to remove it. What do you recommend for some extremely stubborn grease residue? I want to make sure it is absolutely clean before I start so I don't corrupt the pads and compounds. Thx
A SF 2 månader sedan
It looks made for China, Alfa Romeo Giulia best D-Sedan by far
Mark Cavin
Mark Cavin 2 månader sedan
You’re a wizard Larry
Woog Cus D'amato
Woog Cus D'amato 2 månader sedan
What's the instrument b4 he started explaining the bmw
63ibraa 2 månader sedan
4:44 what... 😂I guess you mean the opposite 😂
Brett King
Brett King 2 månader sedan
The new P80 M3 P standing for pig not performance
Tyler Llaneta
Tyler Llaneta 2 månader sedan
When is your game gonna come out bro I've been waiting.
sunnohh 2 månader sedan
Why does bmw have to make the ugliest thing I have ever seen once I could easily afford one.
Leo Stunz
Leo Stunz 2 månader sedan
Wow that thing is beautiful 🤩
Waqid J
Waqid J 2 månader sedan
Ceramic coating and ppf film would be perfect 👌
Peter Hammer
Peter Hammer Månad sedan
ceramic coating is nonsense imho. I have had it. It maybe keeps your car cleaner slightly better but thrown away money imho. PPF on the other hand is a must.
Lamm2jz 2 månader sedan
Oh look, A driving radiator 😑
Snoop Dagg
Snoop Dagg 2 månader sedan
grill doesnt look bad in black, but any other color it looks dumb asf
Volkan Aydinoglu
Volkan Aydinoglu 2 månader sedan
Going to miss that M Double Clutch Transmission !
Peter Hammer
Peter Hammer Månad sedan
I agree 100%. If the ZF is anything like in the F90, I am going to hate it. Hopefully they have improved software.
BenCNS 2 månader sedan
A detailing isn’t gonna Fix that ugly bumbler
KateriH 2 månader sedan
Are you sure that it is the first wash? 😁 Some of the cars we wash them at B.M.Works when they first come out of production before presenting it to you❤️.. btw people who still haven't seen the new M3 in real life they don't know how it is really lovely looking with that Grill - Power... People sometimes pictures and videos can lie trust me.... Greetings from Munich
Mayan J
Mayan J 2 månader sedan
Sometimes things are better when they’re left untouched like function over factory ricing
asandrius86 2 månader sedan
Front grills are worst ever design ...
West VV
West VV 2 månader sedan
So powerful and ugly
Islam Torkhani
Islam Torkhani 2 månader sedan
can we get 4k video plz?
Malhar Shinde
Malhar Shinde 2 månader sedan
When is the video about detailing the green 911 and the Rimac is gonna release?
Abdu Salam
Abdu Salam 2 månader sedan
When i get my dream car i know im gonna wash it with only your soap. Youre the first youtube that sells stuff that ive actually considered buying. Car companies send you cars to clean. Thats the best endorsement ive seen
Barry M
Barry M 2 månader sedan
Even Larry can't wash away that grill
Robbie Waldron
Robbie Waldron 2 månader sedan
12vs23 2 månader sedan
Can’t wait for that nose job body kit to come out for it.
Alejandro Verdejo Mingorance
Alejandro Verdejo Mingorance 2 månader sedan
Is the seat comfortable
Nirmal Shanthi
Nirmal Shanthi 2 månader sedan
The front end is really hideous, cheap design, who the heck designed the front end.
Freddie Jones
Freddie Jones 2 månader sedan
I really don’t mind the front grill. Audi have had grills like this for years
Anton Slizzardhands
Anton Slizzardhands 2 månader sedan
Everything looks good except for the grill.
Ajde Važi
Ajde Važi 2 månader sedan
Is kt wrong that E92 V8 M3 is still my absolute favourite and this one does not even come close?
Lewis Evans
Lewis Evans 2 månader sedan
That’s 1 uglyyyyy car
Ammar Hassan
Ammar Hassan 2 månader sedan
ScienceBitch 2 månader sedan
This clown is still on SEmost pretending he invented car wash materials? Such a joke.
Jordi 2 månader sedan
I'm one of the few who actually loves the design of this one
zhppilot 2 månader sedan
Wow the new shop looks great!! So does the M3.
PS Car Garage - Car Detailing
PS Car Garage - Car Detailing 2 månader sedan
Really nice Car. Front is top Greetings from Germany
Mr. Lässig
Mr. Lässig 2 månader sedan
no one will buy this car in europe or in the near east beceuse its ugly easy game for audi and mercedes
Miskat Ul Azim
Miskat Ul Azim 2 månader sedan
Why does it need to be cleaned?
the merker
the merker 2 månader sedan
The only way this car looks good from the ground is if it's black and lowered
Sean Martin
Sean Martin 2 månader sedan
Do you sell products at your shop? Or still order online for delivery?
Sean Martin
Sean Martin 2 månader sedan
@AMMO NYC cool, thanks. I want to give the new reflex a shot for spring clean up. One bottle should be good for 2 cars? Small SUV and a 4 door sedan for context.
AMMO NYC 2 månader sedan
Hey bud. Only on the website
drdj69 2 månader sedan
and where is the review???
Rody Elya
Rody Elya 2 månader sedan
Wow.. 72.000$.. In Holland (next to Germany) 120.000 $.. 😣😣😣
Brandon Carrigan
Brandon Carrigan 2 månader sedan
Does not look good 😢
Alex Meza
Alex Meza 2 månader sedan
I’d take this car over any other car in the world 💀 idc if it isn’t the best out there. To me it just looks so damn good especially in red
Vanguard 2 månader sedan
Wow...those seats look terrible unless you're a 120 lb female with 6 inch wide thighs. Wtf BMW?
CalifLove 2 månader sedan
The front is just so gawd awful. hate BMW for doing this to such a otherwise great car....
Gilmar Dekowski
Gilmar Dekowski 2 månader sedan
Get in there ammo! loving the levels you're reaching. Greetings from the U.K
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