First Wash Audi RS4 Avant SAFARI after Matt Farah Filthy Muddy Off-Road Rally

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This is an Audi RS4 Safari imported from Japan and rebuilt by AI Design in Tuckahoe, NY. This vehicle is incredibly special because it wasn't made for the American market. To have one in the Studio is super special...especially since it is absolutely disgusting, filthy, and covered in mud from head to toe. Just the way I like it. We had to pressure wash the mud, dirt, and grime off of every surface prior to the full car wash and detail. When we were done, we had 26 lbs. of mud removed from the surface of the matte wrap exterior paint. We cleaned and detailed the undercarriage, interior, and mud and rock covered wheels, revealing a stunning example of an Audi RS4 Safari wagon. Hope you enjoy! -L
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OBEY Glass & E-Cleaner:
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Interior Cleaner:
Carpet Cleaner:
Interior Brush:
Scrub Pad:
MF Towels:
Wheel Cleaner:
Brute Wheel Soap:
PRO Foamer:
Carpet Brush for hand drill:
Rapid Adhesive Remover:
Mini Shampooer:
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Tar Remover
Tire Gel Applicator
Festool Vacuum
Rupes Polisher 21
Rupes Polisher 3-in.
Megs Foam Polishing Disc 6"
Megs Foam Cutting Disc 6"
Rupes Bag
Positector Paint Depth Gauge
Mercury Spray Bottle
CR Spotless Water Filter
Elcometer Paint Depth
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Gorilla Gloves
Long-handled Window Scrubber
Loew-Cornell Fine line painting pen
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Unnecessary Comment
Unnecessary Comment 5 minuter sedan
Welll done
Elias Barajas
Elias Barajas 6 timmar sedan
Does anyone know what kind of glasses Larry uses?
Vorch 8 timmar sedan
I didn't realize they left the whole underside unprotected. That's a very half-baked "rally car" build. Functionally no better than the previous stanced version.
Jesse Barraza
Jesse Barraza 10 timmar sedan
1videofiend 16 timmar sedan
You're a good man Larry, (though Matt's just returned the favor!) You NYC boys stick together, (whether near or far) It's "The Basketball Diaries Automotive Edition!" 🏀 🚗
Tang0Fox1 19 timmar sedan
That dirt reminded me of the volcanic ash that I had to clean from my car recently.
Michael Boesen
Michael Boesen 21 timme sedan
Why would you not remove the dirt and sand/mutt before you start inside. All that waterspray and dirt will be all over the workshop
Hey so what is your opinion on the bottom to top top to bottom debate especially when doing large vehicles?
Willem Streutgers
Willem Streutgers Dag sedan
Nice to see Vrdestein tyres. A Dutch brand.
Augustus Arthur
Augustus Arthur Dag sedan
what was the bill?
Mark Sketch
Mark Sketch Dag sedan
You guys have REALLY gotta get on the AVANT style of vehicles, the very best car to own that will kick off any Ferrari or Lamborghini is a RS6 Avant. I think that AdamLZ just got one as they r just starting to come into the USA but what he did with it was awful, basically wrecked it, slammed it very low n ruined all that R&D that Audi put decades into. I honestly believe the car as he got it off the dealer would kick the ass of what he has now, with his new set ups. Really sad to see.
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Dag sedan
That things gotta be a full 10 kilograms lighter now!
renegadelaw Dag sedan
I like that wheel stand. Where do you get one of those?
Neal Chauhan
Neal Chauhan Dag sedan
Such an amazing setup dude
ZeroDayVirus Dag sedan
How do you keep your workshop moisture free after such a wash? Dehumidifiers?
Hi Goodbye
Hi Goodbye Dag sedan
can you apply reflex on glass?
offom Dag sedan
What's this nowadays? Someone mods the car, I watch. Someone redesigns it, I watch. Someone drives it, I watch. Someone does things I love/hate video, I watch. Someone cleans it, I still watch. Not offensive here but I can watch if someone throws it into a shredder too. Sincerely, your faithful watcher.
GOURAV KUMAR 2 dagar sedan
This thing is soooo satisfying to watch ❤
Pootythief X
Pootythief X 2 dagar sedan
All four wheels bent in a week ? Regardless of the height, that’s just careless....
L[REDACTED] K[REDACTED] 2 dagar sedan
If its not too much ti ask for can you start weighing the cars before and after detail please? I feel like this probably had atleast 300lb of dirt on it 😁
GOZZYGOZBORN 2 dagar sedan
The cops showed up because there was a dirty RS4 outside? Thats insane
ozilthebeast mohe
ozilthebeast mohe 2 dagar sedan
nahh man I don't care about the clean car. how do you keep your garage
Anisah Zainab
Anisah Zainab 2 dagar sedan
I’m in love with this channel
Luis Nazario
Luis Nazario 2 dagar sedan
Looks great! What’s the name of the rotary floor tool you used yo spin thx wheels while cleaning them
King Mustard
King Mustard 2 dagar sedan
The wrap is ugly but the car is a stunner!
Kurt C. Hose
Kurt C. Hose 2 dagar sedan
2:32 - good enough for my turn 😎
DERPSGAMING 2 dagar sedan
I have an 01 audi a4 1.8t wagon with the 5 speed so it's cool to see you do that rs4!
Rahaman Michael
Rahaman Michael 2 dagar sedan
Trade Offer You Take Car take Dirt your life energy
Eric Gallup
Eric Gallup 2 dagar sedan
Larry, with all the snow and rain you guys get in the NE, have you thought about using a water collection system to collect the runoff from your roof and using that water to clean the cars. A good filter would keep any junk from going through the system. It could save you some $$ with all the cars you detail. Don't worry, I'm not a salesman. I've just been looking at them for my place and thought it my be economical in the long run for you and your desire to have less of an impact on the environment (reuse resources). Thanks for the great content and products you put out!!!!!!!
Beach&BoardFan 2 dagar sedan
This coating of mud on that car seems artificial, I've never seen such a uniform coating of mud on a vehicle b4.
LUCKIEONASIS 2 dagar sedan
That garage dope af
Dirty Sanchez
Dirty Sanchez 2 dagar sedan
Also maybe a big blower that helps blow most of the water off from the top so you don’t have to hand dry the whole thing reduce possibility of swirls
Dirty Sanchez
Dirty Sanchez 2 dagar sedan
A steam room for the cars would be awesome 😎
Colin Barrineau
Colin Barrineau 3 dagar sedan
You would think the owner would have weathertech or some other mat brand inside
Woog Cus D'amato
Woog Cus D'amato 3 dagar sedan
Yes after a whole year Finally know his music to all his wash that be playing in the back ground it's call trying to escape by arc de soleil
lil_ mousey
lil_ mousey 3 dagar sedan
love watching these videos its so satisfying to see the end result
Shoolmy Shloms
Shoolmy Shloms 3 dagar sedan
Next vid “ unclogging our drainage system
Rehan Mazhar
Rehan Mazhar 3 dagar sedan
Zachary Chavez
Zachary Chavez 3 dagar sedan
I saw this car for sale a year ago online when it had the Rotiforms and just thought “oh neat it’s in the US” and saw this video and it’s the same car and that’s kinda cool!
Bob Did it
Bob Did it 3 dagar sedan
Americans know how to ruin cars. Let’s get a car that’s pretty rare even in Europe and wreck it. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Kim700 3 dagar sedan
Its painful to watch washing the muddiest car inside clean workshop , cant you wash off the mud outside the shop ?
TitelSinistrel 3 dagar sedan
The Bosch tag is a service tag, it's very typical in Germany, it usually tells you when oil was changed, what type of air and if oil filters and such were also replaced at the time.
THE NICE ONES 3 dagar sedan
You should add an outdoor lift. no reason to have to "vacuum" up water and mud inside a garage.
Viktor Dimitrovski
Viktor Dimitrovski 3 dagar sedan
I would have taken it to a self service car wash to wash the dirt away.
Chapps 3 dagar sedan
Shoutout Larry getting under the car for a mud shower, on the plus side it might be nice and exfoliating for your skin 🤣
macbitz 3 dagar sedan
Great job! See lots of RS4's in the UK but never a matt green one - looks good.
trucidio 3 dagar sedan
and the engine? Still dirt?
shane hubber
shane hubber 3 dagar sedan
The car is no doubt bad ass. But man every time I watch these videos I catch myself drooling over his shop. Just wow!
Nemo Speed
Nemo Speed 3 dagar sedan
Would've liked to see the engine bay!
Hugo Costa
Hugo Costa 3 dagar sedan
Sick intro !!
Christian Garnica
Christian Garnica 3 dagar sedan
It would’ve been better if you Weight the car before and after wash 🧽
MindSET 3 dagar sedan
He reminds me of Grant from The King Of Random. He can take any boring everyday mundane task into an exciting adventure.
Kurtis Kaskowski
Kurtis Kaskowski 22 timmar sedan
Preeeeeetty sure it's the same guy. Looks and sounds almost exactly the same.
Bassahaulic Productions
Bassahaulic Productions 3 dagar sedan
"undrivable, with 4 bent wheels" Sounds like the owner is a bad driver.
Jonatan Grabarczyk
Jonatan Grabarczyk 4 timmar sedan
Some people have no idea how to drive a lowered car 😂
Astoria knight
Astoria knight 3 dagar sedan
No just no rip this rs4 @ least its a Good vid
Daniel Marshall
Daniel Marshall 3 dagar sedan
OH THANK YOU that was very pleasing.
Naughtydog 3 dagar sedan
what do yall do for a alternator swap? lol
BigM3atyCLAWZZ 3 dagar sedan
How to ruin your video 101: Show before and after at the very beginning of the video like an idiot. I immediately paused the video and left it at that.
MysteriousOklahoma 3 dagar sedan
Laser jammer...
DonDomel 3 dagar sedan
2:59 - did't catch. Police came for what ?
Marky Marc
Marky Marc 4 dagar sedan
Larry: Why aren't you doing the power washing outside? instead of clogging up your drains? Just a thought. Love your work!
The Flying Train Driver
The Flying Train Driver 4 dagar sedan
So in a nut shell, cos it’s Farah’s car, you’re just washing it. No different to me washing my Pajero Sport after driving through mud.
Abed Hiaz
Abed Hiaz 4 dagar sedan
Bro you'de better find your self a washing bay out side your studio , this is a waste of time to keep cleaning after car washing
Kars Leers
Kars Leers 4 dagar sedan
quick question, why not rinse off the dirt outside so its not such a big mess inside?
David de Fortier
David de Fortier 4 dagar sedan
Wish to have seen what the engine bay looked like
Yoichi OGAWA
Yoichi OGAWA 4 dagar sedan
Thanks great video!! This car is import from japan !? Because written by Japanese on maintenance sticker on dash board. This car has awesome long history.
SDMF_1 4 dagar sedan
Engine bay? That must've been covered too.
Levente Montana
Levente Montana 4 dagar sedan
Great video as always, Larry. I hope that mud won't clog up the drain and lift system though. Much love from Russia
Kasten Pfützenbeidler
Kasten Pfützenbeidler 4 dagar sedan
That's exactly the reason why you don't get these cars. But great work man.
jeroen 4 dagar sedan
ugh how many channels do i have to unsub to not be exposed to matt farah. bye.
Hammerbeach 4 dagar sedan
Ai Design is the same guys who modified Alex Roy's E39 m5 for the nyc-l.a record run. They've also merged together a 190E Mercedes with a C63 engine, but to call it a engine swap is not giving it the full respect it deserves. Check it out, its amazing.
Vishwanath Pradeep
Vishwanath Pradeep 4 dagar sedan
How the hell is it even possible to cover the whole car with mud. It's like it got a mud paintjob
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 4 dagar sedan
Usually 4wd life ahahah so much fun doing it tho, i use an aussie product call steal seal from lanotec its lanolin based rust proventive and makes the mud slide off and not stick as much as we have some super sticky clay ahahah
Mohit N
Mohit N 4 dagar sedan
Weight reduction at its finest
Tee Simon
Tee Simon 4 dagar sedan
I can dig the remix there my guy
cameron simison
cameron simison 4 dagar sedan
should have kept the mud wrap, car looks good in light umber/beige
Chris Brannan
Chris Brannan 4 dagar sedan
Is it bad that Im more interested in that Willie's in the background?
Domingo D
Domingo D 4 dagar sedan
Didn’t do the engine bay?? Oh no…..
Hayden Christian
Hayden Christian 4 dagar sedan
If you think that is bad the red clay here in nc is a absolute pain in the ass
GOAT Lawns
GOAT Lawns 4 dagar sedan
How come you didn't put a drain in the floor for all the water?
구독쪼아용 4 dagar sedan
Xavier Ortiz
Xavier Ortiz 4 dagar sedan
Proof an "old" car can be just as good looking and desirable as these newer models.
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd 4 dagar sedan
“All the wheels were bent” meaning the guy is a shitty driver and kept hitting curbs and potholes. Prob should buy a truck and not an RS4.
Connor McGee
Connor McGee 4 dagar sedan
As a professional detailer myself, I would love to know how much you charge for something like this lol.
Jullian Bullock
Jullian Bullock 4 dagar sedan
Power rangers Turbo
aerojohn86 4 dagar sedan
great vid, love the wheel well shots and the attention to detail! and love seeing the respect for the B5 RS4 unicorn
TermiCobraKid 4 dagar sedan
Larry, I’m going nuts watching you scoop up mud. I understand the production/video value of the undercarriage shots, but I think it’d be 10x easier to use an undercarriage sprayer outside the shop where the mud can be more easily disposed of.
AMMO NYC 4 dagar sedan
Yes but very cold outside
Bielz_:3 4 dagar sedan
ur brave for doing this indoors lol
creative9001 4 dagar sedan
i liked the glasses u were wearing at the end specially the lenses are really unique , can u plz tell which brand is that?
Allen Rodgers
Allen Rodgers 4 dagar sedan
You should of done the stage of pressure washing all outside.
J D'Auria
J D'Auria 4 dagar sedan
Larry what kind of drainage system do you have in the garage floor?
arthur itchybollix
arthur itchybollix 4 dagar sedan
Doh should have washed it outside
vans2498 4 dagar sedan
Watching Larry detail and explain everything is so therapeutic
Douglasfotografix 4 dagar sedan
You must have a really great drain system in that sweet garage! No way would I even consider power washing a mud-covered vehicle inside.
John Calderon
John Calderon 4 dagar sedan
Why didn’t you take out them mud outside the shop just wondering
AMMO NYC 4 dagar sedan
cold outside when I shot this
Nick W
Nick W 4 dagar sedan
Audis are so sharp looking, especially that one.
Hello Newman
Hello Newman 4 dagar sedan
Hey Ammo , no link in the description for fog lights? Thanks good video
marcoxtv 4 dagar sedan
The stance look was so much better
Hillary Briss
Hillary Briss 4 dagar sedan
Someone couldn't drive a lowered car
CurryMamma 4 dagar sedan
By my experience cars with a ceramic coating tend to be harder to wash than uncoated cars. My car is only polished with no waxes or ceramic sealents what so ever and it has never been this easy to wash and maintain 😉
G009 4 dagar sedan
From 2021 and up the US is getting the RS avants!
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