Dirtiest Car Ever! BMW Full Interior Removal and Detail BMW 5 Series

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5 månader sedan

This is a BMW 5 series from Kars4kids.org. Unfortunately, it was going to be destroyed (crushed) due to the extreme mold and urine smell from mice infestation. Clearly, the vehicle is not able to be sold in this condition, nor is it safe to perform a restoration detail. However, with a Chlorine Dioxide tablet disinfection, we could then disassemble the interior parts and clean behind all doors, buttons, seats, etc...where more mold and mildew will be hiding. In most cases, the detail cost more than the actual car, but in this instance, the parts are more valuable as individual car parts...then as an entire car! So we detailed the Bio Hazard BMW 5 series just to get the parts clean to be resold individually after its auctioned. At the very end we tally up all the hours of disgusting detailing and polishing so that you can get a rough idea of cost vs value. Hope you enjoy! -L
Sell your car for parts: www.pullapart.com/sell-my-car/car-sales-tips/parting-out-vs-selling-a-junk-car/
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Zahid hussain
Zahid hussain Dag sedan
just send it to ls customs
thefallen924 Dag sedan
The previous owner of this car is hella dirty and has way more money than sense, seeing as how he/she is donating a car of this caliber. also, whenever i see something with kars4kids, i suggest everyone research what the organization is, and how the money is actually used, as it is both interesting and alarming.
Damanjeet Bajwa
Damanjeet Bajwa 6 dagar sedan
I hope you guys are using water recycling...you are wasting precious water...
帕克Paco 6 dagar sedan
Look I'm no Rockstar at keeping things clean but it might be my ADHD but every few weeks I go into hyper drive and clean my spaces because I get tired of being in garbage...I thought everyone kind of did that to some degree, just clean when it's not functional/comfortable anymore, I see they don't.
Max Dutton
Max Dutton 7 dagar sedan
Amazing job.
Timothy Osborn
Timothy Osborn 8 dagar sedan
After watching this I'll never complain about plunging a clogged toilet, and then cleaning it, ever again.
GadgetVision 8 dagar sedan
better than animal planet
Steve K
Steve K 17 dagar sedan
IAmMoparNut 17 dagar sedan
Was this a flood/hurricane car? Because I can't imagine a driver's window seal causing that much damage...
felix o gaitero
felix o gaitero 17 dagar sedan
how what
Antonio Ciancia
Antonio Ciancia 20 dagar sedan
My dad uses his 530d while working in his fields because for some reason he refuses to buy a beater car for work. I’m glad his 5 series isn’t actually the worst one on the planet 😅
JackAttack 20 dagar sedan
Him: "...That and a whole lot more coming up on this absolutely DISGUSTING episode of Drive + Protect." Me: "...Mmmmmmmmm, juicy."
ali al boloshi
ali al boloshi 20 dagar sedan
Great job 👍
People call me Fox
People call me Fox 20 dagar sedan
my mom punishes me by cleaning the car, because she knows i hate dirty stuff and i can’t stand seeing a dirty car and leave it dirty
Player Unknown
Player Unknown 21 dag sedan
You are acting like its radioactive xdd funny
Jörg-Ch. Knochen
Jörg-Ch. Knochen 22 dagar sedan
Doesn't mold penetrate fabric and leather deeper than you can remove with a simple scrub? I don't know. I still wouldn't want to do a roadtrip in this.
Kye Larson
Kye Larson 23 dagar sedan
how? just how?
Jason Bean
Jason Bean 24 dagar sedan
One of CNC Motors consignment cars.
zvagnus 25 dagar sedan
First world people parting out a car because it’s dirty 🤷🏼‍♂️.
Dhashvin Deva
Dhashvin Deva 25 dagar sedan
AMMO, how would you get rid of cigarette smell from a car?
Ery Avrilio
Ery Avrilio 26 dagar sedan
My car still has more scratches than this
Neil Norris
Neil Norris 26 dagar sedan
The mold is an EXCELLENT vehicle theft deterrent ...
Bearded Priest
Bearded Priest 29 dagar sedan
Good Morning Larry. What would be a good product or technique to use on a classic car vinyl seat to get an engine oil stain out of the vinyl?
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 29 dagar sedan
$3000 bucks to valet a car 😂
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 29 dagar sedan
Dirty Larry 🔫
Vaasavan Vijay
Vaasavan Vijay Månad sedan
I call these guys "Sanitary workers" after seeing this video.
Andre Simon
Andre Simon Månad sedan
Daniel C
Daniel C Månad sedan
Salvage by cleanliness is is like the best salvage you can get. I’d buy that bmw, motor is probably still strong.
Grant and his Dad Fix Stuff
Grant and his Dad Fix Stuff Månad sedan
I can see the mustang cool
John Rosado
John Rosado Månad sedan
Hello neighbors, don’t worry about us just wearing chem gear over here! Lol
Yo Yo
Yo Yo Månad sedan
Hi guys! To be honest... I really appreciate your work, how much patient you must have! Sometimes I don't understand the human beens... How you can let a car to have such kind of state??? 😢😢😢It is just... Unbelievable 😩
Raul Valle
Raul Valle Månad sedan
How much did you charge for this Detail disgusting Detail
james root
james root Månad sedan
I really wish I could work with y’all I love detailing the cars. Watching y’all do this helps me learn so much
Yes Ok
Yes Ok Månad sedan
Pp e gear
tohid khodayi
tohid khodayi Månad sedan
that's funny cause that car would have the value of 23000 $ in our country
Flip v d Fluitketel
Flip v d Fluitketel Månad sedan
Pro-tip for when you remove panels to clean or repair window regulators: order a bunch of the plastic tabs. They are cheap and you always break a couple of them.
Jason T
Jason T Månad sedan
Awesome job Larry and team
Art Layton
Art Layton Månad sedan
BMW says you should replace the screws that connect the seats to the floor. I haven't seen any detailer mention this, or replace the screws.
Peyton Webb
Peyton Webb Månad sedan
Me having a crappy truck would drive it that car after cleaning and just put 3 fresh trees
K9 Revenge
K9 Revenge Månad sedan
helicrazee Månad sedan
I like the bit where they cleaned the dirt off
AlexVids Månad sedan
i admire your hard work, channel and products. im going to order some stuff from you just because you work so hard.
AlexVids Månad sedan
your prices are cheap. that work was insane.
Keith Marcus
Keith Marcus Månad sedan
Should've name this episode Biohazard
Jerry King
Jerry King Månad sedan
How the hell did this car get so bad??? More over, not to be too judgmental, but how did the owner allow it to get this bad???
Mohammed Månad sedan
Did previous owner seriously hate his car so much?
Adam Jacob Adamson
Adam Jacob Adamson Månad sedan
20:40 Brand New 2004 BMW 530i (E60)!
MR London
MR London Månad sedan
I almost vomited several times. Would you clean a car like this if you knew that you won't be paid?
Unownballs Månad sedan
Good work
Jian Ern Tang
Jian Ern Tang Månad sedan
Holding my breathe when watching this video
youngchop Månad sedan
i was eating in the starting of the video ...
Warren Wigh
Warren Wigh Månad sedan
You shoulda given your neighbor a tyvek suit too!
Dustin Echos
Dustin Echos Månad sedan
It's bad but not "concealed a dead body" bad.
Robert Månad sedan
I can't imagine all that mold didn't get into the ventilation system..
Sunsailor Månad sedan
or drill a hole in the tank, take a lighter...
Prawilny Sałaciarz
Prawilny Sałaciarz Månad sedan
Is it bmw e60 2009?
Mouna Faci
Mouna Faci Månad sedan
What do you mean dead animals inside the car? 🙃🙃
Akupunktura Kičme
Akupunktura Kičme Månad sedan
Imagine buying this car on auction then find this video GAG 😂
Stan Månad sedan
I'm very surprised we didn't see any steam cleaning in this video. It definitely could have used it, maybe it was out of service.
Anthony Canty
Anthony Canty Månad sedan
"Be gentle here!" *smack*
Matteo Stocchero
Matteo Stocchero Månad sedan
So Tom Hanks was actually honest. Mouseville existed after all
pokeman260 Månad sedan
To bad it’s being sold for parts. It looks like a totally useable car
WhoDat Matt 44
WhoDat Matt 44 Månad sedan
Sorry, but it just seems like overkill to me to be wearing haz-mat suits. I mean, come on. I can see the gloves and maybe even some masks, but the suits? No way.
Abdu Salam
Abdu Salam Månad sedan
I aint very religous and damn i just started praying. I could smell that car from across the world.
Matthias Wewering
Matthias Wewering Månad sedan
Wow, wer hat denn den Preußischen Doppeladler im Logo? ;-)
Ali Kay
Ali Kay Månad sedan
How dirty is the car owner imagine his house if his car it’s like that imagine the his house
pd 2 månader sedan
Wtf bmw should sue this owner
WeeklyEdits4You_YT 2 månader sedan
At least warn us if you’ll show a dead mouse 😭🥺😳
Burhan Birinci
Burhan Birinci 2 månader sedan
Arabayı parcalayıp satacaklar galiba bu nasıl oto yıkama Kurtlanan elma armut gördümde kutlanan araba görmemeştim
DanTheManIOM 2 månader sedan
damn.....makes me want to hurl
OUTRAGE ROOM. LLC 2 månader sedan
Bro imagine your car gets totaled for being too dirty lmaooo
jonas neroni
jonas neroni 2 månader sedan
But why can you not fix The engine so The car is complete then you Will get alot more money without any pain,?????
Bigzeeyhyh 2 månader sedan
Would it not be easier to steam disinfect the car?
MegaThunder70 2 månader sedan
Does the car run
KMTM 888 88
KMTM 888 88 2 månader sedan
Nice wellcome to my country great job.
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 2 månader sedan
The majestic ball neurally decide because jeans exclusively undress without a cruel year. addicted, unhealthy summer
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 2 månader sedan
The precious bagel inherently flood because select luckily cheer following a silky geranium. pricey, descriptive budget
Benjamin smith
Benjamin smith 2 månader sedan
i’m army and a detailer. i would love to fly out and work with you for a day and just hang out.
Catherine Suttora
Catherine Suttora 2 månader sedan
What a shame....the engineers at BMW are in shock!
Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan 2 månader sedan
I have questions about the owner’s hygiene
Farshid Persian
Farshid Persian 2 månader sedan
How could they do that to BMW 😢!
Abbie Marshall
Abbie Marshall 2 månader sedan
The lyrical boy disconcertingly tour because porter spectroscopically pack circa a ahead pigeon. tart, annoying dash
Hunter Kim
Hunter Kim 2 månader sedan
Detailing cost = bmw used car price 🤢😱💀
Paul S
Paul S 2 månader sedan
3:45 Did I hear him say Micro-orgasms? Shouldn't it be Micro-organisms? Perhaps he was thinking about having an orgasm later
Eric 2 månader sedan
You should have just bought a dishwasher for the small parts.
kirkman22 2 månader sedan
I can easily relate to this. I work at a scrapyard, and only deal with the automotive recycling side of it. You have to go in the cars sometimes to pull stuff out that can't be shredded or crushed for safety and environmental reasons. It gets really disgusting sometimes. Even this bad. Which is why you refuse to go in those kind of cars.
DanieI Joseph
DanieI Joseph 2 månader sedan
If you get the car for 2k before cleaning then it makes sense to buy.
Marcus Hernandez
Marcus Hernandez 2 månader sedan
Who tf drove this to the shop though 😂
Mel Morris
Mel Morris 2 månader sedan
Hi Larry, what's the story on the Mustang in the background?
Justin Wadell
Justin Wadell 2 månader sedan
Reminds me when I used to buy junk Integras and part them out on HondaTech 😂
micotho 2 månader sedan
Nice job on detailing it.👍
ms. pirate
ms. pirate 2 månader sedan
Thanks for your hard work killing most of the mold 👍💖
Jonathon Gellibrand
Jonathon Gellibrand 2 månader sedan
My new favourite channel - you guys are AMAZING!!!
Joel A
Joel A 2 månader sedan
BMWs are gold mines when it comes to parts. I used to part out the e30s no one else would buy, typically the rusty ones or neglected. I never found one with this much mold or mouse nests, and I literally dragged one out of a half collapsed barn.
Sami Henrique de França
Sami Henrique de França 2 månader sedan
The front panel is not remove to clean cold air dute?
John DeLorean
John DeLorean 2 månader sedan
Can you send me that bike helmet?
hammershaft6969 2 månader sedan
Rule 1 of mold remediation. Contain. Can’t believe you would do that in your warehouse. Just think of the cross contamination. No air scrubbers running. No containment. How did you clean the foam and interior parts that can not be reached under the covers? All porous materials contaminated with microbial growth should be discarded. IICRC S520. It looks good but damn it’s full of wrong doings for proper remediation.
Dani Ocampo
Dani Ocampo 2 månader sedan
6:03 so anyway, we started blasting
OneDigits 2 månader sedan
watching this video i could just taste the car think ima legit be sick now
David Behney
David Behney 2 månader sedan
Quick Question, what was the determining factor(s) to go with the Caroline dioxide treatment rather then an ozone generator? Are they accomplishing similar tasks, or is this more of an apples v. oranges question?
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