How to Remove Scratches from Radio

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Polishing your radio head unit is safe and easy to do. WARNING: Do not try this on touch-screen or anti-glare screens. Treat the plastic just like you would a headlight. However, be sure to use masking tape to protect the radio button from compound and polish during the scratch removal process. Over time the plastic screen can become a complete disaster from years of wiping and touching which generate micro scratches and swirls. Polishing the plastic will remove the scratches and brighten the plastic giving you a new car feel...even on an old car like this one :) -Larry
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KP cadnzfin
KP cadnzfin Månad sedan
Nice one! I have some hairline scratches on the plastic protecting the main gauges. Can I go in there with a micro fiber towel and a bit of polish?
israel6642 2 månader sedan
Can you make a Video? How to remove scratches from the Gauge Cluster
Luís Araújo
Luís Araújo 2 månader sedan
What kind of polish we should use on this job?
5_ Colquhoun
5_ Colquhoun 3 månader sedan
What was the polish you used in this instance, thanks?
Charlie Warlie
Charlie Warlie 3 månader sedan
That is totally over the top excessive ocd detailing
Max 125
Max 125 3 månader sedan
How can I polish the entrance aluminium door plates?
Brady Frazier
Brady Frazier 4 månader sedan
As always, fantastic video. Extremely informative. One point of note: I know you are a perfectionist... you spelled 'surrounding' wrong at 10:39. Doesn't take anything away from the video at all. Well done all around. Cheers
Damian Poland
Damian Poland 5 månader sedan
Larry, I was wondering why I have never seen you mentioning anything about ceramic coating for a paint protection. Can you provide what are your thoughts about that aspect of the car detailing please? Thank you.
JonO387 5 månader sedan
How is, "blow out your pad" complicated?
soobok13 5 månader sedan
Hi I was wondering what did you use as the sealer after you finished polishing?
saleh mosawi
saleh mosawi 5 månader sedan
Larry I have a scratches on the speed gage can I fix it by the same method in this video?
Edwin B
Edwin B 5 månader sedan
What kind of place on Long Island can I get this kind of service
Yaseen Ba
Yaseen Ba 6 månader sedan
This video can be done in less than 3 minutes, you don’t have to stretch it to 10 minutes
Robert DeRose
Robert DeRose 6 månader sedan
How would you approach touch screen scratches then? If possible
Rigels Karavidha
Rigels Karavidha 6 månader sedan
are you from🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱plscan you say where are you from
Rigels Karavidha
Rigels Karavidha 6 månader sedan
are you from albania🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱
Franco Fernando
Franco Fernando 6 månader sedan
Good thing I watched till the end. I was about to do this on my car's touchscreen lol
Amhirvor 6 månader sedan
Do you have any tips and tricks, or maybe a video, on removing small scratches on mirrors and windshields?
Kev Mak
Kev Mak 6 månader sedan
Cheaper to buy a new
Alexander Moreau
Alexander Moreau 6 månader sedan
If you are poor and don't want it to look like trash brasso (the wadding) does a wonderful job polishing plastic like this, I've used it on old hifi equipment for years.
Kyle Pendleton
Kyle Pendleton 6 månader sedan
sithsiri 6 månader sedan
Polishing glass touchscreens will also remove the anti-fingerprint coating. I definitely didn’t find this out by putting toothpaste on my phone or anything
Yemek 6 månader sedan
Hello, I like your video. I can get you subscribers by sharing them on my own youtube channels. Free....
The Legend
The Legend 6 månader sedan
Did anyone say we love your videos?
Daniel Gallardo
Daniel Gallardo 6 månader sedan
What should I use on frozen paint when it has watermarks on it and they won't come off after a wash.
Dixons Valeting And Detailing
Dixons Valeting And Detailing 6 månader sedan
Great tips yet again!👏🏼
Dave Barron
Dave Barron 6 månader sedan
Hi Larry, enjoy your work / vids. Question, is there ANYTHING that I can use to protect / rejuvenate vinyl in older 70's and 80's cars? Especially dashboards, keeping the "moisture" in to reduce / eliminate cracking. I store all inside so direct sun is not an issue however, I live in the frozen wasteland of N. MI. so dry and cold are serious. Thanks.
Melvin the Mechanic
Melvin the Mechanic 6 månader sedan
Wash old cars
Bhawesh War Ramani
Bhawesh War Ramani 6 månader sedan
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Ok No
Ok No 6 månader sedan
Can you make a draw my life? I really want to know how you became succesful! 6 månader sedan
Why don't you market your products in Europe?
JA Auto Detailing
JA Auto Detailing 6 månader sedan
Peter Tan
Peter Tan 6 månader sedan
Larry you should do a “pro detailer reacts” video on other SEmost detailers or diy trick videos and rate them 1-10
Joyce of Driving
Joyce of Driving 6 månader sedan
Can you do a video on how to clean the hood insulation without messing it up?
Essjay 6 månader sedan
Love your vidoes! How do you get rid of animal hair from the carpet? I find vacummimg so much destroys the carpet. Thanks!
D_Votion 6 månader sedan
Nice video Larry
F T 6 månader sedan
Dude your videos are cool but you explain like the people watching your video are complete morons. Just do it use a buffing pad xm567???677 space towel.
Harrison Barrett
Harrison Barrett 6 månader sedan
I dont even have a car, I just love watching these videos.
Christopher De La Cruz
Christopher De La Cruz 6 månader sedan
Do a semi truck detailing
Diamond Rescue Supplies
Diamond Rescue Supplies 6 månader sedan
What program do You use to edit the video?
The Fragrance Critic
The Fragrance Critic 6 månader sedan
I have some Meguiars ultimate polish, mothers plastic polish and some Meguiars v105 which one would be best to use on my non touch screen?
BaimQQ 6 månader sedan
it looks better but not perfect new one cost only 80$ - 100$
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc 6 månader sedan
Ah.. just rub some fine paste on there with your hand and be done with it in 5 minutes. This is so unnecessary.
John Doe
John Doe 6 månader sedan
"linus car tips"
Alexander T
Alexander T 6 månader sedan
Is there a way to fix touchscreen infotainment scratches? Hoping that is a future video.
WA s*it bag titty f*ck Driving.
WA s*it bag titty f*ck Driving. 6 månader sedan
This car is easy some of other car is impossible.
Henri van Lier
Henri van Lier 6 månader sedan
how would you feel about introducing Ammo to the uk?
Michal Havlík
Michal Havlík 6 månader sedan
Felt like watching Bob Ross doing car detailing
Luis Espinal
Luis Espinal 6 månader sedan
I love using Vinyl Tape for this process so it doesn't come off so easy
Zeeblats 6 månader sedan
I do like your content, however, I've always used either Silvo or Brasso/Duraglit wadding which does the job nicely. Old school, back in the day, 1970s perspex scratch removal.
Falxie_ 6 månader sedan
I only own a motorcycle without any sort of dash, but this was super interesting
Todd 6 månader sedan
Larry’s ability to convey the end goal and the do’s and don’ts along the way have taken my ability to care for my cars the way I really want to the next level. Opened my eyes and enriched my “toolbox”! Big Thanks!
RealDarkFilm 6 månader sedan
why waste all that time taping and put glue streaks in the screen when you could just do it by hand. Its a freakin radio screen
Gino Peñaflor
Gino Peñaflor 6 månader sedan
Can i do this on plastic glass on my mazda 3 below the infotainment. It has tons of microscratches.
piotrek xyz
piotrek xyz 6 månader sedan
Worth reading: and:
Integrafreak1 6 månader sedan
Dude my dad is gonna be pissed, I accidentally sliced the screen with the razor
antsolja 6 månader sedan
i think id just use fine sandpaper
Alex Milkis
Alex Milkis 6 månader sedan
I honestly got better results with just an MF towel and some Meg's ScratchX 2.0.. you don't need a pneumatic or expensive cordless polishers to achieve scratch-less gloss on similar finishes.
Giovanni 6 månader sedan
What is the product he used ??
Dennis 6 månader sedan
Wait, an informative video without annoying music which sounds like its from a kiddie club stuffed in between every sentence and overlayed onto every scene? What year is it, 2015? Thanks! Edit: After watching the video I realized similarities. Yep. I have the very same car (different radio), same model, and didnt see it. Oof.
TRiBaL81 6 månader sedan
Can you polish this way your instrument cluster?
João Batista
João Batista 6 månader sedan
Would this work on the dashboard cluster? where the speedometer is?
Henri K
Henri K 6 månader sedan
Can you do the same for the speedometer plastic screens?
GMAN S 6 månader sedan
Thank You once again Larry. Great Info. You reminded me about tackling a couple of spots on the Piano Black Dash and Door Trims in the wifes Mercedes. I don't drive it all that much but when I do, I see it and it bugs me.
Daniel Touchette
Daniel Touchette 6 månader sedan
Why not tell use us the product 😡 bad tutorial
Raymond perez
Raymond perez 6 månader sedan
Great Video Larry!! Just Wondering Will Meguiars Plasti X Work With A Microfiber Pad or Towel.
Bowie Skeeter
Bowie Skeeter 6 månader sedan
what do you do on mb ntg1 comands? they have this special anti glare coat. they scratch easily and cannot be replaced. after many years they look terrible and all scratched up
Richard Stephens
Richard Stephens 6 månader sedan
omg!!! really?? this does happen when you polish things. they become polished and shiny WHAT???
Robert K
Robert K 6 månader sedan
Novus #2 is great for these kind of jobs.
R M 6 månader sedan
What is the benefit of the air driven polisher of the normal one?
Waleed Salem
Waleed Salem 6 månader sedan
I used Dettol wet wipes and got a better result
john off grid trion solar
john off grid trion solar 6 månader sedan
yea didn't show what posh you used ?
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez 6 månader sedan
how can i remove the glue from the radio or paint? also what polish was used?
Bernard.83 6 månader sedan
Hi Larry, would this method work on the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel? Thanks
skeelo69 6 månader sedan
Could there be issues with the white lettering on the unit that is visible on the bottom right ?.
raspucin70 6 månader sedan
Next video: Getting scratches out of those idiotic piano gloss trim detail. Whomever though that would be a good idea obviously never drove a car on a daily base
Cássio 6 månader sedan
V-light resolves!
Dg 27
Dg 27 6 månader sedan
Uri Geller i new he was going to do that ha great video sir
James II Ravelo
James II Ravelo 6 månader sedan
fantastic result. I remember an electronics shop where i had an old HU repaired, they also polished the face due to some scratches (i could live with them but i guess the tech didn't hahaha). Didn't recognize that it was mine when i got it back. He used some plastic polish (forgot the brand)
Pro Gamer YJ
Pro Gamer YJ 6 månader sedan
Step 1: Have a new radio
Sophia 6 månader sedan
we just need these guys to detail an abandoned car that doesnt work anymore while chrisfix gets it driveable again.
Erik Simca
Erik Simca 6 månader sedan
technically he has already done that a bunch of times already
LateTuber 6 månader sedan
Is it the same for polishing the KMH/MPH clock?
cuvame 6 månader sedan
How about scratched up dashboard gauges? :)
Michael Hollon
Michael Hollon 6 månader sedan
Is the shirt that you are wearing available for purchase?
Mike khoh
Mike khoh 6 månader sedan
Hands is better results
Thriving Entrepreneur
Thriving Entrepreneur 6 månader sedan
this is a much needed video. my radio/hud is scratches to ****
Hamzah Norazmi
Hamzah Norazmi 6 månader sedan
Did i just saw a 9gag car sticker?
SAVEOURREPUBLIC2 6 månader sedan
6 ads to make it through this video. SEmost is terrible.
rotor13 6 månader sedan
Never heard of Adblock or Ublock? Add it to your web browser and enjoy next to zero ads. If you're on mobile, you can download it to Android. Iphone requires jailbreaking.
Ranell Dodge
Ranell Dodge 6 månader sedan
Lighter fluid will take off the tape residue quite nicely. It’s pretty great at vinyl decals too.
wade3mvp1 6 månader sedan
Is there a way to clean a screen with anti glare (not touch screen)?
Peter 6 månader sedan
0:37 baba booey
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim 6 månader sedan
You put 15 more minutes than I would like to for a head unit but man, your dedication to your job is a sight to behold! Love your channel, I am so happy that you seem to be doing well. I've been watching since you were on DRIVE
J S 6 månader sedan
Can that be done on speedo display covers?
Rolando Abella
Rolando Abella 6 månader sedan
Love Larry’s analogies 😂🙌🏼
Blurem 6 månader sedan
why am i watching this at 1:30 am? i don't even own a car
Justin Murphy
Justin Murphy 6 månader sedan
This is great since I'm very much into car audio and collecting "old school" car audio as well. I actually use to be a mobile detailer and have a little knowledge of polishing and buffing. In fact Kevin aka Buff Daddy himself helped me out a few months ago before my last spinal surgery (4 in 3.5 years) by sending me a nice assortment of small pads. I'm so thankful for that. Of course he sent some of the1inch pads. I have been using my Milwaukee 12v right angle drill as well as the regular drill for more RPM's. I've used several different compounds and polishes but I've quickly realized that once you're comfortable with the process, the mow down method works wonders with this type of plastic when it's heavily scratched. Using a stiffer pad seems to do better as it's more porous and hold more of the removed plastic....not clear. I had to quickly realize there is a huge difference between the two. The plastic simply will not come out of the pad easily with a MF towel and needs a deeper cleaning. This is why I sit out 3 of the burgandy pads and preload them with 105. I know, that sounds ROUGH but I promise you what you make back in less time trying over and over heating up the screen, makes this a safer process. After it's preloaded, I a tiny micro drop of 105 in the center of the pad, if any, since I want the pours open to catch the plastic. With the drill being used, I'm only hitting around 900ish RPM's. This is pretty slow and work left to right and then up and down....not till the compound is diminishing. I look at my 3 pads as one big pad. I do this process2 complete cycles with 1-1-1....1-1-2...cadence. Hopefully that makes since. I then quickly wipe the product from the screen (don't have to remove everything) remove the pad, grab the other, put it on, and go right back. Repeating the above process. Then one more time. I don't even finish the compound out like you would on paint. All I'm doing, in my words, is chemically sanding the plastic. Just like water keeps the paper from clogging when wetsanding, the 105 is doing this with pad while adding abrasives along with the cutting ability of the pad itself. This is much faster than what I was doing before which was working a polish in slowly with a soft pad. This was heating the plastic up as it was taking much longer especially if there was deeper scratches. I now clean all the compound up and polish out with 205 and yellow pad then black pad. I forgot to mention that I have a container of rather warm water and Dawn to throw the pads in as soon as I'm done. This keeps the plastic that was removed to set up and harden in the pad. Just my process. Again, I worked on maybe 20 headunits, rare and expensive first with old method as I progressed and moved into this new one.
santoslaguna58 6 månader sedan
I’ve been doing this for years. I just use the 3” discs that they sell on amazon or the headlight re-store kit.
MrHillfolk 6 månader sedan
Someday when my lowely 91 Jetta coupe is worthy , I'll have this man detail it and not even blink at the price. Every penny is well spent.
MrHillfolk 6 månader sedan
I watch the ads to give my man a hand , it's not much but it's something. And I'm also here to say: IM NOT A DISH, IM A MAN!
Boi 6 månader sedan
3:46 that voice crack looool
Keith Gard
Keith Gard 6 månader sedan
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