Dry Ice Cleaning Porsche 964 Dirty Engine Detail

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Dry Ice Blasting in the car detailing world has exploded over the past few weeks. The irony is that this type of cleaning has been available for many years as a non-destructive method for safely cleaning surfaces in the industrial and commercial markets. Cleaning and detailing disaster cars and engines has been done before, but never with so much social media presence. I'm using a Cold Jet machine with a 375cfm compressor that was rented from Red-D-Arc tool rental in NJ.. This set-up is a bit more "industrial" and less precise due to its industrial design. In other words, my ignorance picked the wrong machine for this type of precise work, but it was super educational to go through the "growing pains" of my education. Nonetheless, the ice balster did a great job. The operator (me) needs more practice and most likely a smaller nozzle to get into all the nooks and crevices. What I have learned is that Dry Ice Detailing is "part" of the many services our industry can provide. It's an add-on similar to clear bra (PPF), window tinting, paintless dent removal (PDR), and coating applications. Next week we have an expert coming to the AMMO NYC Studio to teach me (us) everything we need to know about dry ice blasting vehicles and how to do it safely. Hope everyone enjoys! -Larry
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thys pretorius
thys pretorius 12 dagar sedan
Still the King - would like to know how many people started detailing because of Larry 🤔
Adam EL
Adam EL 14 timmar sedan
A combination of Larry, PanTheOrganizer, and DetailGroove is what made my business what it is today 2 years later.
Geeshan Senavirathna
Geeshan Senavirathna 4 dagar sedan
One from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
Nocturne WRX
Nocturne WRX 8 dagar sedan
*raises hand*
Wilson Dallas
Wilson Dallas 9 dagar sedan
@Julian Jedidiah Yea, been using flixzone for since december myself =)
Julian Jedidiah
Julian Jedidiah 9 dagar sedan
Pro trick: watch series at Flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.
Chad Trumps
Chad Trumps 17 timmar sedan
I'm curious after watching the entire episode; would the debris field left by the ice machine been as wide spread had the undercarriage been pre-treated with water?
Brad Pyron
Brad Pyron Dag sedan
You are perfect in anything you try doing it It’s just phenomenal...!!!
845AMG 2 dagar sedan
check out iamdetailing. He uses a 4 post lift when doing this and drapes plastic down from the sides of the vehicle to keep all the dust inside.
Cameron Curtis
Cameron Curtis 2 dagar sedan
What does it cost to get this kind of treatment done
George Hill
George Hill 2 dagar sedan
The way I see ice blasting, is that it's a great place to start when a car is too crude-coated for conventional cleaning. Ice Blast, and then Clean as normal.
Babbis 3 dagar sedan
Was wondering what happened to this car, you should have it on the channel more
Frankie NYC
Frankie NYC 3 dagar sedan
OMG! Amazing!
Peter Labiak
Peter Labiak 3 dagar sedan
Brave man doing the game with CD RED after the fail of Cyberpunk but hey, they are one of the best in the game. P.S. please, please wear full face respirator when you work under the car like that, especially using ANY kind of blasting method - all that crap there is cancerogenic to various degrees
Bjarke Hansen
Bjarke Hansen 3 dagar sedan
Can wait for the game to come out 😂
HackHunter1835 4 dagar sedan
Shrijit Nandi
Shrijit Nandi 4 dagar sedan
Thomas Snyder
Thomas Snyder 5 dagar sedan
How does it work on rust? I’d love to blast my Frame and repaint it
Wren Gooding
Wren Gooding 5 dagar sedan
Larry, those ice machines are cool for removing rust, but a hotsy pressure washer will do better for removing grime. They use a kerosene heater in conjunction with a very high flow water pump and are absolutely incredible for cleaning. Heat loosens grime, just like with dishes. Keeps you from damaging metal as well, but it will scalp paint.
Andrew Fodor
Andrew Fodor 5 dagar sedan
Epic detail job
chris amarosa
chris amarosa 5 dagar sedan
next time tent the entire car in plastic so you don't dust out the entire shop
Stadpad 5 dagar sedan
Next episode: how to detail a shop after ice blasting 😁
Travis 5 dagar sedan
Can you be my mentor?
wolverine1981pl 6 dagar sedan
4:25 polish ??
Kogucik 6 dagar sedan
Tego bym się nie spodziewał, pozdawiam z Polski
John Freeman
John Freeman 6 dagar sedan
I would love to see more ice blasting. Like is it ok on plastic? Paint? Interior? Can you hit electronics? Lol so many questions, I'd like to see how it works on different areas of a vehicle
Feynman LIANG
Feynman LIANG 6 dagar sedan
How much the ice cleaning machine?
Chris Sloan
Chris Sloan 6 dagar sedan
If you end up getting an ice blaster maybe a plastic curtain around the vehicle would help with the black dust?
# Jason
# Jason 6 dagar sedan
Do you guys know of a quality detailer in the Chicago area?
Jake Wyler
Jake Wyler 6 dagar sedan
I miss seeing the 964!!
C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13
C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13 7 dagar sedan
Clean that dirty, dirty box... er.
RC Sebastian
RC Sebastian 7 dagar sedan
....yea good video because most people have an ice blaster machine at home.
Larry Patterson
Larry Patterson 7 dagar sedan
I wonder if it would be more effective if you degreased first, and then ice blasted the rest? It certainly would’ve cut down on grease residue all over everything. Also, how much of that grease residue gets all over the just-cleaned body exterior and interior? Kind of defeats the purpose, by doing the undercarriage last, huh?
B-Wild 7 dagar sedan
Guess you have to say that using other "stuff" is necessary or you wouldn't be able to sell your "stuff" in other words, Ice blasting is better for the car and for the environment it's cheaper and faster.
AMMO NYC 7 dagar sedan
You are wrong. Keep watching. Even a ice blaster salesmen agrees. I don’t have to say anything
Keith Stubbs
Keith Stubbs 7 dagar sedan
Hey so i recently started a detailing business and I've kinda hit a WALL. i got my first big time customer; he wants me to remove the swirl marks out of the paint on his 2018 tesla model 3! I wanted to take the job but before i do; i tried to polish my moms black car and i cant seem to get the swirl marks out of the paint. Could you possibly help me?
Rusty Stofan
Rusty Stofan 7 dagar sedan
Dirty and oiled newer rust.
André S
André S 7 dagar sedan
Hallo hallo Larry, when will you think Titan 12 will be in stock again?
K Soman
K Soman 7 dagar sedan
I honestly dont' care how clean or not this ends up. But this video is so satisfying to watch.
Joe Nobody
Joe Nobody 7 dagar sedan
That mess in the shop! I bet you read the instructions now, huh? XD XD
azazeldeath 7 dagar sedan
Thanks shown me another thing I can't afford like your products, posting to aus is just not economical at all
Grady Black
Grady Black 7 dagar sedan
Michelin tire co uses dry ice blasting when cleaning the tire molds after so many cycles. You would think the pressure would damage whatever you’re blasting.
Dolphin Lover
Dolphin Lover 7 dagar sedan
Could this work be safely carried out outdoors so that the rain would wash away the dirt?! 🤔
Daniel Hurley
Daniel Hurley 7 dagar sedan
There's a video online of a guy dry ice cleaning undercarriage with plastic drooped around the outside of the car to the ground so the dirt being blasted off doesnt go anywhere outside of the cars footprint.
erick stiner
erick stiner 8 dagar sedan
I wonder if AMMO will develop a full car filtration “bag”. To put the car in and use the ice detailer.
Linux Linux
Linux Linux 8 dagar sedan
Next step is getting a laser corrotion removal tool. Stuff can remove paint carbon dirt instantly. Could really help restoration projects.
lumin media
lumin media 8 dagar sedan
Love all these videos, you can always tell when someone is doing it with a passion.
Coach J
Coach J 8 dagar sedan
*Crypto and DryIceCleaning* I'm ok with this.
Rich 8 dagar sedan
Maybe a silly question but what is that on the inside of the wheel at 6:49
Martin Zini
Martin Zini 9 dagar sedan
Man I love that 946...
Bjoern Altmann
Bjoern Altmann 9 dagar sedan
The sudden cooling is ok for the different types of metal?
Andy C
Andy C 9 dagar sedan
Looks good but why? 🤷‍♂️
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 9 dagar sedan
So basically sand blasting
Mosinlogan 9 dagar sedan
What a beautiful car...
Eric X
Eric X 9 dagar sedan
Dry ice blasting is awesome
Dustin Kaviani
Dustin Kaviani 9 dagar sedan
Dry ice blasting is used for cleaning tools as well. The new 777x's vent stringers are cleaned with dry ice blasting as well.
Ben McCudden
Ben McCudden 9 dagar sedan
I think since you removed the factory underbody wax, that you replace it to avoid corrosion. And hitting the stainless steel with a quick buff makes them come up 100x better
Jose Martorell
Jose Martorell 9 dagar sedan
The amount of chemicals you can avoid using or reducing by doing this first is absolutely insane. Great alternative, first time seeing this ice blasting stuff
R Hazim
R Hazim 9 dagar sedan
I just saw this on Ratarossa channel before stumbling upon this video... There he used a smaller detailing nozel for the harder to get area. Based on his video he doesn't get as much dirt and dust all over the floors
Thiago Albino Santos
Thiago Albino Santos 9 dagar sedan
"There's a website called steam" It was strange to hear it this way haha
Dani gonçalves
Dani gonçalves 9 dagar sedan
the amount of resources used just to clean the underside of a car is insane, what a waste of resources, i love my car too but if we all did this ...
Michael DSILVA
Michael DSILVA 9 dagar sedan
Is there a video or series showing the creation of that work space?
Lufia 9 dagar sedan
Larry I absolutely love that you've been doing this for years and are happy to demonstrate curiosity, surprise, and not be afraid to say "lesson learned." Yours is the attitude I want to model when I'm an expert in something. Keep it up!
JB 9 dagar sedan
You should have put some sort of clear tent around the car. Love the channel - thanks!
maldo72 9 dagar sedan
know you need to build a separate garage just to this work amazing
Ryan Mcdermott
Ryan Mcdermott 9 dagar sedan
Would a spray booth be a good place to use this (if it was dedicated for this purpose)?
LewStep 9 dagar sedan
Why did you choose to use a dry ice and the accompanying machine (which I assume was super expensive to rent) as opposed to simply using soda and blasting it with that? It will hook right up to your existing system (doesn't need that much CFM). It achieves the same results as the ice. It's hard enough to remove caked on dirt/ oil and light oxidation and soft enough to leave paint and factory finishes behind. Soda does leave a lot of dust though.
Mine With Me
Mine With Me 9 dagar sedan
Waste of money and destroying the place. I would rather take my time and scrub it. Good luck who wants to do this.
clarifaco 9 dagar sedan
So.. Dry ice is becoming a trend!
Salmon RushDie
Salmon RushDie 9 dagar sedan
Ice blasting: transferring dirt form the object to be cleaned onto every other object in the universe.
Jeffrey Sonheim
Jeffrey Sonheim 9 dagar sedan
So Larry; you've just had a nice meal at your house. Who does the dishes?
Blue 203
Blue 203 9 dagar sedan
Wonder what does it do to seals, gaskets and silicon
Sharif Smith
Sharif Smith 9 dagar sedan
I know it has the potential to get quite expensive but would the ice blaster do well in a down draft paint booth?
michael McSteen
michael McSteen 9 dagar sedan
Larry great video. I have a bunch of questions. Two I’ll ask. Did you wash the Cayenne after you ice blasted the 911 and did you add any kind of protection to the exposed metal after ice blasting the underbody? As always I’m so impressed with your level of detail.
kurlis 10 dagar sedan
what if you use the CarCapsule showcase to contain all the blasted residue?
Brian Janssen
Brian Janssen 10 dagar sedan
Shouldn't be spurting out like that. should be a steady flow.
Adrian Iuresel
Adrian Iuresel 10 dagar sedan
Very nice video, but could you make a video explaining all this process.
Doug Robinson
Doug Robinson 10 dagar sedan
Does the compressed air supply enough air to counteract the carbon dioxide buildup in an enclosed area? I'd be worried about that.
the pain channel
the pain channel 10 dagar sedan
Will your game "Car Detailing Simulator" be on ps4
Mrnolf88 10 dagar sedan
Transparent shop-curtains, preferably with your AMMO logo on them! That should stop some of the dust from cleaning with dry-ice
pete 10 dagar sedan
Can you do product review? i cant believe on the advert and how many ppl fall for this... the product is called "Shine armor"
Michael Gakanga
Michael Gakanga 10 dagar sedan
Remember to mask up your other cars next time 😅
Alan Ó Cléirigh
Alan Ó Cléirigh 10 dagar sedan
An incredible process, the underside of the Porsche looks factory. The problem with the process it seems Labour and tool intensive, would there be a demand for such a thing maybe museum pieces, trailer show cars that dont drive and the likes. My preference is when Larry's vids concentrate on skills and accessible tools, I can only imagine such an outlay for the dry ice set up, id be surprised if there was a single supplier of that service here in Ireland. BTW do you have an Irish distributor for Ammo Larry? Keep her lit on the vids, love them popping up.
Jamie Corl
Jamie Corl 10 dagar sedan
On a scale of 1-10, how pissed are you that your once immaculate studio was covered in that dust..?
Alejandro Bonilla
Alejandro Bonilla 10 dagar sedan
I’m curious to as to why some of the exhaust you got super clean and shiny but the headers still have a worn metal look to them
Millennial Stocks
Millennial Stocks 10 dagar sedan
Where do you find these techniques lol.
Farid MK
Farid MK 10 dagar sedan
How do you get in that clean car and drive it after putting all that work in. I would feel guilty making it dirty again.
Avocado Warrior
Avocado Warrior 10 dagar sedan
I'm amazed this dry ice blasting method is as good as those laser cleaners but without taking away the surface coatings, that's cool
Conorsz 10 dagar sedan
cool. i reached out on instagram to get your take on this, thx for doing it
County Road Racing
County Road Racing 10 dagar sedan
Ice blasting is super cool but I feel like a dustless blaster will give you the same result without all the mess all over your shop and it cleans more like a pressure washer I've used both in my past employment
styledliving 10 dagar sedan
Lol, the music is from FASTER THAN LIGHT.
Bruno Teixeira
Bruno Teixeira 10 dagar sedan
You should have put plastic cover around the car to contain the dirt
Had to cheat him to beat him
Had to cheat him to beat him 10 dagar sedan
You’re removing the original cosmoline undercoat on the suspension and body that is applied by Porsche as a rust inhibitor. Porsche also applied it to the engine case and trans too. It appears your engine is ready for a reseal.
Rasiel 10 dagar sedan
i think you should use it like painting a car in a closed off room
Traveller 2
Traveller 2 10 dagar sedan
Cost effective??? No!
TheSynysterVyrus 10 dagar sedan
The dry ice machine is cool but seeing how dirty it got every single surface in the shop is a total turn off. You need an Ice Tent! Almost like a paint spray booth the dry ice cleaning just need to be contained
Abhinav Patil
Abhinav Patil 10 dagar sedan
Is this process like sand blasting with less abrisaive particles??
MBmann 10 dagar sedan
So ICE , which is the exact opposite of steam cleans just as good as STEAM....ok who would of thought
edward rivera
edward rivera 10 dagar sedan
You supposed to bag around the bottom of the car 🚙
Maris 10 dagar sedan
It makes sense to have a screen around the car to limit the area the dirt can travel.
Steve SAS
Steve SAS 10 dagar sedan
There are chemicals that do the same job. You just might need to go over some areas a few time.
Raymon Torres
Raymon Torres 10 dagar sedan
Good Job 👍
Hamass 10 dagar sedan
How's this any different from sand blasting?
Devin Krumenacker
Devin Krumenacker 10 dagar sedan
Did anyone else just think of Bay Area Buggs at the end
Dukhi Aatma
Dukhi Aatma 10 dagar sedan
Why didnt you do it outside if it was going to make such a mess
Mjws2907 10 dagar sedan
Is it a coincidence that you published this video on the same day as Ratarossa published a video in which he dry-ice cleans his Ferrari 512BBi?
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