300 CAR BARN FIND: PRIVATE TOUR Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Corvette, Mustang, Porsche

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This is a car by car tour of most of the vehicles in building #1. We are limited because of light and physical space in reaching all of the cars within the "Barn". There are approximately 300 Barn find cars in total. This is only building 1 of 3. Ferrari's, Lamborghini (possibly Nicholas Cages LM 002), Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes, Mustang, Ford GT, Dodge, Camaro, Corvette, Cobras, Rolls Royce, and so on.
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mark mechling
mark mechling 2 dagar sedan
absolutely amazing
aniq rahiman
aniq rahiman 3 dagar sedan
Y not restore. It all man
Elvis Gary
Elvis Gary 3 dagar sedan
How many of the cars are for sale
Nate Gannon
Nate Gannon 5 dagar sedan
Simply amazing!
Chad Krueger
Chad Krueger 6 dagar sedan
Who is owner?????????
Henry Collins
Henry Collins 7 dagar sedan
Other than Larry does anyone know where this is or who owns it definitively?
Brian Herron
Brian Herron 8 dagar sedan
Dude, I wish that 78 Malibu Classic was still for sale.
Markus Bishop
Markus Bishop 9 dagar sedan
"I can't keep it all in my head" says the lady that can rattle off details about almost every car in the collection
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown 10 dagar sedan
I don’t know much about cars but shouldn’t these cars be propped up on blocks? Don’t the original tires get flat spots? Do they empty our the gas/fluids while they sit there for years? Why wouldn’t the owner buy 300 car covers?
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 10 dagar sedan
see i know its his money but i hate collectors like this these prized cars just sit and collect dust because he is a hoarder of cars
Donald Harlan
Donald Harlan 10 dagar sedan
Oh look, a bunch of missing and stolen cars! I do not believe that the old man did that, probably that goon kid doing the tour. Criminals!
Donald Harlan
Donald Harlan 10 dagar sedan
This explains what happened to all the cars I paid for, that disappeared from his car dealership/restoration business. That person owes.
Lman139 10 dagar sedan
I wanna see a detail on the lm002 pls it's one of my favorite cars ever
Neng Mvitt
Neng Mvitt 10 dagar sedan
can you give me one a race car,please..!
Neng Mvitt
Neng Mvitt 10 dagar sedan
Sultan mah bebas...
Levi Salvini
Levi Salvini 11 dagar sedan
My Hope was to see an Alfa Romeo 33 stradale, and a 250 GTO...
enrico lanzetta
enrico lanzetta 13 dagar sedan
Smell my Finger
Smell my Finger 13 dagar sedan
What was that black race spec Porsche? Was it a 964 flat nose?
RaimaNd 13 dagar sedan
When I visit my parents and go on the attic I find as many insane cars. But the difference is: Those are just matchbox cars. In this video it's all real...
Jay 15 dagar sedan
As a car fan why not have these in a museum so everyone can enjoy them 😢 what a waste
tbone 15 dagar sedan
Just amazing! 3 huge buildings of rare cars stacked 2 high. I'm guessing the other 2 buildings are set up the same way.
Ladosligese 16 dagar sedan
imagine one of the cars on lifts .. crack a breakline due to rot .. and it starts drizzeling down on original 30 year old paint .. oh no right :D ..
Salman Mian
Salman Mian 16 dagar sedan
this guy owns his own multiple car museums
Matt Brown
Matt Brown 16 dagar sedan
Dennis collins needs to see this collection
Nürburgring touri
Nürburgring touri 16 dagar sedan
That is to crazy. Wtf
Abhinav R
Abhinav R 17 dagar sedan
Everytime I re watch the video I see so many hidden gems from koennig specials to 250s
misorano 17 dagar sedan
trust fund baby, hoarder.... with very good taste in cars
Nick Spitzer
Nick Spitzer 18 dagar sedan
That's nutz! What an amazing collection
Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams 18 dagar sedan
Who’s collection is this?
Kaung Sat Thu Kaung
Kaung Sat Thu Kaung 19 dagar sedan
Daniel 357
Daniel 357 23 dagar sedan
Wonder if this guy was a car broker
Kwakimolo 23 dagar sedan
Kabeer Eldemire
Kabeer Eldemire 23 dagar sedan
I pray to be blessed
memeslut 24 dagar sedan
this is disgusting
ponesm 24 dagar sedan
And there are people homeless and starving!!!!
Robert Short
Robert Short 24 dagar sedan
How do I get a hold of you to buy one of these cars?
Gregor Mager
Gregor Mager 26 dagar sedan
amazzing. what will i dream tonigh.
Ryan Blaisdell
Ryan Blaisdell 27 dagar sedan
where is this place
Tony Montana 2.0
Tony Montana 2.0 28 dagar sedan
A g r e e d y old man that let the cars r ot away
Jan Kro
Jan Kro Månad sedan
Makes me sick and sad to see these treated in this manner, they should be out and driven!!
icy boy
icy boy Månad sedan
Im a young individual who cant afford any of these bad boys but would like information on the vehicles regardless for future but am too shy to email and waste anyones time can anyone help me out
Khum Dhan
Khum Dhan Månad sedan
why the hell would you put a bomb in this warehouse? if someone bumped that pinto this would all be gone.
eugene de guzman
eugene de guzman Månad sedan
Where can I contact them to buy one of these cars!?
Ian & Liz Clisby
Ian & Liz Clisby Månad sedan
More I think about this video the more it gets me angry, just terrible how all these cars especially those hardly ever driven just parked in here wasting away, wonder what the cost would be to get all these in running order again. My favourite the 288 GTO just sitting on a lift gathering dust.....sacrilege , owner has more money than sense.
Ian & Liz Clisby
Ian & Liz Clisby Månad sedan
What’s the estimate value on this collection.
Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restos
Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restos Månad sedan
I own about 100 radio control cars and their up keep is expensive i can't even fathom the super rare real deals.
Joshua Hunt
Joshua Hunt Månad sedan
Wow nice
RFG Speed and Custom
RFG Speed and Custom Månad sedan
The zl1 is a clone, i found the willys here www.mecum.com/lots/SC0516-243299/1942-willys-americar-gasser/ Seems like a bunch of these cars are from auctions not many years ago
Luke Skydragon
Luke Skydragon Månad sedan
Dam this guy should have made a car museum.
STONEY R Månad sedan
Where and when are these cars for sale
BigT 187
BigT 187 Månad sedan
It would be nice if he made one huge building and turned it into a museum or something.
Jacque La Tour
Jacque La Tour Månad sedan
Almost makes me cry to see all the cars just setting on racks and being out for all to see but I do understand that he's love for awesome cars .
Jay Mcmanus
Jay Mcmanus Månad sedan
Im in the wrong line of work.
Bailey Green
Bailey Green Månad sedan
The sparkling mask microcephaly untidy because harmonica comparably mend anenst a stiff exhaust. colorful, silent joke
Eder Månad sedan
Owner must've bought most of the cars when they were cheap and plentiful, and with the help of some leads, he was able to get the barn finds and exotics
FBI Månad sedan
Who owned these cars?
Casa Månad sedan
How does he keep up with all the keys
Lim Lop
Lim Lop Månad sedan
Wow!! Gosh, I am saving up for 1 unique car and have been for a while. : )
Trevitravel Månad sedan
What a fabulous video Larry....great job....definitely whets the appetite to work harder and hopefully one day afford one of these gems if they ever get sold. I would love to find out when 40 truck you showed is going to sale....to buy for my pops.
TheCj71984 Månad sedan
All the cars there and all I want is that z3
Ryan Joe
Ryan Joe Månad sedan
how he make room for all the cars
TheShorebird Månad sedan
Holy Smokes!! What a collection, and thats just 1 building!! Simply amazing cars and unbelievable all engines tires and parts! Amazing!!
fakhouri kakeesh
fakhouri kakeesh Månad sedan
Doesn't want anyone to know their name - We know who you are Rothschild we know
L'Quik Shrtz
L'Quik Shrtz Månad sedan
This is the most insane collection I've seen
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith Månad sedan
I would love the 67 impala big body,68 GTO,78 Chevy box,VW Golf GT,.
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor Månad sedan
I would like to to purchase one of those cars.can you please let me know how Taylor.construction@gmail.com
R Wright
R Wright Månad sedan
Superbirds are $100.00 easy
Sander Ananas
Sander Ananas Månad sedan
As a 20 year old he was doing barn finds buying them and storing them? Who tf was this guy... rich parents and probably inherited something, hopefully still a kind person.
Ian Christensen
Ian Christensen Månad sedan
This girl knows her cars...
Jirachot Khamjampa
Jirachot Khamjampa Månad sedan
Zakk Gardner
Zakk Gardner Månad sedan
One Sunbeam and he blows right past it.
Zakk Gardner
Zakk Gardner Månad sedan
Ah, the 8 series BMW, the most beautiful BMW ever made, and in AWD. Who do I have to off? But no wait, there's *_THIS_* - there's *_THAT_* !
blackbird6410 Månad sedan
Honestly how, how can you hide those cars from public. Pictures are painted to let people look at it. Cars are for driving, not for rotting down in a dark Garage. Im realy angry about that
Petar Nikolov
Petar Nikolov Månad sedan
If i im jeff bezos i can take all cars and make moseum
Daniel M
Daniel M Månad sedan
Súper rich, but cant drive’m all, asshole
Mason Howard
Mason Howard Månad sedan
Obviously she's a gold digger and the guy is 90 years old and she's just waiting for him to croak...lol
Venturinix 2 månader sedan
Ciao e una collezione di un italiano conosciuto ma giustamente privato.
Jarmo Minkkinen
Jarmo Minkkinen 2 månader sedan
Want tou bay cars..
random shit
random shit 2 månader sedan
I cant even afford the pinto in that collection
Petar Nikolov
Petar Nikolov 2 månader sedan
Bmw 850 csi i think the best car ever the same engine miclaren f1
Alex Kenyon
Alex Kenyon 2 månader sedan
That is like and mechanics heaven😂😂
Chris Bergeron
Chris Bergeron 2 månader sedan
And all I'm really good at collecing in life is tax receipts. Very jealous but thank you for sharing this incredible treasure tour with us. 😍
Dave T
Dave T 2 månader sedan
Any update on these beauties?
Caleb Calderón
Caleb Calderón 2 månader sedan
barracuda I love that car, it hurts that I don't have it
Max Moovin
Max Moovin 2 månader sedan
Her name is 'Holly Smith' she is an antique automotive collector and expert. The cars she's so familiar with in this video is because of a tight knit family of collectors and friends. Essentially a vehicle manager/curator.
Clint Terry
Clint Terry 2 månader sedan
Who is HE ???????
Lowie Black
Lowie Black 2 månader sedan
The owner of those vehicles maybe she could contact Danny the count if he wants to buy a few cars from her.
Randall L. Whipple
Randall L. Whipple 2 månader sedan
They have a small fortune just in the lifts. You have to be a multi millionaire to afford a collection like that. I always dreamed of doing that but never even come close to making the money it would take. Looks like inheirited or lotto money.
David Boettcher
David Boettcher 2 månader sedan
Very nice collection, but until you own the bat mobile your not a true collector 😂😂
Storcies 2 månader sedan
“12:02”thats bad thats badass bruh why swearing
Nigel Bullock
Nigel Bullock 2 månader sedan
Why......... What are these people thinking. Buying.... Hoarding and doing nothing. Bizarre
Edward Quiroz
Edward Quiroz 2 månader sedan
Are any of these cars for sale and where can I see someone about buying one of these cars.
easy lee
easy lee 2 månader sedan
Id give me left nut for that yellow super bird. Hell I'd give both for that buet
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 2 månader sedan
What does the owner do for a living?
Sean Stevenson
Sean Stevenson 2 månader sedan
Mostly kit cars
CudaJeff 2 månader sedan
All this money, to buy all these rare models ... but too cheap to build a decent, museum quality place, to give them the respect they deserve to shine their legendary history. Who ever owns this collection is a disgrace and a shame to the automotive world and should not be aloud to own one single car! Personally, the owner might be mega rich, but doesn't have an once of judgement!
Max Fink
Max Fink 2 månader sedan
Priceless collection easy 100 million. Some of those Ferraris are a million alone.
Jamie Park
Jamie Park 2 månader sedan
Whoever this person is has got very good taste in Cars
Lionel McAdams
Lionel McAdams 2 månader sedan
what car would you buy if you could?
Lionel McAdams
Lionel McAdams 2 månader sedan
Absolutely Gorgeous Garage!!!
Joseph_Adam 2 månader sedan
Brian Johnson
Petersen Automotive Museum
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