Best Car Paint Touch up Tools Tips Tricks with Needle and Syringe Subaru Outback

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The Best Car Paint Touch Up Tools Tips and Tricks can be done with several applicators such as a tooth pick, paint touch up pen, Lowel Cornel paint pen, Paasche Flow Pencil, iwata studio series airbrush, but the least expensive and most precise application can be done with a needle and syringe. This paint touch up tool can fix rock chips and even paint disaster clean ups on some of the dirtiest cars ever. Best to do this technique after a carwash and possible clay on the clear coat if needed. This is the best paint touch up technique I've used in my auto detailing career so far Hope you enjoy this AMMO NYC Episode!
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Steve Wood
Steve Wood 3 dagar sedan
2:02 you say therapeutic, I say a pain in the arse 😂. As someone who hates cleaning and detailing cars I'm really impressed by you and your channel. Thank God there are people like you around who find this therapeutic 👍
MRC 4 dagar sedan
the body shop wont make it perfect... they will paint the door and back quarter and paint wont match.
Pepe Rodriguez
Pepe Rodriguez 6 dagar sedan
Dont spray water in motor bad for lots of mis etc
Denis Kearney
Denis Kearney 14 dagar sedan
Prepped my car in fine style getting it ready to sell, looked so good I am keeping it, this video saved me $thousands
S S 18 dagar sedan
wait...husbands actually do this! even after giving him 5 kids mine thinks taking his cup to the sink is asking too much 🤣
Joe George
Joe George 20 dagar sedan
I just want to fix a paint chip
Emil Dimov
Emil Dimov 22 dagar sedan
Got link for the equipment he is using to lift the car up like that?
Louis Archer
Louis Archer 24 dagar sedan
Dope addict
bfjb70 26 dagar sedan
1:15 It's adorable that your "mid-winter" temperatures are in the plus 5-10C range, that's so cute.
B H 29 dagar sedan
If you step back quarter of a mile and squint your eyes you can hardly see its been smashed.
kniggt Månad sedan
Awesome video! What size needle is best for the paint?
T Value
T Value Månad sedan
Ok first off this is the best car washing video I have ever seen...lucky wife 😂
ApplejayMusic▶️🔁 Månad sedan
How do i get in touch?
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Månad sedan
Amazing. My touch up on my wifes car is going to look better, just from watching this.
Trevor Schaefer
Trevor Schaefer Månad sedan
Hey could you update the link for the syringe on Amazon? It doesn’t show anything on that page anymore.
John Månad sedan
What’s the best way to protect exterior surfaces that black plastic. Either smooth or rough surfaces.
BobH 2 månader sedan
So glad that I found your vid- your expertise is clearly communicated.
Jack McCourt
Jack McCourt 2 månader sedan
Finally my heroin addiction has come in handy for detailing my car!
Josh Lawson
Josh Lawson 2 månader sedan
How do I removing bad pen job to prep for polishing ?
Manbrosquad dude
Manbrosquad dude 2 månader sedan
Why was a dsm a biohazard rofl
Manbrosquad dude
Manbrosquad dude 2 månader sedan
Why was a dsm a biohazard rogl
Douglas Madden
Douglas Madden 2 månader sedan
I bet all those soap products are great for the environment.
jools182 2 månader sedan
is this 2k paint? Do you need to wear a mask when using?
Taliesin Angling
Taliesin Angling 2 månader sedan
What about the engine bay
godcore223 2 månader sedan
I have a small stone chip on my driver's side fender which as a dot of rust how would I fix this?very very small
George Michaels
George Michaels 3 månader sedan
Here is another tip. If you have a chip let's say around one quarter inch.. Put some masking tape over the area. Press it down. Take an exacto knife and trim around the chip area. Remove the tape covering the chip only. Try be exact as you can.tape and paper around the area. At least one foot by one foot to keep over spray off the rest of the car. Use an air brush or a small cheap touch up spray gun. You can buy them at Harbor Freight for around $35. You will need a small compressor that will put out at least 40 psi. With an air gauge attached to the spray gun. Spray 3 or 4 coats of base coat medium wet and let dry. Do not use clear coat as that will darken the color too much. From 3 feet away it will be hard to find. I did detail and paint and body work for years. Used this trick on used cars for dealers that didn't want to pay much.
Transient Works
Transient Works 3 månader sedan
Only Subaru owner
Verbum Factum
Verbum Factum 3 månader sedan
I'm an engineer who worked briefly in polymer chemistry. Your explanation of delamination from mismatched swelling was so concise (4:20). Loved the animation.
jonki leshi
jonki leshi 3 månader sedan
The picayune faucet positionally copy because bagel delightfully offer within a paltry appeal. colossal, roasted measure
gunther vd
gunther vd 3 månader sedan
honney im going to wash the car !!! ...... 9 hours later
Stephano L
Stephano L 3 månader sedan
Great videos you have!! And even referring to videos from years ago! Excellent work. Keep up this great work, you're the best out there! Would you use bondo or a primer as well before touch up ?
Harry Wu
Harry Wu 3 månader sedan
May I ask how to find the correct paint for a car? Thanks!
S. Landhoff
S. Landhoff 3 månader sedan
Don't you have to use a Primer and or Body filler before putting Touch Up Paint? Thank you.
S. T.
S. T. 3 månader sedan
such BS. All you is a brush, paint, clear coat, 1000 grit, 3000 grit, water, and some compound. Can't believe this guy is a 'professional.'
DataLog 4 månader sedan
I just had to come here because you disabled comments and ratings on your video: "Best Paint Touch-up Tricks: Mercedes G55" You have wasted 30 minutes of my life. DELETE THAT VIDEO!!! It's amazingly useless.
Charlie Painter
Charlie Painter 4 månader sedan
This video had more advertisements than a free iPhone app/game.
X Football
X Football 4 månader sedan
A plus video. Informative and great editing
anon korrupt
anon korrupt 4 månader sedan
He had a painting mask on for touch up lol
UnSlient Minority
UnSlient Minority 4 månader sedan
I m gonna leave a note that says "sorry I hit your car but I'm writing this note because an old lad saw me"...sorry again. Anonymous
RAW ETERNITY 4 månader sedan
Soft Metals
Soft Metals 4 månader sedan
food wrappers and who knows what else,huuum no mask so all that what else up the nose when blowing out the car yum
Donald Clary
Donald Clary 4 månader sedan
I've had great results when touching up paint...I let the touch up dry for a few hours and then go over it with a pad and compound. The compound and heat from the polisher really smooths out and blends the touch up.
Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain 4 månader sedan
Happy wife happy life.
Bigo pineda
Bigo pineda 4 månader sedan
Where I can get this tool (min 8:59) tnks fr9m sydney
weld the future
weld the future 5 månader sedan
Thank you great video😀
Marjorie Morrison
Marjorie Morrison 5 månader sedan
I've been watching your videos for awhile now. Everytime it does not disappoint. The wealth of information you share to the community and the best part of it all is you do not hide your growth. You bring back some of the techniques that were used before and show a new learned and better method. It's very rare to see someone documenting themselves and showing that part of themselves. Not do only these videos give me reference, but it also improves the way I think about detailing my own or others cars. All I can I say is thank you.
Spidey 5 månader sedan
When he talked about the expectations and the difference of outcome being minimal between spending 15 mins vs 2 days is totally true. At the end of the day it'll be noticeable. If you don't want it to be noticeable it'll have to be done professionally or at least properly with fillers and respray of the area. I had a 1mm rock chip that was driving me nuts. Spent three days trying to make it look perfect. Ended up removing the fix and redoing it like five times. Ended up dropping a dab into the chip with a pin, let the paint spread into the crack and called it a day. Can u see it, yes. Will it prevent oxidation, yes. Will 99% of ppl other than me notice, no.
4lb 5 månader sedan
"if you hit a car, leave a note" lol Wouldn't that be nice if this was the world we lived in.
Roshaan Sadiq
Roshaan Sadiq 5 månader sedan
dude use water first you just scratch the paint
Stephen McGuire
Stephen McGuire 5 månader sedan
My God ur so annoying. Stop trying to talk like guy advertising Monster Truck Ralleys..Sunday! Sunday! Sunday...i couldnt get more than three seconds from four of ur made me want to shove a long needle in my ear....
newmarek3 5 månader sedan
Needles come in gauges. Orifice...ewe.
Tom Perkins
Tom Perkins 5 månader sedan
Damn, how hard it must be to be Larry's next door neighbor.
Ellen J
Ellen J 6 månader sedan
If it’s hard to find those fine dispenser tips that attach to a syringe, you can often find them online at dentist’s supply sites. Or you can ask your dentist if you can buy one while you are there for an appointment. Alternatively, you can go to a pharmacy or medical supply store, buy a few wide gauge needles that go on syringes and use those.
mako kimoto
mako kimoto 6 månader sedan
9:20 Larry touching up his paint on weekends
SpeedSoft Charlie
SpeedSoft Charlie 6 månader sedan
Have you heard the mix today? Please like and share to support me to make even better mixes, thanks you 😘💗
Rick Vulcan
Rick Vulcan 6 månader sedan
Awesome content. Really good insights into touch ups thank you.
TrainsForever 2021
TrainsForever 2021 6 månader sedan
My wife in a couple years coming outside to use the only car she drives, and I’m out there like 😐 1:12
Kyle Pendleton
Kyle Pendleton 6 månader sedan
Kyle Pendleton
Kyle Pendleton 6 månader sedan
Matthew Ronson
Matthew Ronson 6 månader sedan
Most of us have a Quick Jack on hot stand by at home, to handily whip out from our garages at need... Word to the wise-give up finding close parking spots-even in a daily driver, just to avoid this. These spots get the most traffic back and forth and in and out by their proximity to the stores and are the spots "everybody" wants, especially for those multitudes of people who just want to 'grab and go." This means they feel hurried and are not thinking about where they are, rather where and what they will be doing next and are not in the present. I've developed the habit of parking on the outskirts of the bustling areas, on the FAR side of any cart corral. This means one flank is protected, it's easier to remember (and often see) where you parked, and there is zero distance returning your own cart. Since these corrals are on the peripheral areas, there is very little chance that anyone is going to park on your other flank, and there is also far less chance of any stray cart damage as well, from lazy people shoving their carts in the general direction of the corral. Plus, we have all seen the haphazard cluster of carts that can and do collect in and around the corral areas near the front of the various stores. Uneven pavement, a stiff wind or some knucklehead shoving their cart in that general direction is all it takes for a rogue cart of meander where it should not be and right into your vehicle. I've practices this distancing thing for years, and the one time I thought that I'd make an exception ("I'll just be a few minutes"-which was true) I returned only to find that some nit wit in a little white sedan did the paint transfer damage thing to my SUV. It's not worth it UNLESS you sit in the car and wait for another to do the shopping. People are suddenly a LOT more conscientious seeing a dude sitting there waiting (and looking around for the return of their partner) in his car or SUV than leaving the vehicle there to the mercies of the mentally absent. They do not want you getting out of your vehicle and having to deal with you and the situation, so (again) suddenly, they are conscious of their movements. So take that < 3 min walk and save yourself such hassles. Unless someone is bleeding or on fire, take that tiny bit of extra time. Parking as close as you can is more often a 'false savings' of time, anyway. You get fast and convenient cart return and you won't find yourself all frustrated waiting for cars parading back and forth in the heaviest traffic areas (often looking for a spot) nor will you have to deal with the hordes of the nearly mindless, situationally unaware pedestrians.
Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu
Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu 6 månader sedan
Bro that door panel is done.
Exentity 6 månader sedan
Adam Paulley
Adam Paulley 6 månader sedan
Great vid... Where can I get some of those wheel holders so I can wash my wheels like you did?? Thanks man.... Adam UK 👍🏻
obdurare 6 månader sedan
I have a question. What do you do with microfiber towels doused in goof off? Do you wash them or throw them away?
onkouth 6 månader sedan
This is the most informative video I’ve watched on this subject, thank you for that, great job 👍
Marjorie Morrison
Marjorie Morrison 5 månader sedan
I had not seen one of you’re video in while. I had even forgotten why subscribed and click the bell. But then it all come back to me when I clicked on this video. Awesome job bro. You inspire me to clean my car more often and to become a pro detailer.
crxdelsolsir 6 månader sedan
Why no link to the "Quick Jack" air operated pneumatic car jacks?
Johny Jimmy
Johny Jimmy 6 månader sedan
Robcie sobie co chcecie, mnie w spokoju zostawcie, ja nic nie chce
P. K.
P. K. 6 månader sedan
So we just gana pretend like you didn't lift the hood and spray foam the inside? Lol always love seeing these videos
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae 6 månader sedan
Wow, it looks like your live in my sister's neighbourhood in Yorktown
Jared Tavernari
Jared Tavernari 6 månader sedan
My 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport interior is clothy like Your Wifes Subaru... After a week in a brand new car they looked trashed, Mine get dirty by looking at them wrong. Stained and I was able to get them looking decent with a steam cleaner, but that lasted for a week. I need to clean them and put a protective coating on top to keep them looking clean. The Door Trims are the same. How do I get them clean Easily? I also Managed to burn to cigeret holes in my seat, any easy way to fill the hole ?
double-you 7 månader sedan
there is a guy on yt that does dints...
double-you 7 månader sedan
lol it's just a car.. normal people have lives and not time for this. Jolly Good Show, nonetheless.
Anthony Merc
Anthony Merc 7 månader sedan
Can you do a video on paint rust bubbles? Ones that are under an inch.
72Yonatan 7 månader sedan
How can I remove spilt olive oil on the fabric of the interior?
Sammy Meléndez
Sammy Meléndez 7 månader sedan
Whats the name of the lift
pradana arif
pradana arif 7 månader sedan
permission to share your video on my facebook account
Math W
Math W 7 månader sedan
that s a easy way to jack op your car, where did u get your lift?
john d
john d 7 månader sedan
Did he just skip cleaning the back sides of the wheels...oh my.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 7 månader sedan
How u guys charge people for this touch up jobs? Let's say how much is to fix a scratch like 11:50.
Scott Peters
Scott Peters 7 månader sedan
That is one of the most frustrating things to go through. I've seen it happen twice to other people. The first time it happened I blocked them in with my car while we waited for the person to come out of the store. The second time a friend of mine left me at the scene (to advise the car owner) while he followed the hit and runner all the way home.
Mohammed M.
Mohammed M. 7 månader sedan
overheard a conversation on the train. guy collects business cards and leaves one on the windshield of every car he hits. someone else gets the blame
Octane Street
Octane Street 7 månader sedan
First time stopping by here, really well documented process and you guys seem to have a product for just about everything when it comes to car cleanliness. I do have two questions though: 1) So primer isn't needed when applying touch up to small areas? Stone chips are usually down to bare metal, I know these scratches on the Subi weren't as deep but is primer really necessary for bare metal chips? I know it's a protector and adhesive for the paint but... It's tough to go and buy so many different canisters of products for some small chips. 2) The syringes/needle heads have to be disposed of after one use? You mentioned to put them away safely for disposal... Not sure if you meant disposal as in cleaning but I'm thinking you meant throwing it away. 3) Bonus question, is goof off relatively the same as Goo Gone?
Blood Carver
Blood Carver 7 månader sedan
Ah, all the cool gadgets :D I need those wheeled undercarriages for my wash buckets. They're too heavy to keep carrying around.
Radek W
Radek W 7 månader sedan
If they didn't use a 2 stage clear coat (hardener added) then it can come off causing a pain.
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator 7 månader sedan
Why were doing that by yourself? Get that wife & the kids out there to help you... the dog too!
Another Motorist
Another Motorist 7 månader sedan
Person who hit your outback probably used your video here
Fahd Mughal
Fahd Mughal 7 månader sedan
You are a hard working guy.... Love your work alot
AMMO NYC 7 månader sedan
Hazzaboy83 7 månader sedan
With plastic trims we use windscreen bond and primer. It will never come off
Scottys Glass 101
Scottys Glass 101 7 månader sedan
There are some people who don't care for how Jeff Bezos accumulated over $200 BILLION by forcing Amazon's "fulfillment centers" employees to endure sweatshop-like productivity standards which are constantly ratcheted up by automated monitoring systems which also generate warning and termination actions. In other words, they are watched, warned, and weeded out - FIRED - by ROBOTS. Some people don't like the fact that Bezos and Amazon are, " As the ACLU put it: “Amazon is building the tools for authoritarian surveillance that advocates, activists, community leaders, politicians, and experts have repeatedly warned against.”" "...the ACLU said of this face-recognition software* that Amazon’s “marketing materials read like a user manual for the type of authoritarian surveillance you can currently see in China.” *ReKognition Ya might want to understand the company you're recommending a little better... just sayin'.
Jim Flanagan
Jim Flanagan 8 månader sedan
Hey Larr, hope all is well . Still want to meet up sometime, Jersey Jim .
Cris 8 månader sedan
incredible, greetings from Argentina. I love your jobs. I congratulate you 💪🏼👍🏻
Clarence McGregor
Clarence McGregor 8 månader sedan
It was a clean machine.
Joseph J.
Joseph J. 8 månader sedan
For a novice, what do you think about Dr.Colorchip?
SlingbladeJim 8 månader sedan
Subscribed at 30 seconds in..................unsubscribed at 1:08.
3DWizard 8 månader sedan
I am thinking of using a syringe trick from here with the bondo for the fill from your older G55 video to avoid going outside the scratch. What do you think about that approach?
Andrei Fasola
Andrei Fasola 8 månader sedan
Leave a note like the man said - make sure to sign it: "I hope we never meet. Bye, Me - the one who did it".
Demetrios Eliades
Demetrios Eliades 8 månader sedan
Great informative video as always. Instead of super glue you may want to use this product instead for the lower exterior trim. Super glue not the best for bonding exterior products that are exposed to the elements. 3M-03601-Plastic-Emblem Adhesive Or Loctite 234930 Black contact adhesive
AdrianJayeOnline 8 månader sedan
I just wanted to see "Best Car Paint Touch up Tools Tips Tricks with Needle and Syringe"
Topper Harlee
Topper Harlee 8 månader sedan
Link for that clear coat touch up brush please!
O MA 8 månader sedan
you have to say enough is enough and take that Subaru's door and get it repainted...
TheJustonemore 9 månader sedan
Same old music same old same old.gets old
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