Disgusting Mural Truck Detailing MakeOver: First Washing in 9 Years!

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This is a 1991 Ram Charger that is absolutely disgusting with mold, mildew, and lichen attached to the outside before I did a complete detail. The Dodge Truck has a mural painting on the outside and inside but has not been washed in at least 9 years. It was left outside abandoned and vandalized. This barn find was located in North Carolina before being driven up to the AMMO NYC STUDIO for a complete disaster detailing of this disgusting car. Enjoy the power washing, carpet vacuuming and shampooing, then full paint restoration before reveling the truck to the new owner. Hope you enjoy this filthy detail and car restoration.
#artcar #detailing #disasterdetailing
00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Power Washing
02:00 - About The Dodge Ram Charger
03:11 - Foaming Car Paint
04:05 - Wheel Cleaning
05:54 - Power Washing Undercarriage
06:23 - Car Interior Vacuuming
09:00 - Carpet Shampoo
11:05 - Polishing Paint
13:56 - Glass Polishing
14:30 - Chrome Bumper Polishing
16:20 - Window Cleaning
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Adhyyan Saroj
Adhyyan Saroj Dag sedan
Tissue paper and sticky substance,I don't think he was sneezing
Trayge 3 dagar sedan
Every single one of your detailing vids, make my cleaning OCD very happy. The most satisfying vids ever. Also when is your Simulator going to be done? I know COVID and all that but still. I would like some of that satisfaction myself as i don't have a garage or driveway at the moment to detail my own car yet. So the Simulator is the next closest thing that i can think of. Have had it on my steam wishlist since it was added to steam as a future game.
Neil Norris
Neil Norris 6 dagar sedan
Off Onn
Off Onn 11 dagar sedan
السلام عليكم عمل جميل جدا
tony hallen
tony hallen 17 dagar sedan
Are your brushes color-coded?
Cian Champney
Cian Champney 20 dagar sedan
That sneeze at 7:04 scared me
Kate Mills
Kate Mills 21 dag sedan
I like that picture on the car
Abigail Grace
Abigail Grace 21 dag sedan
I love these old restoration videos, there's something really special about seeing these vehicles get some love. This one in particular was really cool to watch, I love the old mural!
P M 21 dag sedan
Your videos and commentary have gotten much better over the years.
Francisco Covarrubias
Francisco Covarrubias 24 dagar sedan
The abnormal cave phytogeographically spot because detective lilly wipe beneath a picayune bomber. dazzling, pushy thursday
William vazquez
William vazquez 25 dagar sedan
Wow! I’ll pay $600 just to destroy that thing.
Lindy410 27 dagar sedan
The terrible club music makes this so hard to watch and enjoy. Unsubscribed. Thumbs down.
Lee Shelton
Lee Shelton Månad sedan
I love your videos and your work in general, I just can't listen to the screaming hamster music. I always leave at that point, please change this trend....
Christopher Hintergardt
Christopher Hintergardt Månad sedan
It needed new carpet.
sarah jane wilkinson
sarah jane wilkinson Månad sedan
Hi.. I love your channel. I've just got my fiat 500 2014 plate. Noticed a few chips on the paintwork. So getting some ideas.. I've followed your steps with cleaning and polishing and I used a machine so much better.. and looks likes I need a scratch remover.. hope to hear from you soon..
RazorgunII Okay?
RazorgunII Okay? Månad sedan
God... I love the Mural on that beauty...
Chet Barker
Chet Barker Månad sedan
The unbiased crack concordingly unpack because bow yearly pretend between a ruthless grasshopper. bashful, equable bowling
Tom Harrison
Tom Harrison Månad sedan
Is your ANMO product available in British Columbia 🇨🇦 Canada?
vetten76 Månad sedan
That’s the ugliest thing ever. However, it’s fun and goofy. Great video.
Lukicm Månad sedan
Eagleee 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸❤️
Alejandro de la Luz
Alejandro de la Luz Månad sedan
It may be took a lot of time to paint the art on that car but I don't like it at all
MD Månad sedan
why is the quality tops out at 140p????
Marchal Pinheiro
Marchal Pinheiro Månad sedan
Ramchargers 🙌🙌🙌
makemoneyrelax Månad sedan
Garbage disposal called, they want their car back
TheSynysterVyrus 2 månader sedan
I cringe watching you use the Bissel, Larry. For the love of God get a Mytee 8070 like the rest of us you Detail-legend.
Javier Soler
Javier Soler 2 månader sedan
"The car had three Viper alarms" LOL That's the most 1980's thing I've heard in a while. Multiple aftermarket alarms. I forgot that was a thing.
Jordan Ruzic
Jordan Ruzic 2 månader sedan
I have nothing to do with detailing or cars, but I find this channel super gratifying to watch as the cars get cleaned.
White Noise
White Noise 3 månader sedan
And after all that work, you're still left with the ugliest car in the US..
Hashir playz 123
Hashir playz 123 3 månader sedan
Nice vi- wait what is this guys water Bill???
Marc Jess
Marc Jess 3 månader sedan
DUDE. I thought the mural at the beginning was mountains and a dark forest ...then you powerwashed and revealed it was actually a white sky. 🤣🤣🤣
Petros Ligas
Petros Ligas 3 månader sedan
always enjoying your video!
zeke 3 månader sedan
I love how you don’t click bait. You show actually dirty cars with extremely dirty interiors.. not just dirty glove box’s and gross cup holders
Aydha Saari
Aydha Saari 3 månader sedan
I want work with u ammo
Mihail M A
Mihail M A 3 månader sedan
ammo SHAG 🤣
Rodrigo Vargas González
Rodrigo Vargas González 3 månader sedan
Did this truck belong to Bob Ross?
Bill White
Bill White 3 månader sedan
Great detail work; but when you polish a turd, it's still a turd.
Will Cresson
Will Cresson 3 månader sedan
I drove an old Ramcharger during my late teens and early twenties. Great truck and one of the few vehicles I've ever owned I regret selling. Got it for $2000 with one owner and 50k on the odometer.
Dandypanty 3 månader sedan
I grow lichen, moss, and mushrooms. Pretty funny seeing them living on the truck
P. Johnny
P. Johnny 3 månader sedan
Truck is sick!!!!! This is way better than boring expensive sports cars
bobcharlotte 3 månader sedan
600 seems like a rip off.
Bruce H
Bruce H 4 månader sedan
Great music choice to compliment the well done video!
Darius Cumbo
Darius Cumbo 4 månader sedan
If you live in Roanoke rapids NC like this 👍😂
David Whang
David Whang 4 månader sedan
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Amir Eghbal
Amir Eghbal 4 månader sedan
I don't get it, doesn't getting your car detailed by this guy cost more than painting the hood? You could have cleaned it yourself with regular products and had the hood painted. You already did so much. I think you could clean a dirty car.
Adam Mcdougall
Adam Mcdougall 4 månader sedan
Thats the most enjoyable ever that truck SCREAMS MURIKA lol great job
John Conger II
John Conger II 4 månader sedan
AMAZING job on an AMAZING vehicle! It was almost equally impressive as your attention to detail.
AL 4 månader sedan
How much does this detail cost? Surely way more than the car. Respect, never thought I'd binge watch such videos haha
Donny Handson
Donny Handson 4 månader sedan
Thomas Tommy
Thomas Tommy 4 månader sedan
Awesome video thanks for sharing. I started to watch this video way back when. I got uninterrupted and could not finish it. I'm pleased I ran across it again and got to watch it. It's a great job and video. Stay well and safe my friend.
Xigan 4 månader sedan
You're right that was hilarious when you installed the rain guards! I almost fell off my seat laughing 🤣. And when you refused to explain why you did something so I'd have to click on your second channel for an explanation, fucking genius! Such a time saver I mean who needs to know the whys and how's in one concise video.
rosscobosco 4 månader sedan
Slice of America right there!
Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson 4 månader sedan
Brilliant videos.
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar 4 månader sedan
Shane no car company makes paint jobs like this anymore, or if it's after market why no one does it like this
VMD D 4 månader sedan
windex is good.
Gruns Lon
Gruns Lon 4 månader sedan
Love your videos found in this morning already watched like 15 of them xD
MrChannelforfun 4 månader sedan
it's rusty, there's little to save
MrCp3o 4 månader sedan
Those rain guards must cause the largest blindspots.
Aidan 4 månader sedan
I love that thing.
ignacio alvarez
ignacio alvarez 4 månader sedan
listo ya esta limpia es una gran pickup ahora yo la pintaria completa del mismo azul para que quede sin esos dibujos y listo.
Darren Diaz
Darren Diaz 4 månader sedan
I cant change the quality of the video on this
dave gim
dave gim 4 månader sedan
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Adam White Sr.
Adam White Sr. 4 månader sedan
You can start burning thru clear coats it's ok they don't need that many coats of paint anyway. Bare metal is best
00 00
00 00 4 månader sedan
that is the ugliest truck ive ever seen.
Zack Coon
Zack Coon 4 månader sedan
oh his vacuum long
ArgentPure 4 månader sedan
What a piece of garbage!
wmrrock 4 månader sedan
You probably get asked this question a lot. Can you recommend a detailer down her in the Palm Beach Florida area?
Sachin Kumar
Sachin Kumar 4 månader sedan
I am a big fan of yours from india❤️
Ass Tastic
Ass Tastic 4 månader sedan
FUN WITH GRANDMA !!!! 4 månader sedan
Incredible work! u are insanely talented! God bless !
AMMO NYC 4 månader sedan
Thank you
SMEACRaptor 4 månader sedan
Charles Daugharthy
Charles Daugharthy 3 månader sedan
It's for sale! Come get it
Andrew Fodor
Andrew Fodor 4 månader sedan
Am I the only one having video quality issues on this video? Would love to see the shear detail on this truck.
Whitewalker 4 månader sedan
What is it that the squidgy does for the windows? Very interesting..
pdxrockies 4 månader sedan
Computer Nostalgia
Computer Nostalgia 4 månader sedan
From gold to trashed. Then from trashed to gold again.
Jan Christian Alegre
Jan Christian Alegre 4 månader sedan
What's the name of the into song?
Qema2k 4 månader sedan
Ksi reading the title: Mural
Samuel Henning
Samuel Henning 4 månader sedan
Thanks for going through and explaining each part of the process in each of your videos. I can never seem to get the glass clean on my truck. Looking forward to using your method!
TJ Ellis
TJ Ellis 5 månader sedan
can you power wash a Dodge into a Toyota? No...ok.
Ircha man
Ircha man 5 månader sedan
I've never seen a car screaming FREEDOM! more than this car xD Cool paintjob :)
Mark Sayre
Mark Sayre 5 månader sedan
Nathan Davies
Nathan Davies 5 månader sedan
The floor went out in in our 91 dodge ram 150 just like this one
Neil Foulks
Neil Foulks 5 månader sedan
Great videos! Have you written a book about the subject of detailing? Do you know anyone who has?
Hustle 2 Muscle
Hustle 2 Muscle 5 månader sedan
Please wash my car Mr. Ammo
Prayanjal Tomar
Prayanjal Tomar 5 månader sedan
What a beautiful artwork. Great work by artist
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza 5 månader sedan
WARNING: LONG POST AND FOR A DARN GOOD REASON: WHAAAAAAATTT???? That was my father in laws Truck who gave it to my wife not long before he died! I took the Grey Hound bus to St. Petersburg FL to get that truck and drove it back up to Greensboro, NC where we lived. We had that truck until we were forced to sell it in Murfreesboro, NC! WOW!!!!!! I am blown away!!!!!! Can't wait until my wife sees this video!!!! We sold it around 2011 when we had to move to Colorado looking for work. We are now in Missouri near St. Louis. What a shock to see this truck! My Father in Law, Edward F. Silvia (1941-2009) , an Army Sargent retired, had this work done on this truck. He bought it new and slowly did all this mural and glass etching of eagles. He drove it to Rhode Island and back to St. Petersburg every year for many years. He also wired up a lot of stuff (CB radio, running lights, fog lights, extra tail lights, running board lights, etc) and got to the point where we couldn't run the truck anymore due to such heavy rewiring of lights and radios and other things (as you noticed). So we were forced to sell it seeing we had to leave the state and couldn't afford to rebuild it. When my daughter was 3, she started calling it "Trucky". Sad to see it go, but glad to see "Trucky" is still out there and someone rewired it and brought it back to life!!!! Ed Silvia would be pleased. Where you see the vertical rust next to the door is where a lighted assist handle was put on (both sides). One of the many electrical add-on's Ed put on the truck. Also missing are the five teardrop shaped running lights over the windshield. Those rainguards were on when we got the truck. BTW, all that sticky substance was hard to clean, it was very dirty when we got the truck! Also missing, spare wheel cover with airbrushed Eagle. (We may still have that in storage). Also missing, eagle painted rug and hood liner, not sure where those are. Now I'll have to be honest here, I do not remember the hand drawn ram on the back of the driver seat! Maybe my wife (Gwin) does. The rear bumper showing spots and holes where lighting used to be (14:10), were lighted when we sold it. Apparently a lot has been removed to resolve wiring issues. Also missing is the huge chrome grill guard on the front (probably stolen when it was sitting). We may have pictures somewhere of the truck in its full glory before all these things were removed and it was still running good, if so, I'll post them here for you (it will be a while, not sure where they are). Yes, I remember the broken rain guard on the passenger side, which is why we didn't reinstall them. That is not its first trip to car shows. This truck won many awards over the years Ed Silvia had the truck (I saw the awards at his house in Florida). The new owner said he bought it for $600, which is about right, we had a huge yard sale. Like I wrote, we had to move out of town and had to sell it. It was an honor to see it done like this and it was the first vehicle in your new studio! Edward Silvia would have been pleased. Oh...an overhead carpeted box inside the cab with more wiring and where the CB Radio lived, that is missing too. UPDATE: Wife and daughter saw it, got really emotional! The reason I don't remember the hand drawn Rams on the seats is because we had those "indian weave" seat covers. The Truck was sold to someone else first, then they left it sit to rot, NOT US!
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza 5 månader sedan
new garage is literally jaw dropping.. a vacuum coming out of the wall, like whaaat?? too cool
Jay Murillo
Jay Murillo 5 månader sedan
California is where I live
Derald Swain
Derald Swain 5 månader sedan
I'm loving this new studio! But why stick with the Bissell extractor? I'm truly curious. You obviously have the best equipment, but that Bissell is odd.
Todd Blanard
Todd Blanard 5 månader sedan
Your music is entirely too loud. Impossible to hear you over the music. I can't decide if this is a detail video or an EDM concert. Plus, the music is garbage. Are you intentionally chasing away viewers?
Numb Nutz
Numb Nutz 5 månader sedan
I read that as a disgusting mural. I'm like what is so terrible about a nature scene?🤣
Jason 132
Jason 132 6 månader sedan
Watch that truck become 100,000
Matthew lebowski
Matthew lebowski 6 månader sedan
Before the pre-wash close-ups, I thought the mold was just part of the painting style...
Martin Odendaal
Martin Odendaal 6 månader sedan
Did this vehicle came out with that ugly drawings on the panels? Why do you feel to have drawings on a car?? Just asking
Gemini no Saga
Gemini no Saga 6 månader sedan
Great job! So sad that they did such an ugly mural on such a beautiful suv.
Sam Tohidi
Sam Tohidi 6 månader sedan
My good brother can you paint the outside siding to match the interior? Please and thanks
Γιωργος Κοκκαλης
Γιωργος Κοκκαλης 6 månader sedan
7:03 bless you :)
JT 6 månader sedan
Hahaha, amazing what someone is willing to do to save a vehicle!
verdatum 6 månader sedan
I am now emotionally involved in this absolutely ridiculous looking truck. I would very much like an update. I hope this thing gets a proper restoration, and I hope someone videos the process; even if it isn't something that even approaches this channel's standard of excellence. If you learn anything about the outcome of this vehicle, please make us at least a quick update video. I would be most grateful.
John Creed
John Creed 6 månader sedan
Finally a vehicle with real character and dirt, not a fancy exotic. Thank you
Noor Zaidi Ahmad
Noor Zaidi Ahmad 6 månader sedan
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