FULL DETAIL on White Paint and First Drive McLaren 570S

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This is the new McLaren 570s "Spider" that's in for a full paint restoration detail and interior detail for an upcoming photoshoot. Although this is not a complete disaster car detail, the paint definitely needs to be compounded, polished, and protected. This full detail on white paint that looks clean, but is a microscopic disaster!
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Lufia 7 dagar sedan
The beading vs sheeting portion is absolutely fascinating.
Donnie Azoff
Donnie Azoff 9 dagar sedan
I like to lick the paint after applying sealant and wax, is ammo spit safe for that?
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan 15 dagar sedan
I sadly saw one of these crashed on the highway a couple days ago. 💔
Emir Husic
Emir Husic 24 dagar sedan
Do you have any suggestion on how to protect exposed rear-view camera from dirt. In Sweden it rains a lot, which makes the car dirty. However, annoying that the rear view camera gets dirty from the rain, any suggestions maybe wax or so that could help out?
Robert Kainec
Robert Kainec 26 dagar sedan
How do you know when to clay your car?
hamwic BI
hamwic BI Månad sedan
Hey i saw your amazing video on the triumph spitfire and was waiting in anticipation to see how it ran but video ended early. Any chance of an update on what happened to that cool little car
Shalom Dentor
Shalom Dentor 2 månader sedan
your video's are sick bro
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 2 månader sedan
Do you sell your gear on Amazon? If not, I think you would make a killing if you did!
Chantz Williams
Chantz Williams 2 månader sedan
I own a detail company and my ultra goal is to get my business like yours. I’d love to speak on how you make chemicals and ect. But I love your videos and you have helped out so much with your videos. I’ve learned lots and gained more skills from you. Keep up the good work man💯
chris kiser
chris kiser 2 månader sedan
Awesome job
Damiens Anges
Damiens Anges 3 månader sedan
ismail badura sakek
ismail badura sakek 3 månader sedan
Based on test #2, is it better to apply let say, ceramic coating rather than using water wax?
slice of toast
slice of toast 3 månader sedan
depooed nappa leather XD
SLYR_KAKA 3 månader sedan
One of the absolute most beautiful videos I have watched in my entire life!
Logezzzzzbro 3 månader sedan
Whoever was driving this McLaren treated it worse than I treat my Prius. How the hell do you smudge the orange leather with all those black marks?!
Tommy F
Tommy F 3 månader sedan
Whenever you're taking a polish and pads to a car's paint you need to check for imbedded contaminants and if the paint is slightly rough clay the damn car.
Dustin Surprises
Dustin Surprises 3 månader sedan
Is it weird I cringe when I see Interior being cleaned because the Price of the interior?
Kevin 3 månader sedan
Larry puts more info into a 20 minute video than anyone else. Well done young Jedi 😎
Geoffery Stjulien
Geoffery Stjulien 4 månader sedan
The uninterested page electrophysiologically mourn because processing sequentially shock down a yellow dinghy. receptive, agreeable musician
coolcat snaps
coolcat snaps 4 månader sedan
Gotta say... I love your videos thanks for going in detail and breaking down your techniques for detailing
DT NA 4 månader sedan
Don't you use a chair with wheels and knee pads to protect your back and knees?
A R 5 månader sedan
No cheap innuendos? I'm disappointed.
Hugh Tran
Hugh Tran 5 månader sedan
Put out more content my guy, we need more!😁
Henry Atkinson
Henry Atkinson 6 månader sedan
When a major manufacturer is calling you up to detail their car thats how you know youre the best.
Israel Berrios
Israel Berrios 6 månader sedan
We've the same "issue" with white cars, they are decontaminated and the pad still gets some dirt and the difference in "white" is huge before just one pass
Charles Ruiz
Charles Ruiz 6 månader sedan
Larry, you are the man.
Tamir Cohen
Tamir Cohen 6 månader sedan
All his points are better while a little tipsy lol
Jamesi 6 månader sedan
You just know when you are doing your job right when freaking McLaren calls and asks for a detailing.
S M 6 månader sedan
Is it me or is 570 an ugly car? 720 is only good looking McLaren.
bigwilly43729 7 månader sedan
There is no way a Kit Kat, Big Mac & 4 doughnuts is 800 calories.
vaibhav aggarwal
vaibhav aggarwal 7 månader sedan
Sir u sound really professional but can u make sure that people in India can also afford ur products . I mean 35$ for a bottle is way to expensive for any indian
Glenn Gruber
Glenn Gruber 7 månader sedan
so in general are you saying that you don't have to 2 bucket if you foam the car? just perhaps do that additional pass with the soapy MF towels?
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 7 månader sedan
Big fan of yours, just started my own detailin business #ajsautodetailin1 at instagram. I started watching your videos 5 years ago and since then I always want to be a detailer. Excuse my English but I'm 100% Mexican and I'm trying my best here lol
JoshTheGamer 7 månader sedan
wish i could afford your products
Stefan Misko
Stefan Misko 7 månader sedan
Will there be a reformulation of Hydrate with the added UV inhibitors ?
Elmond L. Richards
Elmond L. Richards 8 månader sedan
Real fans know he loves the ER analogy 💯
cessnaballer 8 månader sedan
There is literally nobody even close to this guy.
David Rios
David Rios 8 månader sedan
Could’ve tried this on a Free to $50,000 car Tries it on a brand new car that doesn’t sell cars under $100,000
Marcel 9 månader sedan
2:52 extra strong chemical is added 3:36 extra strong chemical is dumped into the environment Thanks mate!
Manuel Torres
Manuel Torres 9 månader sedan
Clip of the Audi TT Convertible is out here from Long Beach, CA near the Rainbow Lagoon Park off of Shoreline Dr. Fun fact it's a very interesting shot due to the fact the Indycar race series of the grand prix takes place on this exact road!!! Fan of your work Larry, always very Detailed as a detailer shall be! Wish your family a safe year
TurboAalgaEntertainment 9 månader sedan
I like how he casually uses a 200k car to do expiriments
Samuel Cervantes
Samuel Cervantes 9 månader sedan
Hopefully in twenty years from now I can open up one of my SEmost video kind of like Larry “so the back story is Bugatti called and said: ‘hey Sam, can you detail this 300 million dollar car and oh by the way we’re cool with you driving it”. Larry is THE man 😎
Joel Baetiong
Joel Baetiong 9 månader sedan
When it comes to complex detailing, this is the guy to go....
Vijaykumar Wali
Vijaykumar Wali 10 månader sedan
Knack for impossible shot - noice
Raised Wing
Raised Wing 10 månader sedan
I always considered beads of water as tiny magnifying glasses amplifying the sun’s effect on the paint and certainly prefer water sheeting.
Mike Pawlik
Mike Pawlik 10 månader sedan
Beading and sheeting are cool usually, just not Pooling
Anthony Marucci
Anthony Marucci 10 månader sedan
I am going to be clay barring my ‘15 Mustang for the first time within the next week or. She only has 5800 miles and is always kept in the garage, but she needs a good deep cleaning. Any quick advice you could give me for clay barring would be greatly appreciated. Great channel! My son loves McLarens and has watched this episode so many times. Thanks!
110% Texan
110% Texan 11 månader sedan
Science baby! 👍
mrigxnk 11 månader sedan
Larry makes me want to mow my lawn with scissors.
dezinetech997 11 månader sedan
Your reference/analogies are the best. Your videos are top notch!
KiD CARTiER 11 månader sedan
What type of blow gun and air compressor should I use Larry? I'm a mobile detailer in NC. Thanks.
Edwin B
Edwin B 11 månader sedan
5 minutes to clay bar a car?? Welp. I'm doing something wrong. Time to go find his video on claybars again. Also, how long do you think all that took him to do on the McLaren? 2 days?
MrCarnutbill67 11 månader sedan
I contacted Larry about 2 years ago asking him if he offered training? Looks like I’m not the only one who was asking. Can’t wait to see the tech center all finished up. I have total air compressor envy.
Sean Westerdyk
Sean Westerdyk 11 månader sedan
Lee Smith
Lee Smith 11 månader sedan
Have you any thoughts on a UK product distributor. Its a shame that the "spit" is $36 shipping to the UK. I reckon with the correct marketing over here, your products would sell well.
Gregory Hammond
Gregory Hammond 11 månader sedan
I enjoy Your episodes. Keep it up.
hee haw
hee haw 11 månader sedan
I have a fever and the only cure for my fever is to watch Ammo .
QuickQuips 11 månader sedan
I'm surprised you aren't using a low rolling stool. Some electricians swear by them to save their knees.
Love America
Love America År sedan
Why was it so funny when he said “de-poo the McLaren”
Rusu 88
Rusu 88 År sedan
You better be in the history chanell💪
Kristian Hodne
Kristian Hodne År sedan
why are you using a microfiber towel instead of a wash mitt? previous videos you use a wash mitt.
Rodrigo Melo
Rodrigo Melo År sedan
I was surprised to see that you develop the products you use, until then I thought you were sponsored by the brand or something. I take my hat off sir
Sereen Hanash
Sereen Hanash År sedan
my dad has the same car
davidhunternyc År sedan
I was born in L.A. and I was a car guy. For the last 20 years I've been living in NYC and I'm a subway guy. I miss cars so I come to SEmost for my fix. I love this channel and you've torn apart my old school ways of taking care of a car. I use to pull my car into the driveway and wash it using a garden hose and a little dishwashing soap and a rag. I never liked shammies so I would dry my car with an old bath towel. Every 6 months I would wax my car. For shine I would use Armor All on my tires and inside of the car on my dash. That's it. Every once in a while I would take my car to the car wash and power wash my engine too. I know, after seeing what you do here makes me hang my head low in shame. This brings me to what I've discovered lately. Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Ceramic Coatings. Sorry...I didn't know they existed. Last night I discovered the ISM Kamikazee Coating. The Kamikazee looks revolutionary. Am I missing something here? You use it once every 3 years and you can clean your car with water only? Do you ever use Kamikazee or Ceramic Coatings to protect a car? Why or why not? I dream of someday being able to afford a concours winning '65 Mustang convertible and having it detailed by you. Your brain is insane. I love to watch you think. Thank you.
HULK År sedan
Ye the spitfire in the woods was bullshit.dont blame you for removing the comments.
Philip Löpfe
Philip Löpfe År sedan
may sound mega weird, but one ogf my biggest dreams would be to get my car detailed by larry, the godfather of detailing!!! Surely never gonna happen, because i live in switzerland but i keep dreaming...
Brandon Koke
Brandon Koke År sedan
I’ll take sheeting vs beading any day of the week! Great video! New to the channel...awesome content!!
Maciej Maciejowicz
Maciej Maciejowicz År sedan
How much cost full clean like this????
bbob o neill
bbob o neill År sedan
December, little did we know what we were in for from wuhan
Rik Heijne
Rik Heijne År sedan
Larry, I sincerely hope you'll read this. I feel that your lack of strong chemicals, fails to clean the cars properly, at least when decontamination is required. You used BRUTE wheel soap as a pre-soak, which is PH-Neutral/Slightly Alkaline. Dirt being picked up by vehicles varies wildly, and the general concensus is that this dirts needs to be dissolved by stronger chemicals, i.e. lower and higher in the Ph-scale. I feel that would have decontaminated the car properly, and would have removed the black film you picked up with the microfiber pad, from the pores of the paint. HOWEVER, I'm not the owner of a chemical company, you are. So I would love to hear your take on this.
Doven gaming
Doven gaming År sedan
i just wonder where you learn detailing. i want to start with it
Felsennest År sedan
Do you recomment paint protection film after detailing?
AMMO NYC År sedan
Joe_breezyjr År sedan
That's a really gorgeous car...
Mitchell Jack
Mitchell Jack År sedan
Can you put Spit UV Protector on black trim?
Brandon Mericle
Brandon Mericle År sedan
Let's be real here. Larry's knees are actually hurting from carrying the weight of his massive balls after smearing lard all over a $200k car
kofi År sedan
I would love to see you detail a crotch rocket
دولة جنوب العراق
دولة جنوب العراق År sedan
Please put an Arabic translation
bsnofire År sedan
Literally every time I watch one of your videos I want to go wash my cars, man. lol
Alaina pullock
Alaina pullock År sedan
I will never own a dark color car...such a pain in the ass
Jordan Cartwright
Jordan Cartwright År sedan
I like your loose analogy EMERGENCY ROOM (ER) for using the claybar
Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels År sedan
i wonder if this guy and the smoking tire guy do get things together?
Vatsal Shah
Vatsal Shah År sedan
Not only black color but all dark colors !
George Gorgid
George Gorgid År sedan
Very nice!! How much was a bill?
Dying Ace23
Dying Ace23 År sedan
Fire whoever let it get that dirty on the inside
aaron fuksa
aaron fuksa År sedan
Jog my memory please on how much it is washing the average exterior vehichle like so?? Then i use my iron remover, with protection sealant at the end.
Tom År sedan
Hey Larry, can REBOOT ENAMEL COAT be used as a drying aid? Also, any plans to make a version of AMMO HYDRATE with UV inhibitors? Thanks
Jason Brown
Jason Brown År sedan
Tax return is almost here so that means shopping on ammo website
entyce66 År sedan
Scientific way to washing your car
Glen M Lj
Glen M Lj År sedan
6:28 felt a little pain in both my knees too, now that you said it. Lol. Squatting/crouching repeatedly everyday hurts the knees... And the back too... Ouch! Take care of yourself Larry!
Gayle Thompson
Gayle Thompson År sedan
Hi, Larry what do you use for a foam cannon and also what brand of power washer PSI? Thanks from RI.
Brian Leister
Brian Leister År sedan
Are ceramic coatings worth the investment?
Gilberto Queb
Gilberto Queb År sedan
is it necessary to compound and polish a vehicle? Can I just go about removing iron and tar and then clay bar and skipping the compound and polish ? What's the advantage and disadvantage of doing compounding and polishing? Is it always necessary?
Mad9977-RC and HOBBY
Mad9977-RC and HOBBY År sedan
excellent as always 😎👍
JezuzNoChill År sedan
Larry why is your driver's side window dirty??? 17:23
D Scuderia 21
D Scuderia 21 År sedan
I only discovered this channel today and I already have a man crush on this dude 😅
Michal Feitl
Michal Feitl År sedan
I felt sorry for the black car, poor think got scratched just for show :(
Leebod År sedan
Bullshit video with the Triumph Spitfire, wonder why you can’t leave a comment on that video 🤔🤥
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts År sedan
Robin Kleiner
Robin Kleiner År sedan
What do u get paid for a commercial job like this?!
Jonathan Ciaccio
Jonathan Ciaccio År sedan
I see a lot of exposed zippers when cleaning this car. You should make ammo detailing wear that doesnt have metal zippers thatll scratch the paint.
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