Disaster Detail First Wash in 10 Years Jeep Cherokee XJ

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This is a lost Jeep Cherokee XJ that was found in Texas by Bob Sorokanich, Deputy Editor of Road and Track Magazine. You are probably asking yourself why someone with access to pretty much any car in the world would want a 2-door Jeep Cherokee. Turns out this was his dream car since he was a small boy which he explains in the episode. This car was found somewhere in Texas in a barn find situation. He bought it sight unseen and shipped it back to NYC for a complete disaster detail and restoration. The paint needs major compounding and polishing and the interior was disgusting, so cleaning with a shampoo machine and power drill brush was necessary. Afterwards I applied AMMO Reflex Pro and revealed the car to him in the AMMO Studio a few weeks later. (We were delayed by a major hurricane in CT with no power for 8 days). Hope you enjoy -Larry Kosilla
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lizxard Dag sedan
bruuhhhh i was born on that newspaper date
Felix Cheah
Felix Cheah 2 dagar sedan
Awesome awesome job. Thanks for all the knowledge on detailing
F T 3 dagar sedan
This guy is all about advertising the crap he uses. If this car belongs to his buddy at least take the seats out and clean the carpet better. I don’t think he’s a good detailer. He’s all about what he uses i bet you can get better cleaning than this stuff he uses.
Veng Mov
Veng Mov 4 dagar sedan
That newspaper is younger then me 4days lol
Vesa-Matti Loiri
Vesa-Matti Loiri 4 dagar sedan
I'm convinced this channel produces the best videos on all of youtube. Professional, well-made, entertaining, educational and satisfying all at the same time.
Kulan 8 dagar sedan
I wish I had your petience in cleaning the cars. They come out soooo nice 😁 thanx Larry for you charing i have learned alot from your films :)
Nello F
Nello F 10 dagar sedan
Awesome 👌
Aman Rehan
Aman Rehan 11 dagar sedan
Please also tell us the total cost at the end of each video
Samuel Sandoval
Samuel Sandoval 11 dagar sedan
I want him to detail my 86 cutlass but he’s too far lol
yamasubaruger 11 dagar sedan
Okay so here is the perfect place to ask something I've been wondering for years now. Why does white paint grow mold so pervasively? My theory is that it creates a lower temperature area to grow along with the paint reflecting certain wavelengths that are beneficial for biological growth. Any education input would make me happy!
118 Arjun Biju
118 Arjun Biju 14 dagar sedan
I'd love to work for you. I know this job is not easy as it looks but damn it is so satisfying. For me cleaning a dirty car is like a heavenly doing..it is a sacred job..so divine (really it kinda feels that way for me) I wish I could work with you in the future
GetoverYourself 15 dagar sedan
Had a Cherokee like that, I never cared enough to wash it. That way I did not care about any dents.
Emmett Roberts
Emmett Roberts 15 dagar sedan
Hurricane? you ain’t seen nothin’
regio triana
regio triana 16 dagar sedan
date on the news paper😂
tuttomatteHD tm
tuttomatteHD tm 17 dagar sedan
What is the price for service like this?
Steven Moore
Steven Moore 19 dagar sedan
Some of the coolest OEM wheels ever, but also a complete pain to clean
Baron Von Kaiser
Baron Von Kaiser 19 dagar sedan
i got a 94 jeep xj in the same color and everything. even though mine is a 4 door and an auto it still made me a little giddy watching this. and i learned a few things. so im gonna try and clean mine up a bit since im replacing just about everything under the hood aside from the engine. try and get to to look at least a quarter of the way as good as you made this one look.
A A 19 dagar sedan
That Cherokee wasn’t too bad at all. I’ve definitely seen vehicles in worse shape. Heck the roof to my 95 explorer was worse than that from just sitting under trees. But that jeep looks great now.
RED CULT 20 dagar sedan
what a great Jeep
Danil Hope
Danil Hope 23 dagar sedan
How about price
hugolafhugolaf 23 dagar sedan
Sometimes, I think that people like this owner just don't deserve such a thorough detail job. Because you just know that if they were negligent enough to let a vehicle get that bad, they will neglect it again.
hugolafhugolaf 21 dag sedan
@Mat I missed that part. My bad.
Mat 21 dag sedan
did you even watch the video? he bought it like this
Petzouqi 23 dagar sedan
2:12 I feel the same about the '05 Chevrolet Suburban Z71 with all the options and that Vortec V6.
Nathan J
Nathan J 27 dagar sedan
Would love him to come out here in Florida and do my 05 f-150. Needs love!
Coordinator61 28 dagar sedan
Wow another clean the car video.
ugug gugg
ugug gugg Månad sedan
The dizzy key transmurally sprout because cherries retrospectively handle qua a acid basin. tedious, shut mallet
kermal Månad sedan
This Jeep legitimately looked better than mine. I got a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country Sport Utility 4D for $875. 330K miles, maintenance records dating back to 2002. All the mechanical components were in nigh perfect condition, but the previous owner hadn't cleaned the car once in his 20 years of ownership. The interior and exterior were absolutely filthy. I've been working to pull all of the grime out of the carpet for two weeks now. Hopefully things continue to improve! It's looking much better and I'm absolutely in love with this car.
Jordi Cordero
Jordi Cordero Månad sedan
Nice mini gp
Norman Xiong
Norman Xiong Månad sedan
Might be one of the most satisfying videos I’ve seen
Thats what makes you and your videos great, Larry. You put as much effort into a sentimental jeep as you do a $3 million dollar hyper car.
DarthRevan Månad sedan
Right as he said theirs a hurricane going by i got a notification of severe weather in the area I live in. If that’s not perfect timing I don’t know what is lol.
Drew Mania
Drew Mania Månad sedan
Sounds like solar panels ie Tesla powerpack! Coming in the future!
Morgane Maziarczyk
Morgane Maziarczyk Månad sedan
Awww this car is as old as me !
chandan ludhar
chandan ludhar Månad sedan
Where are you guys located? I need a full addy.
Jonathan Norwood
Jonathan Norwood Månad sedan
I am so sorry for your troubles with the power failure and broken tree!!!!!
T.I.M. Fahim Sahryer
T.I.M. Fahim Sahryer Månad sedan
Please clean your camera lens. 18:48
Jarry Jazz
Jarry Jazz Månad sedan
* Larry complaining about no power * South Africans: First time?😂
notrut Månad sedan
It's 3 door or 5 door ...
Gewglesux Månad sedan
Next stop.... generac Generator
Danestyan Pradana
Danestyan Pradana Månad sedan
I've never seen one in 2 door before so actually learning that such model exists is somewhat jarring to me lol
ZE_GERMAN Månad sedan
SEM BUMPER COATER is the perfect paint for restoring plastic trim, wiper cowls etc.
ZE_GERMAN Månad sedan
How many PSI is your pressure washer? I bought a Dewalt 4000psi and it is just to much for car detail.
WhoDat Matt 44
WhoDat Matt 44 Månad sedan
I'm a big fan of the XJ style Cherokees. Nice video. There is something so therapeutic watching something get cleaned like that.
Fatima Idris
Fatima Idris Månad sedan
Judson L
Judson L Månad sedan
I've got a white 92 XJ (4 door) that I've been daily driving for the last few years. I love it, but it looks about how this one did at the beginning of the video haha! I have now moved "detail it" to the top of the to-do list! Great work man, that Jeep looks beautiful!
Mi Rc
Mi Rc Månad sedan
As a cherokee lover and owner this is very offensive😂 we’ve known xj’s are great
Denis Guba
Denis Guba Månad sedan
Question, how does he get all of the water out from underneath the lifts?
Dave Sogn
Dave Sogn 2 månader sedan
What's funny is I don't think I've ever seen him reply in here remember people the word of the day agitate
Ryan Nance
Ryan Nance 2 månader sedan
Looks clean. Ut if your gonna buy a jeep, its gotta be 4x4
Jasmine Mann
Jasmine Mann 2 månader sedan
illl pay for you to do this to my 1998 jeep cherokee 2 door
sonyviva308 2 månader sedan
Its super disgusting looking at the part you throw away that carpet water. Ewwwww
Tex_ _1776
Tex_ _1776 2 månader sedan
I wish I could have my jeep xk be cleaned by this guy, it would be so cool
Christian Espino
Christian Espino 2 månader sedan
I love how he cleans the car and shaming the previous owner’s hidden agendas
Geoffrey Carter
Geoffrey Carter 2 månader sedan
What black paint are you using to respray the trim? I've used some plastidips and things but they always start to flake after a few months!
Hugh Jarsonballs
Hugh Jarsonballs 2 månader sedan
I was 1 day old when that love letter was written
RAULTC 2 månader sedan
What a coincidence, 26 August it's my girlfriend's birthday.
DON TUSHI 2 månader sedan
Interesting how much this job. Thanks
Mark Beharrell
Mark Beharrell 2 månader sedan
Did you do the unboxing video for the new carpet cleaner?
Three Beer Minimum
Three Beer Minimum 2 månader sedan
Heres a video of my 1996 build! semost.info/award/iqx8h9KAja6e0Zo/video.html
rads ter
rads ter 2 månader sedan
Ypu sir alway have the Best explanation on why it needs to be this and that sorry English is bad .
Nibin Rajan
Nibin Rajan 2 månader sedan
Man u r a magician who turns wishes and dreams into reality
Mosconis Adepto
Mosconis Adepto 2 månader sedan
no seats out?
maldo72 2 månader sedan
i am surprised you did not get a painless dent guy out there to remove al the hail damage
Seismic _Corrupt
Seismic _Corrupt 2 månader sedan
Looks like a fennec from rl 😂
FOG ! 2 månader sedan
Dude i want work with you.
Alfonso Rodriguez
Alfonso Rodriguez 2 månader sedan
I've always had a soft spot for the 2 door too
Hank Marsh
Hank Marsh 2 månader sedan
I’ve got a 98 two door with the 5 speed! He should’ve bought mine, it’s a lot cleaner 😂
Carlos Moran
Carlos Moran 2 månader sedan
How much you tryna get for it?
Kyle Tulau
Kyle Tulau 2 månader sedan
My mans Laz is insane, literally checking for germs in the interior
Colin Speece
Colin Speece 2 månader sedan
At 7:11 what is that song called
A 2 månader sedan
Drop the link for the power washer, please.
alfredesquer 2 månader sedan
You need a backup generator.
hasancan 2 månader sedan
like the gp3
Eric Nalpas
Eric Nalpas 2 månader sedan
So a full detail job like that what would you charge? I have the same vehicle
TTB 2 månader sedan
That background music in unbearable.
Nick Katsoulakis
Nick Katsoulakis 3 månader sedan
This is awesome
Stephen Bond
Stephen Bond 3 månader sedan
Bling23 3 månader sedan
Now why would you not have a Generator at your shop?
CarsAddiction.com 3 månader sedan
Never knew there was a 2 door variant of the Cherokee.
Adam LaCourse
Adam LaCourse 3 månader sedan
What air flow nozzle are you using?
AMMO NYC 3 månader sedan
L A 3 månader sedan
No cap, my bithday's exactly on that newspaper. August 26, 2005 damn
Terron Titus
Terron Titus 3 månader sedan
How many hours? Nice work amazing 😁
AMMO NYC 3 månader sedan
A lot
OspreyBravo18 3 månader sedan
Takes on a special feel when the person getting the car back is this excited.
Jesaint King
Jesaint King 3 månader sedan
It's my dream to work with you if there's a chance! I love cleaning the smallest details like you do!
Taylor Dougherty
Taylor Dougherty 3 månader sedan
I've always used royal purple degreaser and dawn dish soap.. No water spots and doesn't harm the paint
Anthony Blevins
Anthony Blevins 3 månader sedan
Is that a GP in the background
Federico F
Federico F 3 månader sedan
U are next level
Adriana Bravo
Adriana Bravo 3 månader sedan
Johnny Cardinell
Johnny Cardinell 3 månader sedan
How much does a detail like this usually cost
D Q Details!
D Q Details! 3 månader sedan
Hi Larry! Creat video as always!! 👍💪
secrated 3 månader sedan
still waiting for a AMMO, DetailGeek and ChrisFix collab
Youssef Shalbi
Youssef Shalbi 3 månader sedan
Ankan Debnath
Ankan Debnath 3 månader sedan
That "told ya" was perfect cut! You should do this more often! Kudos to the editor!
DeViLiSh AnGeL
DeViLiSh AnGeL 3 månader sedan
I wish one day i bring my car to you Larry ! you are super cool Bro
Saby Pinto
Saby Pinto 3 månader sedan
That's an excellent job done. I've been following ur vids & like'em. When u remove the head lights , there is dust there. Don't u touch such areas which are untouched..? Like re-paint them, just like u did to the roof rails..or just like u cleaned the internal box area. What about dust accumulation behind the foam pad of the door..inside the door vaccum area...
Rubby_Tempest 3 månader sedan
6:35 most cringed thing I've ever heard today
Zx Arena
Zx Arena 3 månader sedan
6:40 haha
Zx Arena
Zx Arena 3 månader sedan
Haha nice
John Camp
John Camp 3 månader sedan
I’d rather wash a real dirty car than a clean one. Once a car gets to a level of neglect it takes 3 good details before it really gets back to where it should be.
John Camp
John Camp 3 månader sedan
I’d rather wash a real dirty car than a clean one. Once a car gets to a level of neglect it takes 3 good details before it really gets back to where it should be.
atticus jaques
atticus jaques 3 månader sedan
Who trynna detail my $900 88 300zx
hotdognobun 3 månader sedan
Undercoat the bottom. NY weather man
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