How to Properly Clean & Disinfect Germs Bacteria from Car Interior: Subaru Outback

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we think about germ, bacteria, and virus cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. After reading the EPA, CDC, and World Health Organization website, I've compiled all of the (current) recommendations as best I could in this video. I then applied their recommendations to safely clean our interiors without (hopefully) ruining the material in the process. I hope you find this helpful.

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CR Spotless Water Filter
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Black Wow
Megs M205
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Steam Machine VX5000
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AMMO NYC År sedan
Hey everyone. Many people have asked about steam or steam machines or heat etc...The answer is: At this time I do not see it as a recommend method or technique listed on the United States Environmental Protection Agency nor the Center For Disease Controls respective websites. Based on this, I would not recommend using steam (at this time) until the professional health officials deem it effective. I cannot stress enough: Please follow the recommended solutions to avoid issues from ineffective disinfecting. I completely support and understand detailers are creative innovators always eager to solve an issue with logic and reasoning. That's what makes you all so amazing! My sincerest advice is to follow the rules (for now :) so that we all are working together on the same page (globally) to eradicate this pandemic before it completely destroys our economies and our livelihoods. It's time to stick together and do what we do best. Stay calm, wear protective gear....then CLEAN and DISINFECT. No time in our lives has cleaning been more at the forefront. This is how we can continue to show our profession/hobby/joy is as valuable as we feel it is. Time to lead. -L
RoyalCalvin 5 månader sedan
Anyone know if running the heater to MAX can work? After you've disinfected the touch areas of course. Covid doesn't do too well in extreme heat.
DJ Patois
DJ Patois 6 månader sedan
Hey So, I'm interested in doing it as a business. But now tbh I'm not sure if I should. So many people are knockin git online and it seems very destructive to high-end vehicles and not very sure if it's effective. What's your opinion?
Daniel Jett
Daniel Jett 11 månader sedan
Larry, I just caught your podcast on Smoking Tire, heard you lamenting the fact that this video has fewer views than most of your videos. Don't worry about that, this is a real public service. Be proud of doing your part to help others. I admire your work ethic and attention to detail. I didn't realize you used to work with Matt--THAT is really funny, but it also makes sense that you guys have both become so successful in your respective fields. Great job!
Haeuk Chung
Haeuk Chung År sedan
@AMMO NYC Larry, one guy is strongly stating that all most every modern car seats are coated so don't too obsessed by special leather cleaners or conditioners. But on your video @ it seems like the Porsche is different to the Subaru which uses general coated leather.
Jasoninpersonam År sedan
Nice try ammo but as you can see you have record low views of this vid because us viewers are not really worried about a virus that doesn't exist because it's a hoax so we're not worried about our cars having germs in them just not really feasible in the real world
JB London
JB London 2 dagar sedan
I always use gloves when refueling
Nabeel majeed
Nabeel majeed Månad sedan
you have changed the video of washing the car in the interiors the video of before it explain well how to clean it is movais 😭😭😭
Krabkakes95 2 månader sedan
Good tip on the key fob! Everytime I get a used car, I take the key fobs apart and clean them. Every single key I've cleaned is disgusting.
ila michaelson
ila michaelson 3 månader sedan
Thank you!
brawlman 3 månader sedan
Larry, I really appreciate the attention to detail and topics you cover... I recently found myself in a position whether to use a dealer loaner during servicing my car or just use my extra vehicle? I chose the loaner and wiped the car's interior and key fob with vital oxide. Vital Oxide can be used full strength for Covid-19, as well as mold removal. If memory serves correctly, it needs a 10min dwell time for covid-19, but can be used on hard/soft surfaces and applied via electrostatic sprayer, sprayer or wiped on, with no need to remove. I would add to spray into a MF towel before wiping onto hard surfaces and is fine on leather, but be sure wipe as to not leave a spray pattern. You can always apply more product to MF towel and will wipe off. It leaves a bit of an off smell, but you can use an interior spray to help mask the scent...
Ladco77 3 månader sedan
Any updates on this?
Bash H
Bash H 3 månader sedan
I just hate the Corona virus 😩🤬
The random TV
The random TV 5 månader sedan
600th comments
Sebastian Eberl
Sebastian Eberl 6 månader sedan
Please first disinfect (kill) and then clean (erase) surfaces. This is the correct way. Killed (inactive) Bacteria, Germs or Viruses still can provoke infections. This is how we disinfect and clean ambulances after Covid 19 transports in Germany.
J Does Pranks
J Does Pranks 6 månader sedan
I need me a shirt lol
J Does Pranks
J Does Pranks 6 månader sedan
The Car Detailing Channel
The Car Detailing Channel 6 månader sedan
AMMO NYC - The channel other detailers visit to learn
The Car Detailing Channel
The Car Detailing Channel 6 månader sedan
That little bissel machine is the best. Solid 10 months of use so far and still going strong
Muratoya Muratoya
Muratoya Muratoya 6 månader sedan
2nd covid wave now.. still no vaccin. help..
Simple Frankie
Simple Frankie 7 månader sedan
60% alchohol doesn't kill covid.. you need 75% or higher I use clorox wipes to disinfecting interior... Do not use clorox Concentrate
Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht
Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht 8 månader sedan
Internet: Asks Larry how to disinfect from Coronavirus Larry: Goes and does a degree in infectious diseases, joins a research group, publishes several papers in multiple scientific journals, and ONLY then ... makes a video explaining his findings LOL
Kenya Washington
Kenya Washington 9 månader sedan
Greetings do you have an opinion about electrostatically disinfecting the car? Using Quartermary Ammonium?
rajat gupta
rajat gupta 9 månader sedan
If u have 2 cars, why not just keep the car in sun, every alternate day.
Reddylion 9 månader sedan
Jay Martin
Jay Martin 9 månader sedan
Any ideas on Ozone generators?
Bajoy Lagat
Bajoy Lagat 9 månader sedan
Great tips! You could also utilise an advanced method using electrostatic technology
Apple Watch
Apple Watch 9 månader sedan
*how about not using thr car for 3 days? and having a hand sanitizer in the car to use before touching anything ...*
sobewisdom 10 månader sedan
Do u think steam cleaning could sanitize without staining?
Nick B
Nick B 10 månader sedan
Here is how Lysol distinguishes the difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting. Disinfecting is the only method that destroys viruses. Hope this helps someone 🙂 CLEAN THE MESSES Cleaning is the act of getting rid of dirt and mess where germs can grow. This includes wiping up food that has spilled or sweeping up dirt from outside. Even though cleaning can involve using soap and water, it’s still a surface level clean. That means that cleaning can help lower the risk of spreading infection, but it doesn't generally kill germs, include bacteria and viruses. SANITIZE THE BACTERIA Sanitization is the act of killing bacteria, but it doesn't kill viruses. You'll want to sanitize surfaces that come in contact with food. Sanitizing doesn't always require chemicals. It can be done with steam or extreme heat of at least 170 degrees, making it easier to sanitize fabric, carpet and upholstery. DISINFECT THE GERMS Disinfecting is the act of destroying germs, including viruses and bacteria. Disinfecting takes cleaning to the next level to help ensure harmful germs don't spread. Always remember that just because something looks clean, doesn't mean it’s disinfected. Knock out germs with a good one-two punch by getting in the habit of cleaning AND disinfecting regularly.
Mafer Saga
Mafer Saga 10 månader sedan
that was a sick video mate
Rod Steckel
Rod Steckel 10 månader sedan
Very well done and informative video, and I as a driving instructor really appreciated the depth of information a layman can grasp and in a logical order. One suggestion for future videos is: early-on in this video where a distinction is made between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting: about 4:15 mins into the video printed definitions showed "cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing" in that order. As the video progress, I felt it would have been better to have structured those in the order you verbally provided by you later(about 6:30 mins): cleaning ( = removes dirt, probably some germs), sanitizing ( = less than disinfecting- lowers amount of germs) and disinfecting ( = kills the germs/99.9%, depending on the types of germs, as you clearly stated several times.) In other words, the earlier printed definition should have shown the correct order (INSTEAD OF: clean, disinfect, sanitize) would have eliminated some confusion for me as the video progressed. This is a fairly minor suggestion, and again, you no doubt diligently researched and prepared before going on camera. Great job!
danielhalpern45 10 månader sedan
Can you spray alcohol in inside the car to clean the air?
Georgios Pothos
Georgios Pothos 11 månader sedan
If I leave the car for 10 or 12 days will the Covid-19 die?
Luisito Morales
Luisito Morales 11 månader sedan
Were can i purchase the disinfectant wipes you are using in video
A S 11 månader sedan
I hope someone comes up with leather disinfectant
Steve O
Steve O 11 månader sedan
This is the video people need! Thanks! That glove removal is clutch.
حسين العبدالله Hussain Alabdallah
حسين العبدالله Hussain Alabdallah 11 månader sedan
I don't know from where you bring this information about the camels in middle east but you totally see thru the trusted source it's started from China and now it's spreading fast in Europe and USA but in middle east the numbers of people is way less and soon it is over, we will continue live normally
Meredith Burke
Meredith Burke 11 månader sedan
Microbiologist here, the SARS-CoV-2 virus is an enveloped virus. Which means it has a lipid layer on the outside. Using soap, detergents with surfactants, can actually inactivate the virus by removing that lipid layer. Not all viruses are enveloped so that’s not true for all infectious agents. Good info in this video !
Clyde Manuel
Clyde Manuel 11 månader sedan
Larry, I'm an auto detailing enthusiast and a fan. I also did my MS and PhD in microbiology (studying viruses) and have worked in the formulation space (in both surface and hand hygiene products) as an R&D microbiologist for several years now. First off, amazing video and the effort you put into this to educate the public should be commended. Just wanted to comment on a few items: - Studies on SARS2 and others (SARS1, MERS) have consistently shown inactivation of the virus when sitting on a surface from 24-72h (depending on environmental conditions or surface characteristics). One option for cars: Just let them sit! In about 3 days, based on published research, the virus will be inactivated. A hot car interior accelerates this. - Cleaning - I like that you mention the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Just to emphasize a point: The reason the EPA use instructions require cleaning prior to sanitizing or disinfecting is mostly because soil can interact (in a negative way) with the efficacy of the chemical. For example, fats, oils, lipids etc. can entrap quaternary ammonium compounds in a micelle (its actually how we neutralize them in the lab for efficacy testing). The chemicals have to be used on a clean surface to ensure efficacy of the product. - You mention always use antibacterial soaps. Studies on the performance of antibac vs. generic (we call it bland) soap are mixed, but the vast majority of scientists recognize a VERY small but statistically significant increase in bacterial removal when using antibac soaps. However, this is not to say that bland soap ISNT effective. Its very effective! I've had customers freak out because they can't get antibac soap, but they still have bland soap. Use the bland soap! - One last point, its becoming very clear that the vast majority of cases are from person to person spread and not environmental transmission. The reality is that surface transmission is likely a drop in the bucket relative to person to person spread in terms of impact on the pandemic. Does that mean we shouldn't focus on surfaces? No, we should absolutely do everything in our power to prevent the spread, but don't let this shift away focus from person to person spread. The reality is, you are orders of magnitude more likely to catch the virus from going into a crowded restaurant vs. coming into contact with a contaminated surface.
David Julian Price
David Julian Price 11 månader sedan
Love your work, but it would be great if you could do a video on removing mould from car interiors.
Taka Okutsu
Taka Okutsu 11 månader sedan
How about using steam? High temp may kill the virus?
thepartsman 11 månader sedan These are some good ideas to think about concerning the virus but probably only for those that have lots of MONEY and lots of TIME. I am concerned that the average DIY who is in a hurry will never be able to handle this type of program, just too difficult plus there is a technical problem. As a chemist and developer of a popular treatment for Coronavirus contamination in vehicles and buildings, I am not happy to see someone just wiping a contaminated car or truck with a rag. There are two problems, one is you will never make contact with all the surfaces in the vehicle. The second and bigger problem is the rag will pick up and redistribute the germs and bacteria to other places, which can actually spread the contamination. The proper way to protect yourself, when trying to clean up an area you think or know is contaminated, is to flood the area with a dry gas that will kill the pathogen. In this way you are not involved in the actual cleanup but rather far removed from the actual kill zone. After the 100% destruction of any virus, bacteria and or germs, you can then go into the vehicle to hand clean for the visual appearance and results you may desire. Check out this page for details on the simple, effective and economical process developed to eradicate Corona and other viruses in your vehicle. Provide a safe environment for you and your family to travel, it is extremely important to do at this difficult time.
Michael 11 månader sedan
What are your thoughts on Transform Antimicrobial Interior Disinfectant or Cilajet Anti-Microbial? Many dealerships in my area are using this treatment before looking at the car. Will it ruin my interior?
pal2468 År sedan
Buy a CLOROX Total360 electrostatic sprayer, best for disinfecting without having to wipe on the chemical.
Compairit År sedan
Awesome research and great explanation on dwell times. Didn't even know about this until now. Thanks for the help!
Linda Aguilar
Linda Aguilar År sedan
great video
MadCloudDisease År sedan
I respect Larry immensely, so I will only post the most relevant information. Whatever you use, make sure it is listed on the EPA’s list of products that actually kill “Human Corona Virus” and pay attention to the contact times listed. You must also pay attention to if the product works on “porous” or “nonporous” surfaces and the “contact time” needed to kill “Human Corona Virus”. For “real” detailers out there that actually care about your clientele, this method will kill Human Corona Virus in your customer's cars with minimal chance of damage to interior surfaces and materials. STEAMERS DO NOT WORK! If they did, they would be listed on the CDC’s list of approved products. Show me a link with a CDC registration number of a steamer that validates what some detailers are stating on their youtube videos. To effectively Disinfect and KILL HUMAN CORONA VIRUS in your car's interior there are simply three things you will need. 1) A “Cold Fogger”, AKA a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Chemical Fogger. The “Fogmaster” is relatively affordable. You do not want a “thermal” fogger. 2) Barbicide (Yes that blue stuff the combs and scissors are soaking in at your barber or hairdressers salon. EPA Reg # 954-11, FOLLOW THE DISINFECTION DIRECTIONS AND PREPARATION FOR THE FOLLOWING VIRUS: HUMAN CORONA VIRUS, Contact Time: 10 Minutes. Surface Types [Hard Nonporous (HN) or Porous (P)] HN 3) Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer, EPA Reg # 777-128, Formulation Type Dilutable (laundry pre-soak only) Surface Types [Hard Nonporous (HN) or Porous (P)] P (laundry presoak only). This is for your carpets headliners that are cloth and cloth interiors., Contact Time: 5 Minutes You’re welcome, take care, and be safe.
Danilo de Freitas Fernandes
Danilo de Freitas Fernandes År sedan
Hello, I am following this wonderful channel and I would like to suggest that you release the option of subtitles in Portuguese. Send a salve to us from Brazil.
Detail Forward
Detail Forward År sedan
Do you recommend wearing a mask the whole time while washing someone’s car?
soulchain247 År sedan
How do you feel about using alcohol to clean interior ?
Xtreme Pro Detailers
Xtreme Pro Detailers År sedan
You can also try member mark commercial sanitizer It works on interiors and exteriors of vehicle I contacted the company to make sure and they said it works I also already tried it on a lot of vehicles it did not damage nothing on the interior or exterior
William Sanchez
William Sanchez År sedan
StrokeMahEgo År sedan
What about the hydrogen peroxide in Ammo Shag? Peroxide is generally used for disinfecting.
Hung Ton
Hung Ton År sedan
Do you really need to wear a "chemical mask" for this job?
Kurk År sedan
The WHO is controlled by the chinese
kojot0976 År sedan
How come this video explains Covid better than CDC and our own government? Mad props. Thank you.
Sean James
Sean James År sedan
Great video for all the uncertainty. Glad you described how to remove the gloves. Hazmat training! Looking forward to more follow ups
Trista Jonk
Trista Jonk År sedan
Great content. Very informative. Thank you! Any suggestions on what to use on a new 2020 Outback with heated seats? Plus the doors have a supple porous leather material on them, not sure what to use on them. Thank you again!
EgoleatherGoods nc
EgoleatherGoods nc År sedan
what are the wipes tho
Grant Thebeast
Grant Thebeast År sedan
How should I clean my cars vinyl top correctly???
Don Balajadia
Don Balajadia År sedan
What do u suggest using on a Mercedes E350 coupe interior? Especially with the leather and the pores for the heated/cooling seats? What do u use for the dash?
DFW_Motorrad År sedan
15:40 Oh how I miss latching handles on gas pumps.
Marcio Luis Lorenzi
Marcio Luis Lorenzi År sedan
very useful my friend! Thanks
Donperfect Detail
Donperfect Detail År sedan
Hey, what about cleaning it with a steamer after typical specific detailing product clean and ozone machine to finish it up?
Qsweet423 År sedan
Such a awesome video!! Thank you!!!
S Davis
S Davis År sedan
You explain everything so well - simply, concisely and clearly. All of your videos are great, this one is particularly great. Stay safe
mvpatrone År sedan
Great vid. I will correct one thing: soap does NOT have to be “antibacterial.” Any soap will work just fine, and in fact, using regular soap helps prevent resistant bacteria.
Taylor Roman
Taylor Roman År sedan
Great Advice all round. The Gas Station info worth it's weight in Gold. :)
Thomas Ferretti
Thomas Ferretti År sedan
Thoughts on using disinfecting body wash for leather?
TheDmoney315 År sedan
I’ve been following you and your projects for years and have always admired how much care and attention you pay to finding the right ways to detail everything. I’m thankful for you making this video during these times and educating people on the proper way to disinfect their vehicles. You sir are my hero of the day bravo 🤩 🇺🇸
jeep wire
jeep wire År sedan
nicely stated The best one yet
kbalaz År sedan
How long does the virus live on interior surfaces? What if it sat for at least 4 days and then cleaned? would it not be good. What about UV lights for disinfecting, have you ever tried or used these?
Jessica År sedan
Larry, thank you so much for this, from one NYer to another, hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.
Randy Meejia
Randy Meejia År sedan
Wide información Coronavirus clean Cars ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Ebraheem Aldeewli
Ebraheem Aldeewli År sedan
is it safe to wipe my interior with dettol or clorox ? (leather , dash , plastic trims )
danny ortega
danny ortega År sedan
he always makes that face when scrubbing lol 6:28
David DiSabatino
David DiSabatino År sedan
Three comments: 1. You've probably already had enough people say this, but it is far more important to wash your hands than use hand sanitizer. Soap bubbles & scrubbing kill the virus far more effectively than sanitizer alone. Speaking of dwell time, sanitizer works by using a generous amount & allowing to air dry. The more you use & the longer it takes to dry, the better shot it has at getting through the virus' protective layer & killing it. 2. Please do NOT use antibacterial soap, ever. Antibacterial products unfortunately promote the growth of more dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Use regular soap instead. 3. Glove technique: There is a lot of controversy about this. I think the best technique is to pinch the glove at the base of the palm, slide it off inside-out, then use the inside of that glove to pull the other off the same way. I've never heard of any reputable nurse or infectious disease expert advocate putting a finger under a glove cuff.
brian d
brian d År sedan
Can you do a video about how to remove sand from auto carpet? It’s a pain in the A....
King's Classic Detailing
King's Classic Detailing År sedan
This is ONE of the BEST Detailers out there! Ammo has the knowledge!
Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy År sedan
Great! I have the exact same car he's detailing in the video.
Dale Klonin
Dale Klonin År sedan
Larry, this is all great information. As a paramedic I dont have any issues with your recommendations, HOWEVER, I would like to point out a few things about your techniques and equipment. First, your respirator. Correct me if im wrong but it looks like you are using a 3m 6000 series half face respirator with Organic Vapor cartridges and a 502 adapter on one side. This is not sufficient protection against viruses including SARS-Cov-2 especially when performing tasks that may aerosolize the virus particles. (i.e. cleaning, scrubbing, steam cleaning) you need a particulate filter of N-95 or greater, and depending on the chemicals used, a P rated particulate filter may be necessary. Second, your eyewear. Glasses and sunglasses do not protect sufficiently against droplets or aerosols. Goggles that seal around the eyes and a face shield would be a better choice. Third, several times in the video you are talking to the camera and have your respirator hanging from your neck with the inside faceing out and in close proximity to potentially contaminated surfaces or areas. While im sure this was not done on purpose and in a safe environment, people will see it and emulate you thinking its a safe thing to do. You should avoid exposing the inside of your mask or respirator to contamination at all times. You should also don and doff the respirator only outside of a contaminated or potentially contaminated area. Lastly, what about the use of hydrogen peroxide and ozone generators? Both are used in the healthcare setting and unlike disinfectant wipes or sprays, are readily available in stores and online. Also, Hydrogen peroxide dwell time is 1 minute to disinfect, and breaks down into water and Oxygen. Stay safe!
Angel Garayua
Angel Garayua År sedan
What about hydrogen peroxide? I have used it on many surfaces as a disinfectant. With no discoloration
MegeJ År sedan
What about a ozone machine???
TJB Cleaning Services
TJB Cleaning Services År sedan
For the seats/carpets (if not leather), use a carpet cleaning pre-treatment that is suitable for wool, usually around a PH of 7 or 8, but always extract with an acidic rinse to bring the PH level back to neutral. Can use a higher pre-treatment PH on some carpets but always test a small area first incase of colour run, but most of the time a lower PH works fine. 😊
Mátyás Hajnik
Mátyás Hajnik År sedan
I actually always keep a pair of rubber gloves in the car. Even before the covid situation, because I hate when I sit back to the car after filling it up, and in the closed space it can smell very bad if some fuel is on my hand.
Rogelio Gloria
Rogelio Gloria År sedan
In some of your video, you have used a ozone generator to remove smells and kill germs. However, do you still have to wipe the resude which may contain a inert virus. Does a UV light kill virus and do you still have to clean the residue?
davidhunternyc År sedan
I can't find the cloth cleaners in the yellow bag you used in this video? Would you let us know what you used? Thank you.
Robert Thrailkill
Robert Thrailkill År sedan
I am an ED doc in CA and your presentation was really good and correct. Yikes! Steering wheel dirtier than toilet seat. No good.
Corey T
Corey T År sedan
Quick Question: If I understood correctly soap kills the virus... So why not use soapy water to kill the virus when interior cleaning? And as a result you would not have the staining caused by the disinfectant wipes
stargateonly År sedan
According to WHO 56 degree Celcius kills the SARS coronavirus at around 10000 units per 15 mins.
cistaro56 År sedan
I was distracted by the hockey sticks on the right side of the beginning of the video.
Weirdo Wolf studio
Weirdo Wolf studio År sedan
Antibacterial soap warm water microfiber towel for it let dwell for 30 seconds then wipe with wet towel then dry with another towel . Then disinfectant wipe in area for recommend time then wipe with dry towel . Then proceed with ur normal interior wipe down with what ever you use . How does this sound ? I know it’s time consuming
Tom Paull
Tom Paull År sedan
Thanks for providing such a thoughtful and well researched video.
Ana Flávia
Ana Flávia År sedan
Very informative and necessary video, thank you!
Lee Murray
Lee Murray År sedan
Hi Excellent videos, I’ve just subscribed Could you please recommend a polishing machine for a complete newbie and ideally cordless Thanks
Tony Hill
Tony Hill År sedan
I understand that the virus can't live on any surface for longer than 3 days. So, leave the car alone for a week at problem 👍
1FastLPTVolvo År sedan
Terrific video. Thanks for putting this together with the various statistics and explanations. This is great for both detailers and the general public just to think about how they put gas in the car etc.
Tony Hyden
Tony Hyden År sedan
Is it known what temp kills the virus? If you leave your car in the sun will the heat be effective in killing it?
Tuco Benedicto
Tuco Benedicto År sedan
Seen your video on the Chevrolet Impala, and this one. Interior no problem what about the exterior? If it is contaminated how would you sanitize it? Or would car soap/foam be good enough to clean the exterior. This is a concern if the exterior is exposed directly or indirectly.
Hamza Fayyaz
Hamza Fayyaz År sedan
Plz make a video on how to paint a single piece of any metallic colour like silver metallic etc. Secondly share any video on how to remove a deep paint scratch. Thanks
Jotta 33334
Jotta 33334 År sedan
Thank you so much
Master Shake
Master Shake År sedan
Any thoughts on adding Mircroban to any of your ammo products? I've heard other car companies are doing this for interior detail spray and other cleaners. What are your thoughts on this?
Joe Luis
Joe Luis År sedan
I just purchased a new car from a dealer and they left alot of Lysol residue on the door handle areas and around a window. Will it harm my paint?
Jonathan Crespi
Jonathan Crespi År sedan
Great work Larry! Very thorough and much appreciated.
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