Must Have High Tech Detailing Tools Porsche GT4

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Must have detailing tools is my annual video series where we discuss High Tech and profitable tools in the detailing industry. Big Thank You to for allowing me to protect my garage so that I could continue to produce content during COVID-19. Today we learn about the best car detailing app from, latest 5-in-1 polisher from Lake Country called the UDOS, Hygiena Ensure Touch bacteria tester, and the Electrostatic sprayer. These tools are must haves for interior disaster car detailing. For more info see the links below:
Simplisafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home and garage safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out Simplisafe.
Free trial of MOBILE TECH RX here:
For more info on the UDOS polisher:
Hygiena info:
Electrostatic Sprayer:
AMMO Paint Regimen:
AMMO Interior Regimen:
AMMO Wheel Regimen:
For more how to car care videos & full product line:
0:00 Intro to Detailing Tools
2:12: Simplisafe How to Install
3:03: Detailing Tools Overview
6:19 Mobile Tech RX
8:19 Udos Polishing Machine
12:09 Hygiena
16:10 Final Touches and Delivery of Vehicle
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AMMO Formulas used in this video:
Recommended products and tools approved by AMMO NYC:
Grit Guard & Washboard
Stanley FatMax
Rupes Paint Light
Clay Bar
Wash Mitt
Invisible Glass
Foam Applicator Pads
Foam Gun
Wheel Woolies
Tar Remover
Tire Gel Applicator
Festool Vacuum
Milwaukee Packout
Milwaukee 1/2 in Impact
Milwaukee Wireless Spkr
Milwaukee LED Light
Milwaukee M-Spector 360 Console
Milwaukee Fan
Milwaukee Rapid Charge
Festool Vacuum Crevice
Positector Paint Depth Gauge
Mercury Spray Bottle
CR Spotless Water Filter
Black Wow
Megs M205
Megs M105
Steam Machine VX5000
Elcometer Paint Depth
Scangrip I-view
Scangrip D-Match 2
Gorilla Gloves
Long-handled Window Scrubber
Loew-Cornell Fine line painting pen
Fight Tech Dust Mask
Carpet Brushes
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Instagram: ammonyc
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AMMO NYC Channel Home Page:
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Lenard Wahlert
Lenard Wahlert År sedan
Larry: Where do I begin? As you obviously know, you have become one of the national leaders in your industry. Having followed you for a number of years I observe your growth as a professional & as a market segment leader. You have built a "skill-stack" that is quite impressive. Think about all you have accomplished. You have become a skilled videographer, a skilled editor, a skilled presenter, a skilled DIY businessman, a skilled trainer, a skilled marketer, a skilled product developer, a skilled industry leader, an educated-learner of the first order, and a real gentleman. I especially enjoyed seeing you bring an entirely new level of professionalism to your cottage - at home industry. You used the term today; "a typical grease-monkey" type business. Quik Lube etc. How do you raise the level of a routine blue-collar job - to a profession? I do not mean that in a derogatory or pejorative manner at all. You have done what I call - CHANGING THE BASIS OF COMPETITION. You are providing & demonstrating ways to raise the bar. You not only help yourself, but you have provided the road map for others in your industry - across the GLOBE - to demonstrate VALUE & demonstrate the level a business can raise itself & confirm the abilities to gain ADDITIONAL VALUE & More money for your services. In this one video today, you demonstrated every point, in great deal, that I just outlined. You have provided a huge service to your viewers & fellow detailers. The video alone could be MONETIZED & sold. You have it for free. I hope all the professionals that follow you tell you how much they appreciate your commitment and dedication to the entire industry of car detailing. That simple terminology doesn't seem adequate or appropriate. Larry, I've been a keen observer of people and business models my entire life. I've been retired for 13 years now. Having worked for 3M in a variety of management capacities it's rare to see an individual that contributes so much in such a professional manner. You could easily be a mid six figure earner working for a major corporation. Your could direct a major division in a major organization because of your work ethic & view of the horizon. Your vision of this market and where it can go is unlimited. I admire you so much. Keep up the great work. You are an amazing young man.
rui simões
rui simões 11 månader sedan
Larry is a King. Lenard outstanding description.
P W År sedan
Mutley 4S I'm blushing. But I agree. Len is right.
P W År sedan
Lenard Wahlert Amen to that. Larry is the truth.
Lenard Wahlert
Lenard Wahlert År sedan
@Drayzha Well stated!
Drayzha År sedan
He was a business man before this but brought his knowledge into the detailing world, he was a trader on wall street, but he TRADED it all for what he really wanted to do which was detailing cars, and that was the smartest thing he could have done. Trading large amounts of money for passion in a world with only so much time, that was the power move. And his decisions as one man continue to impact the industry as a whole. He has become legendary in this space, not because he sought out monetary value, but because he followed his dream. You’re absolutely right though, he has become so much more then just a detailer.
catbertz Månad sedan
Damn that polisher is on my yearly purchase wishlist, but $700 is slightly ouch. My Flex's speed control is getting funky, speeding up and slowing down by itself, so maybe I can justify this purchase? lol
JerFPV -standupnfall-
JerFPV -standupnfall- 3 månader sedan
Great vid. Thanks so much for sharing, huge fan.
Shauli Pinhas
Shauli Pinhas 3 månader sedan
Hi , I love your video . Do you send your product to Israel ? I wont to be exclusive seller of your brand . My mail is Hope to hear from you soon Tank all
L K 3 månader sedan
Porsche Macan GTS spotted 6:42
MrMarko302 6 månader sedan
No new video today, but a quick poll. I’m taking this week to try and get caught up on a few things. A lot of cool topics coming up, so stay tuned. And if you live in the US, get out and VOTE today! Would you use Full Self-Driving if Tesla gave it to you today?
Sunny Beach Weddings
Sunny Beach Weddings 6 månader sedan
Can I work for free in your garage? Seriously, 😂. I have detailing experience, video and photo filming and editing, some marketing and sales experience.
shirmworm 6 månader sedan
Thanks Larry for all you do!!!! Isn't it fun to be a small business man?!?!
Jeremy S
Jeremy S 6 månader sedan
Larger strokes finish quicker. Noted
Fifthcell 7 månader sedan
We use those exact Electrostatic sprayers in our schools. Very cool device
iLLzWiLLz Watu'z
iLLzWiLLz Watu'z 7 månader sedan
c cameron
c cameron 7 månader sedan
I want that AMMO sticker for my car, but I feel I’d be disrespecting AMMO NYC as my car is currently lacking this prestige level of detailing 😂
Isra 7 månader sedan
Where are the bar finf vehicules
Will Fontana
Will Fontana 9 månader sedan
Im located in the ny area how do i schedule an appointment for a ceramic coating and paint correction
Will Fontana
Will Fontana 9 månader sedan
AMMO NYC just sent hope to hear from you soon
AMMO NYC 9 månader sedan
head to my website and fill out the form
Mike L
Mike L 9 månader sedan
Listening to you talk about the app is the reason you are successful and others fail. It doesn't matter what your business is, if you don't listen to your customers, you will fail.
tk113 tk113
tk113 tk113 9 månader sedan
Wasted my time watching a add for 3 products......
Wilson Tuning
Wilson Tuning 9 månader sedan
will ammo ever come to the uk as i would love to purchase some!
teddy07x 9 månader sedan
I followed this channel and unfollowed all the other "detailer" pages I've been watching. It's like Sunday League vs the NFL.
Eric K. Beadle
Eric K. Beadle 9 månader sedan
I ordered the UDOS myself as my first polisher. I can't wait to see if I love this or not
Eric K. Beadle
Eric K. Beadle 9 månader sedan
rennysaaance I went with CSW. ; Detailwise is the FB group/ forum. Chicago Auto Pros is the detail business end for the warehouse. Easy to get in touch with. Great customer service. If you want free shipping and handling; detailed image is another place. It’s back ordered on either store. CSW goes the extra length to let customers know if there is any issues on any product.
rennysaaance 9 månader sedan
Where did you purchase? I’m having trouble finding a retailer.
507 Pty
507 Pty 10 månader sedan
Can your give urable a test drive please
POTThaesslich 10 månader sedan
A GT doesn't look right if not based on a 911
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 10 månader sedan
Pretty amazing this new technology out now.
Cash_Money_64 10 månader sedan
u should detail your garage
Mike Pawlik
Mike Pawlik 10 månader sedan
If yuo need help Larry open a crowdfunding or something. We will help you... we cannot live without you! My arm is 50% YOUR arms movements whenever I clean my car now :P
kevin smith
kevin smith 10 månader sedan
Mobile tech rx looks great, but what happens down the road if you no longer want to use them? Do they deny access to the data you've spent time creating. Do they allow you to migrate the data to a .csv file for example? Thanks, great content as always 👍
Larry luvn the system for price ranging.. ty....💪💪🔥🔥💪🥊🥊🎸🥊🎸👏👏👏💥💥💥🎯🎯🎯💪💪
adjerram 10 månader sedan
What app is this
Hooked On
Hooked On 10 månader sedan
So i got disinfectant on my dash board and it left white spots, any ideas on how to remove thanks
Matt Graus
Matt Graus 10 månader sedan
@AMMO NYC. What are your thoughts about the F11 product??
Zeus .Edwards
Zeus .Edwards 10 månader sedan
interesting security system ... would like to hear more but from user (you) point of view ...
Christan Bruns
Christan Bruns 10 månader sedan
Hi. Good Jobs and Videos. What is your meaning of the LC polisching Maschine? Makes he a good Job? Greatings from Germany.
Matt Atkinson the second
Matt Atkinson the second 11 månader sedan
I like bacteria and viruses..... I’m not a bubble boy..... I have a immune system..... all this paranoia about viruses is sad
Hayabusa 530
Hayabusa 530 11 månader sedan
Can you please help me to choose out a good polisher/cutter machine? I’ve been filtered into the very large majority of sheeple towards chemical guys. And that’s pretty much the only option that I could find. I wanna get this polisher you use in the video but they’re all sold out and or only preorder for like a month wait. Thanks 🙏🏼
Yijie Ma
Yijie Ma 11 månader sedan
Hi Larry, how do you like the UDOS compared to Rupes machines? Thanks
Mach One
Mach One 11 månader sedan
Do you have a product that will take out the smell of aftermarket carpet in my 1971 mustang restoration? Brand new sheet metal etc but that inside stinks
FlipnKraut 11 månader sedan
Damn that epoxy floor has not held up
Philip Baldock
Philip Baldock 11 månader sedan
800 doller for a coating nahhhh fam ill do it myself 😂
Matt Hughes
Matt Hughes 11 månader sedan
From "Commoditized Cleaner" to "Investment Restoration Craftsman"
wagsbass 11 månader sedan
Never would have guessed that car detailing would become so data oriented. Data is the new gold
That Beamer Guy
That Beamer Guy 11 månader sedan
Larry you are the only detailer i watch 🚘♥️
Noland Rutledge
Noland Rutledge 11 månader sedan
You can go out and earn a freaking living. Heck the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the bs stay at home order. We are effing Americans! Go earn your living. Don’t be a government schlup and just follow in lock step behind whatever the government tells you. Our constitution protects you. Stop living in fear and grow a pair. I’ve been working every day and will continue. No challenge. Your videos are always good to watch.
Marty Sewell
Marty Sewell 11 månader sedan
Have you had a look at Urable? It is built for detailers, full CRM, QBO integration and SMS/Email notifications
Moojo Auto Spa
Moojo Auto Spa 11 månader sedan
Larry awesome videos. What tablet were you using for the Mobile Tech RX software?
alex symmes
alex symmes 11 månader sedan
Lmao that ray gun sprayer is hilarious but I’m sure I’ll be buying it soon enough just to have and use for those areas that require spraying upside down
rui simões
rui simões 11 månader sedan
That's why your are The King!
Marrissa 11 månader sedan
I was wondering if you could detail my dads old Cadillac it just been sitting in the back yard and I really would like to surprise him I’m not in the area at all but I would love to see something done to it I believe it is 2007
Dennis Laurie
Dennis Laurie År sedan
Do you sell your products in Canada?????
mastalee År sedan
Just another way to suck more money lol. Next, detailing will cost as much as a new car. Oh the crazy world we live in
mark gaudie
mark gaudie År sedan
Larry, regarding killing/cleaning bacteria and your test machine: We've been told ozone will break down bacteria and viruses, and is expected to work on corona, as ozone seems to break all protein shells, Would love to see the results of your test from a heavy ozone soak. Thanks,
P W År sedan
The ring on the orbit reminds me of the aperture ring on my camera, makes so much sense for that purpose. Dial up and down.
P W År sedan
Thank you for video! I am learning so much from you!
keviL År sedan
You should make your sticker as the logo instead of "AMMO" and in holographic and put them in the door jam.
Arshia Farajnejad
Arshia Farajnejad År sedan
I need a dope detailing shop for touch up for my Porsche in southern Cali! Anyone have any ideas?
Dm Details
Dm Details År sedan
Good stuff!
Corbin Lane
Corbin Lane År sedan
Does anyone know how to restore plastic trim
MusicallyInclined101 År sedan
Man I need a Kriss Vector laser-sprayer in my life now...
Hahauravirgin År sedan
NEMO DOC År sedan
Hi Larry been watching you for about 6-7 years or more. Your a absolute legend! I have a small problem. Had the vehicle resprayed 1 year ago so its in very good condition. As always over time small marring marks will appear due to washing etc. But while tackling a small surface scratch I’ve stubbled on a problem. Marring lines where I’ve been using the product. I used Autoglym paint renovator as a posed to meguiars scratch x 2.0. It’s on the clear coat and I can’t seem to take the out. I’m not confident in using a DA polisher. So how to I take them out by hand?? Also taking out very fine swirl mark by hand as well? The vehicle is silver and it’s very hard to notice them. Hope you can help.
Frank Bob
Frank Bob År sedan
I can only imagine the new germophobes that'll be born from this pandemic. I can only imagine the lawsuits over germs in your vehicle.
John Smith
John Smith År sedan
Talk more about your windshield cleaning technique with squeegee and why you started doing that over the 3 towel method.
Jester År sedan
I want you guys to help fix my dads 1989 Chevrolet Corvette that has been sitting in our garage since the late 2000’s
DePorter Detailing
DePorter Detailing År sedan
Check out Urable! I’m going to say I used The MobileTechRX and I wasn’t a van. The pricing stuff is nice I will admit but you have to be accurate with how long jobs take, what you want to make, etc. Urable is in my opinion the best CRM for detailers. It is made for detailing businesses. You will not regret it.
Mobile Tech RX
Mobile Tech RX År sedan
Hey, Wesley. We'd love to chat about your experience. Mobile Tech RX was also made for detailing businesses and, now that we have payment processing and other features being built, we're really the only one-stop-shop for growing detailers. There are a ton of great technology products out there, but none that do everything we do. If you'd be willing to talk about your experience with our product, shoot an email to
MericanSport År sedan
The most professional detailer out here changing the game again.
Train Scronce
Train Scronce År sedan
Can we get a video of you power washing the garage floor?
OriginalgEd År sedan
Do clients really need to see hard data to prove that cleaning surfaces that have been in frequent contact with hands, actually reduces levels of bacteria?
Lynne Rose Belliveau Kosilla
Lynne Rose Belliveau Kosilla År sedan
Omg. Great great video!
bb b
bb b År sedan
Man... detailing is getting complicated.
Nicholas Hamil
Nicholas Hamil År sedan
Sir could you please do a in-depth pinstripe removal and post pinstripe paint correction thank you. Love the feed!!
Guido Spanoghe
Guido Spanoghe År sedan
Love your channel Larry. One remark though : we're not meant to live in a germfree world. Germophobia seems to spread even faster than the flu ( to mention a seemingly forgotten killing disease, 34.000 deaths each year on average in de US ).
iDetail NC
iDetail NC År sedan
I love the friendly pat on the hat when greeting Mr. Grip, lol. I’ve got to try that with my next new client!
Dm Details
Dm Details År sedan
Love seeing high end details. I’ll stick to my cheap car restorations for now though!
Cory Norell
Cory Norell År sedan
It's been hard to hear you when you're talking to the camera ever since I started watching you many years ago; have to turn my speakers way up, then get blasted when you switch to voice-over.
Richard Dakin
Richard Dakin År sedan
Larry! Great video again, learnt so much from your videos so thank you! The POS system that you are using looks fantastic and totally agree there is a value add in using a system like this. I've looked into the mobile tech system but $54 a month feels a little high for when you are starting out. Is there another system or method that you'd recommend while you're getting started. Something that is not going to hurt margins while you get going. Thanks in advance and all the best!
Mobile Tech RX
Mobile Tech RX År sedan
Hey, Richard. Just to chime in. We're offering a 60-day free trial through the end of the month. If you sign up before 5/1, you can at least try it for a few months for free to help with the cost. Let us know if we can help at all.
alusLV År sedan
Hygiena TOUCH and tests available from @SnapTest.LV SIA
Ferry Fernandus
Ferry Fernandus År sedan
great work as always and the one amazing thing from the new inventions is that, communicating with customer, directly/indirectly is going to be easy as hell and also the thing that is still lacking right now is transparency, with that tool alone, you can show you did something and not just 'making excuses' its a refreshing way that at least some good stuff is happening while things aren't good right now (in general)
Mobile Tech RX
Mobile Tech RX År sedan
Love this!
Ultimate Shine
Ultimate Shine År sedan
Regarding to the Electrostatic Sprayer / Interior Detail in COVID 19 times, I’m wondering in the safety way to organize a new Interior Detail protocol for avoid COVID 19 infection for me and my detailers, Obviously Face mask, protective glasses and gloves, and pre-sanitize the vehicle before start vacuum it with the electrostatic sprayer or a fogger with an EPA approved solution, and in that case reduce the chance to catch the Covid 19. And them start with the regular interior detailing and at the end for sanitization service do a final fogging to the vehicle.
Jacque Maher
Jacque Maher År sedan
Idea for or make a nice quality pointing device with special tip to use in pointing out defects, instead of your finger. Maybe a music directos baton with a red tip....something along those lines. Just for professionalisms' sake...
James C Martin Jr
James C Martin Jr År sedan
Here are three tips from a security standpoint for you. First. Hard wired dual motion sensor lights high up out of reach on the corner of the house. One sensor pointing towards the entrance of the driveway and the other in the opposite direction. Secondly. Tint the garage windows with dark one way tint film or change the glass from clear. Lastly, take down the emergency cord from the garage door.
Ali Almansour
Ali Almansour År sedan
informative and enjoyable video as always
Kris West
Kris West År sedan
Je me suis désabonné de ta chaîne lorsque j'ai vu les prix que tu demandes 😬🤔
Jose Estevez
Jose Estevez År sedan
Anyone have connections on getting electrostatic sprayers right now? I am in need of about 10 for a business. Everywhere I look they are 8 weeks back ordered
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia År sedan
This intro is definitely giving me the "hub" vibes
JWL År sedan
Cool video as always! I'm a car care enthusiast and I took my time before buying a full-on DA. After using Ryobi's cordless DA buffer for 5 years I bought a proper cordless DA from UK brand Sealey (model CP18VOP). Great machine for only US$229 (£178). Got a second battery for another £60 some 5inch Lake Country orange pad. Did 2 cars with it and I'm extremely happy!
michael maier
michael maier År sedan
Larry: As always superb video and another great learning tool for all us detailers. You truly are a master of this craft and I admire your drive and determination. You are 2nd to none in what you love to do. Great Job once again, You truly are Outstanding !
Patrick94GSR År sedan
OMG Larry’s using a polishers that’s NOT a Rupes!!! 😱😂😂
Zachary Fugate
Zachary Fugate År sedan
Thank you for sharing so much with us Larry.
TheRWD86 År sedan
Hi Larry, love the channel, I was just wondering do you use any sort of protectant for older interior plastics, dash etc like the old armor all or is this built in to your interior cleaner?
Shaun År sedan
D1 Detailing
D1 Detailing År sedan
mobile tech rx app has helped me stay more organized! i recomend it!
Nam Tran
Nam Tran År sedan
After watching your videos I just want to change my career to be a detailer. Great video thanks
Inspirational Mike
Inspirational Mike År sedan
Love all your videos.I am interested in purchasing a face mask, what face mask should I be looking for? Thanks
Larry Smooth
Larry Smooth År sedan
Wow the g.o.a.t , also great app
Larry Smooth
Larry Smooth År sedan
Mobile Tech RX you got it , I hope all detailers use this ,very useful tool.& especially how it can inform you abt the actual car ? Nicee
Mobile Tech RX
Mobile Tech RX År sedan
Thanks, Larry.
Austin Moyer
Austin Moyer År sedan
That pretend customer with the scangrip rolling tripod. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ray Mann
Ray Mann År sedan
Frothe is an incredible product...thank you...
Keith Olsen
Keith Olsen År sedan
Thanks Larry, the detailer nerd meter just exploded on this one. I cannot even find powerful enough words to describe how badly I want an UDOS.. like I have shameful unhealthy romantic feelings towards it.. 👍👌✌ The "scoop" style forced directed airflow is brilliant!
Ray Nabozny
Ray Nabozny År sedan
GOOD JOB LARRY from Ray in Michigan
Table Rock Mobile Detail
Table Rock Mobile Detail År sedan
Looks at the price for the testing sticks....💀
KSMK År sedan
This is like watching linustechtips but its car detailing
drdsw År sedan
Great video! QUESTION: how is your hair so perfect?! Hairstylist going rogue?? Haha
Stigs722 År sedan
Hi Larry just wondering if you still have the 964 and the Audi R8 as we haven’t seen them in ages
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