First Wash in 3 Years Ferrari 458 Daily Driver

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27 dagar sedan

This is a daily driven Ferrari in NYC. He's a friend, collector, and race car driver. Enjoys driving his Ferrari 458 every day (as you can see) as it's the work horse in his stable. This is the first wash and detail it has received in 3 years. By disaster vehicle restoration standards, this clearly has no dead animals, smelly, moldy, gross interiors, but for a Ferrari is qualifies as a filthy full detail. There is a huge before and after satisfaction and gratifying reveal so watch until the very end. We performed a paint correction with full compound and polishing after we removed the damaged clear bra paint protection and replaced it later in the week. Once done we applied AMMO Reflex Pro to the exterior for insane reflection and paint coating protection. For a full list of products visit Thx for watching! -L

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PRO Foamer:
AMMO Paint Regimen:
AMMO Interior Regimen:
AMMO Wheel Regimen:
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Foam Applicator Pads
Foam Gun
Wheel Woolies
Tar Remover
Tire Gel Applicator
CR Spotless Water Filter
Black Wow
Megs M205
Gorilla Gloves
Long-handled Window Scrubber
Loew-Cornell Fine line painting pen
Fight Tech Dust Mask
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AMMO NYC 28 dagar sedan
Lesson learned. I rushed and clicked premiere instead of schedule which I don't normally do. Easter weekend thru off my normal post etc etc....I now know not to hit the button under schedule. LOL.
Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism
Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism Dag sedan
Hot tip for small round things like lug nuts: chuck them into a drill (be careful of the threads), then spin them over a towel and polish.
Common Sense
Common Sense 4 dagar sedan
Seriously you had me hooked with the game just by talking about it. Just to find out it’s not out yet 😭 Well it’s on the wishlist now
Genius Marc Says
Genius Marc Says 5 dagar sedan
your intro ruins everything, why do you show shots from the video before it started!! do you really want to watch the end or middle of the porn video before it starts? that's for dumb brains
DangerZone Gaming
DangerZone Gaming 5 dagar sedan
I got a hoteche 1300w polisher copper motor P801601A can anyone tell me how good it is
DangerZone Gaming
DangerZone Gaming 5 dagar sedan
Anyone got any ideas on what pc i would need to run the car detailing simulator game ?
Cr Sankar
Cr Sankar 7 timmar sedan
Your work is really awesome
Joel Ramos
Joel Ramos 15 timmar sedan
something about seeing a clean cars fills me with joy
Nortynko 23 timmar sedan
So much detailing and than the trailer comes and takes it in muddy and snowy weather uncovered 😩
styledliving Dag sedan
Do you have a special model scissor lift that lets you wash cars on it? Bendpak/QuickJack always says to not get theirs wet.
Big 6s
Big 6s Dag sedan
This dude daily drives a brand new Ferrari while I drive a old ass Ford Escape 😂 only if I could live his life
juan gabriel bontempo
juan gabriel bontempo Dag sedan
Ole4961 Dag sedan
First wash in three years? My car get 4x more dirty in one drive.
Ian Nater
Ian Nater Dag sedan
Do you ever mention the price of a cleaning like this? Was wondering in my head what the cost trade off is washing your car consistently vs just doing an intense clean like this every 2-3 years? Love the videos and the dedication. Most the time im like damn hes even cleaning this haha awesome.
shadow6687 Dag sedan
jesus Zayas
jesus Zayas 2 dagar sedan
Hot water method is something i never saw, y not use streamer?
nobuyuki 2 dagar sedan
What moron daily drives a Ferrari
Zain Mustafa
Zain Mustafa 2 dagar sedan
You can use gas to cut down the adhesives.
Greek Lambo
Greek Lambo 2 dagar sedan
And I thought I was OCD.... wow !
Adiman227 3 dagar sedan
Wat do you do when you`re gonna clean alcantara?
Parker Hubbard
Parker Hubbard 3 dagar sedan
just a question how does paint get swirls from a tunnel wash. non of the equipment used in tunnel washes go in a circular motion.
Azeem Hussain
Azeem Hussain 3 dagar sedan
Can you make the game into a app
TheHannukahZombie 3 dagar sedan
I can’t believe you left the R8 in there while cleaning the Ferrari. Does it not get the dirt and other stuff on it when you’re spraying the hose everywhere?
Shazzkid 3 dagar sedan
I hate it when i do my brakes, get all the pins nice and greased, anti seized on the shims etc...then i get the car detailed and they degrease and power wash the brakes...🤦‍♂️
Meat Free.
Meat Free. 3 dagar sedan
"Drive & Protect"? "" Protect & Drive" makes better sense.
Flin a Flint
Flin a Flint 3 dagar sedan
amazing work all the best bro
Mason Carvajal
Mason Carvajal 4 dagar sedan
Knowing Ferrari they prolly gonna cease and desist you bc your “removing the natural beauty from the car” lol
civicman 4 dagar sedan
Hope we get to see a video on the Bricklin SV-1 soon!
Hope's World
Hope's World 4 dagar sedan
joshua 4 dagar sedan
Where is all the water going when he's washing it? It looks like a regular garage, not a place where you wash a car 🤷🏻‍♂️
Think Like Again Vlogs
Think Like Again Vlogs 4 dagar sedan
So great work
K B 4 dagar sedan
Why is he calling it a bra? Women wear that its ppf
FDSM 4 dagar sedan
I am shocked he did not request to PPF the whole car! Might as well for peace of mind.
Alexander Ocampo
Alexander Ocampo 5 dagar sedan
put some cermaic coat on it
Martin Fuckmylastname
Martin Fuckmylastname 5 dagar sedan
His weekend car is mclaren f1 im sure
Martin Fuckmylastname
Martin Fuckmylastname 5 dagar sedan
His weekend car is mclaren f1 im sure
Private User
Private User 5 dagar sedan
I like this guy he works hard he loves what his doing and he gives a lot of informations Keep going bro So much respect ✊🏻
Aqueous_Fireball 5 dagar sedan
" we need to put our headphones on, turn some music on, and just kinda hammer away at this--" *proceeds to not have headphones on *
The FIves
The FIves 5 dagar sedan
that game should be in vr and if you do make it i get a cut of the money XD
Hentie 5 dagar sedan
This bra looks easier to remove than a woman’s
Troy Sowers
Troy Sowers 5 dagar sedan
Steam machine works great for removing PPF
Owen Monkey
Owen Monkey 5 dagar sedan
Was that stradmans?
R Cadelina
R Cadelina 5 dagar sedan
If I saw the video correctly… you found a polishing solution and pad combo to take out the scratches without cutting? How do you determine when not to use compound?
november cat
november cat 5 dagar sedan
But if you throw hot water to your paint doesnt it damages it
Dias Tyumenev
Dias Tyumenev 5 dagar sedan
Fortunately everyone of us has the fuckin' ferrari, maybe someone has something better that this beautiful car...))
aleksandar miletic
aleksandar miletic 5 dagar sedan
Love the work done 🙌
Danial Haziq
Danial Haziq 6 dagar sedan
daily driven but first wash in 3 years :/
Huzaifa Adnan
Huzaifa Adnan 6 dagar sedan
Ferrari’s are underrated and Lamborghini’s are overrated, tell me i am right
Freedom Captain
Freedom Captain 6 dagar sedan
Salt the Gaming Tan
Salt the Gaming Tan 7 dagar sedan
Respect on car cleaners: ////////////////////// When played a cleaning game... Respect on car cleaners: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Cristian Pana
Cristian Pana 7 dagar sedan
Now can you do the same with my black Golf 7 2.0 TDI ? :D
Eli Konsta
Eli Konsta 7 dagar sedan
*an OCD person's wet dream 😅*
D Ha
D Ha 7 dagar sedan
Cars are meant to be driven.
buffalohill bill
buffalohill bill 7 dagar sedan
I'd rather have someone like you driving a cool car then someone who buys them and keeps and just collect dust Corvette or Porsche
GB Gonzague
GB Gonzague 7 dagar sedan
If only you could come to Japan and take care of my Disco 5.
Print Cates
Print Cates 7 dagar sedan
You are an artist! I love your work and attitude. I just found your videos. LOVE them!
Dheeraj Makhija
Dheeraj Makhija 7 dagar sedan
For once i thought that water spors on back to be a forged carbon panel
Poptart McJelly
Poptart McJelly 7 dagar sedan
17:15 i like how you spent all that time polishing the rims and then on the trailer they just slapped the dirtiest ratchet straps right on the polished paint.
insanewayne75 8 dagar sedan
My boss daily drives his 458 around London and the UK visiting companies he owns.
Travis Miller
Travis Miller 8 dagar sedan
How detailed is your detail? "I clean and polish the hubs"
dj8083 8 dagar sedan
I love your vids but you have waaaay to many adds lol
FalconTM 8 dagar sedan
CiTRoX 9 dagar sedan
washing a 458 daily isnt worth at all
rocko430 9 dagar sedan
IDK if you've experienced it but sometimes too much heat can make removing clear bras a hassle
cameron gale
cameron gale 9 dagar sedan
am I the only one who think these types of exotic cars are ugly? I feel like people drool over them because of their price. that's it.
Michael Dicarlo
Michael Dicarlo 9 dagar sedan
Please tell us your going to do a video on that butterscotch bricklin next to you
Full blown nub
Full blown nub 9 dagar sedan
Why the brickland in the back
pbc hype
pbc hype 9 dagar sedan
huh that’s not that bad for 3 years of no cleaning you would expect the inside with trash and stuff and the paint to covered in bugs
Joey Stokes
Joey Stokes 9 dagar sedan
Dylan Hooper
Dylan Hooper 10 dagar sedan
Dude!! When are you releasing the damn game?!?!😭😭😭
ace28 98
ace28 98 10 dagar sedan
I was about to say, “all that work just to be put on a flat bed in the snow” and then I read the caption 😂
Alex 10 dagar sedan
I bet those wheels are out of balance now considering the amount of crap that came off of them!
Bradley Ross
Bradley Ross 10 dagar sedan
time is money....spends all his time youtubing fuckin youtubers man
RonaldMcweasley 10 dagar sedan
always going the extra mile, that's why hes the best
Acura Addicted
Acura Addicted 10 dagar sedan
Oh, my, THE GAME!
Chrome Hp
Chrome Hp 10 dagar sedan
Soundtrack was absolutely amazing in this video!
GG r
GG r 10 dagar sedan
i want someone to wash me like this
James Bean
James Bean 10 dagar sedan
@ammonyc the tip on the paint protection film removal was a life saver! Made the removal of some very old paint protection film incredibly easy. Thanks!
EnjoyMyHitsYT 10 dagar sedan
6:23 i addet the game on 4.12.2020 to my wishlist. can't wait when it is getting released!
ZAAAP1313 11 dagar sedan
I think this cleaning job costed more than the worth of my car :O
HGB Cars
HGB Cars 11 dagar sedan
that front bra looked like a total nightmare
Quincy 11 dagar sedan
The entire video i was looking for the drain
Paul 11 dagar sedan
That’s a nice shop
Anon Anon
Anon Anon 11 dagar sedan
Hello, I recently purchased a brand-new taco and I'm kinda having a hard time with the best way to keep it waxed. Should I be using a paste or liquid? Also what would be a good beginner paint care kit? Or should I build one from a mixture of products? Thank you for your time. Edit: also what's the deal with the ceramic products? Should I be using that instead of old school stuff?
Simon l********
Simon l******** 11 dagar sedan
Great channel, I’m new to this, what would be the cost for all that work?? The cars look amazing!!!
Jack L
Jack L 11 dagar sedan
This guy is the linus tech tips of detailing.
Lucas Assis
Lucas Assis 11 dagar sedan
PY 12 dagar sedan
With Ammo, I wouldn't even bother to take care of the car. Just send the car in and the car will be back as good as new.
mendi1122 12 dagar sedan
Why you are not using wd-40 to remove the glue?
Sir Midnight
Sir Midnight 12 dagar sedan
Would have loved to see the owner’s reaction to seeing the car so polished after that clean.
sam 12 dagar sedan
First wash in three years lmao. This is how my car looks after sitting on my driveway for 3 hours after i just washed it.
Thomas Bummer
Thomas Bummer 2 dagar sedan
bet the title means "real wash" like this detail. now way that car was not taken to a washpark in all those 3 years
Christopher James
Christopher James 12 dagar sedan
How dare you! (My best Greta Thunberg impression)
Zaky Putra
Zaky Putra 12 dagar sedan
thanks for making this video, the quality and how you explain things were perfect.. keep up the good work my bro
Church Audio Life
Church Audio Life 12 dagar sedan
you are an artist of car cleaning
Andreas Wiesendanger
Andreas Wiesendanger 13 dagar sedan
Why don't you use a dry-ice-blasting-machine for calipers, decals, and interior (and loads of other areas)?
Steven Lilly
Steven Lilly 13 dagar sedan
All that wonderful work just to have the hold down straps on and through the wheels... ⚠️⚠️⚠️
Subaru 13 dagar sedan
i like to think this is an alternate reality where stephen wonderboys a detailer
Jesse Markey
Jesse Markey 13 dagar sedan
Heated water pressure works best for removing PPF, Stickers etc from the exterior of vehicles👍🏾👍🏾
Nick 13 dagar sedan
Secret trick I've learned. Peel back an edge until you have successfully separated an adhesive "sticker" along its full width, or height whatever, at one of its sides. Then, fold the peeled end of the "sticker" over to be in contact with the part of it that is still adhered (take the end you picked away with a tool or your fingernail near the "sticker" edge that you were able to pick off and get a grip-on, and fold it 180 degrees back onto the part of itself that is still glued onto the surface). At this point, PULL VERY SLOWLY. You cannot pull faster than the rate at which every bit of adhesive separates. If you go too fast, your pulling force could overcome the strength of the sticker-adhesive-compound's strength; causing it to separate and leave behind bits and pieces. I'm terrible with written explanations, but I tried. This trick was what I learned from removing manufacturer stickers from tool organizer boxes (dewalt deep-pro organizers),
derek battt
derek battt 13 dagar sedan
I’m so happy this isn’t only high quality work but high quality music💤💪🏽
Mohanad Hazem
Mohanad Hazem 13 dagar sedan
The level of attention to detail is quite impressive to be honest (German level). Hope I can visit you once and do a car with you. P.S. I live in Egypt.
Jesse Fig
Jesse Fig 13 dagar sedan
Impressed by the attention to detail. That’s one clean horse.
Caleb Evans
Caleb Evans 13 dagar sedan
Can we get a detailing vr game..?
Feat Less
Feat Less 13 dagar sedan
So you're telling me it's possible to remove swirls?
Noah Boynton
Noah Boynton 13 dagar sedan
Should we expect a DeLorean barn find episode in the future?
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