How to Repair Damaged Car Seat Audi R8 Leather Repair Steps

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The Audi R8 gets driven daily and has begun to lose its paint or "dye" from constant in and out of the drivers seat. This is a step by step tutorial through the repair process which is much different and far less expensive than the replacement process. Brian from showed me the how a damaged seat can be repaired through Fibrenew's proprietary products and techniques. They have 100's of franchisee's located in the USA and Canada who repair vinyl, leather, plastics and so on. Amazing artistry to preserve the existing material. Hope you enjoy! -L

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Mikel Karam
Mikel Karam 2 timmar sedan
Amazing! But what if there is red stitching ?
GraphicFrost Dag sedan
I've done this before (different brand) on a BMW it turned out amazing. The issue I had was with the product wearing off, they didn't provide with a top coat when I did it. Interesting to see how long their product lasts.
Mozaffer Abbasi
Mozaffer Abbasi 2 dagar sedan
I just need to invest in bunch of tools that will cost me more than replacing the seat, but then I can get this done, great. "DIY"
WeAreInTheMatrix 7 dagar sedan
I wonder how durable the repair is?
Eelen Lok
Eelen Lok 10 dagar sedan
would like to know whats the blue blanket for interior protection on 2:18
Jay S
Jay S 10 dagar sedan
I’m skeptical how durable this repair will be.
MICHGO1 10 dagar sedan
John Friedman
John Friedman 11 dagar sedan
Does the dye start to bleed once you agitate with a brush to detail it?
Diff Commerce
Diff Commerce 11 dagar sedan
Can I ask you where did you learn all the professional techniques? I'm really interested in doing this as a job
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 12 dagar sedan
USE A MAGIC MARKER! Warm water and a WHITE towel. Boom badda BING!
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 12 dagar sedan
A day after that use a gel that conditions it. There ya go About $10
GetOffMyyLawn 13 dagar sedan
That's a Pantone CAPSURE Color Matching Tool... basically matches the color of anything to the Pantone color library.
Edward 13 dagar sedan
Has anyone ever told you look Stephen wonderboy Thompson? 🤔
Leonard D
Leonard D 14 dagar sedan
is it possible to use your ammo reflex sheet coat on satin (matte) black powder coated wheels?
AMMO NYC 14 dagar sedan
Gibbons Auto Detailing
Gibbons Auto Detailing 14 dagar sedan
Love these types of videos and your how to videos. These have really helped me start my detailing before I can go do my training
MotorSportX Car Care - By Riccieri
MotorSportX Car Care - By Riccieri 14 dagar sedan
Larry, where do I buy the kit used in the video?
JP Kutzy
JP Kutzy 14 dagar sedan
Hello earlier today my mom met you at a Stew Leonard's just wanted to say that's pretty cool and keep doing what you doing I just started watching some of your videos .
fraggmenter 14 dagar sedan
I was hoping that you will show how to get rid of those folds and stretched leather on bottom part of the seat, have same issue in my Audi 🥺 I tried some technique with heatgun, steam etc. but without any luck (did this probably too carefully though because I was so scared to damage the leather) It shrinked a bit but not enough.
Александр Кисленко
Александр Кисленко 14 dagar sedan
"Luxury is that which can be repaired" - Hermès. Do not rush re-apholstering leather in your car because of slight wear, crevices or little damage! It's a incredibly tough, long lasting and beautiful natural material and it will last a lifetime if treated properly. Too bad many think that automotive leather should be black, mat and plain which most of the time look dull and plasticky. No luxury leather shoes, handbags or home furniture are mat and plain, they tend to get patina and character over time.
Wrap Virus
Wrap Virus 15 dagar sedan
Great results!
Harlem IntheBuildn
Harlem IntheBuildn 15 dagar sedan
TOP MARKS GUYS👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Lee Fogel
Lee Fogel 15 dagar sedan
This was a terrific video. Thanks!
AMMO NYC 14 dagar sedan
Glad you enjoyed it
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez 16 dagar sedan
how much should i charge for this??
OrangeCayman520 16 dagar sedan
This is especially useful for me because my Audi TT has the same seats!
vwsaiphone 16 dagar sedan
HIr blower ? lol hair dryer?!
Blaine Bugaski
Blaine Bugaski 16 dagar sedan
Do you have any comments or suggestions for a GMC leather seat heated/cooled with the small ventilation holes in it? I've noticed that there is the smallest bit of leather between a seam and one of the ventilation holes that is "flapping." It's not a tear I don't think and hasn't spread, but that's what I'd like to prevent, a spread. Is there anything that would be leather safe to essentially "glue" this teeny-tiny leather flap down with? I hope my description of the issue is adequate - it's the best I can do short of sending you a picture!
Sahadi420 16 dagar sedan
Seems extremely labor intensive. Is this cheaper than just redoing the seats altogether?? I could understand doing things like this to keep originality....
Michael 16 dagar sedan
Larry, love the channel. Have you ever considered detailing with dry ice?
doughboi fpv
doughboi fpv 16 dagar sedan
Im a painter, we use waterbase enamel on forklifts, i have yellow specks allover my black leather, must been overpsray that landed on me then transfered on seats its on there pretty good i cant get it off, any tips? Thats be a good video if u can find old seat dust spraypaint on it and show how to remove it. Thanks
Guillermo Luis Paterno
Guillermo Luis Paterno 16 dagar sedan
Hi guys. I am writing to you from Formosa, in the north of Argentina. I really like the work you do on the bodywork, interiors and engine bay but I have never seen you clean in detail the lower area of the vehicles. Can you make a video with a work in that area? Thanks and best regards !!!!
Vikturus22 17 dagar sedan
After going leather for my Audi I swear will never go back to fabric! If conditioned well the smell is great, the look and feel of leather seats is a niceity
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez 17 dagar sedan
Anyone know where I can buy that color detection kit? Or at least something similar? A link would be helpful.
Adrien Descours
Adrien Descours 17 dagar sedan
100 bucks Larry won't tolerate the discrepancy and re-dye the passenger seat too
HappyGus 17 dagar sedan
you know what would be cool cleaning a monster truck but that`s just me
King Mustard
King Mustard 17 dagar sedan
Ooh, nice R8 you have there. Someone's doing well 😁
Jim F
Jim F 17 dagar sedan
i just go to home depot and use drywall texture on my seats, the whole inside now looks the same. EZ
FreshLikeALime 17 dagar sedan
2:54 got to love some stream beats by Alphagaming. Track is ambient gold for anyone asking.
gbales84 17 dagar sedan
Do you have a high res pic of the area repaired? Im curious to see how the spray on texture looked after completed
ZackTheMuffinMan 17 dagar sedan
MoutainMan3000 17 dagar sedan
Fantastic news!
Thomas 17 dagar sedan
I don't know the numbers specifically but for my money I think $1,500 for a repair that still has creases or $3,500 for a reupholster I'd rather just do the reupholster unless it was something where being truly all original was huge.(collector car) Always like the vids though!
ً 17 dagar sedan
Andreas Weber
Andreas Weber 17 dagar sedan
Quick fix. How long does the repair last before you repeat the whole process?
mdhbmx1 18 dagar sedan
My 08’ R8 has a similar problem, the side bolster in the lower back area is really bad due to the stitching coming apart. It’s very annoying considering the cost of the car.
TooManyHobbies 18 dagar sedan
Modern “leather” may as well be vinyl. I feel leather should be like a saddle where the wear adds to the character not destroys it
peter bratu
peter bratu 18 dagar sedan
What if you have different colour stitches?
Sarge 18 dagar sedan
How about applying products for leather cleaning and conditioning; can it be done like before or not?
DustinB855 18 dagar sedan
Feel like I'm gonna need to do this in the future of my leather wrx seats since subaru cheap the dye already fading after 3 years
Jesse Barraza
Jesse Barraza 18 dagar sedan
Sunny S
Sunny S 18 dagar sedan
How long does something like that last? Is it possible it could fade or rub off?
ibrxhim MMA
ibrxhim MMA 18 dagar sedan
I know I’m not the only one who hits “like” at 0:00
jschrauwen 18 dagar sedan
My 08 R8 driver's seat is in the exact same condition as yours was.
Oskar Dirlewanger
Oskar Dirlewanger 18 dagar sedan
A lot of content lately - keep it up, LC!
u tuber
u tuber 18 dagar sedan
Looks great...
Hypnotizin' Detailz
Hypnotizin' Detailz 18 dagar sedan
Absolutely brillllllllllliant Larry! 🤩
AMMO NYC 18 dagar sedan
Wiley Maher
Wiley Maher 18 dagar sedan
Just don’t wear white pants on a hot day... lol
Stephen Mullen
Stephen Mullen 18 dagar sedan
I want to get one of these professionally leather repair kits I've seen companies sell them for $500 with manual but they no longer sell them.. anyone know how to get into it?
Robson (Mitto)
Robson (Mitto) 18 dagar sedan
Awesome video as Always Larry. Just a little critic: Don't show de finished product in the opening nor during b-rolls before the actual finishing of the procedure. it kills my vibe and I need to remember to close my eyes in the intro part hahahaha
rhkips 18 dagar sedan
That's really cool! I've seen guys use clear silicone caulk to repair more significant damage to leather, and a few similar techniques to blend and restore the color and texture after. Artists, I tell ya!
Smart Process Solutions
Smart Process Solutions 18 dagar sedan
If you moisturize your leather seats with Mink Oil or Volvo’s Leather Car Treatment, your leather seats will never crack or fade. Do not use cheap crap or you’ll ruin the leather. Depending on the climate you live in, it may require additional treatments yearly. My Cadillac’s leather smells beautiful, soft to touch and looks like new.
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 18 dagar sedan
Robert Carew
Robert Carew 18 dagar sedan
What happens if you have deviated stitching?
Adison teo
Adison teo 19 dagar sedan
Anyone who plays valorant here? If yes i guess u guys recon this song was used by Howtonoodle as well hahaha
BAD HEAD KID A.K.A Ethan 19 dagar sedan
7:12 WHAT!? 😳
dlb Customs
dlb Customs 19 dagar sedan
I'm guessing this method wouldn't work on seats with colored stitching
Suhaib Ali
Suhaib Ali 19 dagar sedan
Have fun Larry, I know how u feel. Just did a refresh on my steering wheel leather wrap. It just brings so much joy to hold n drive now...
Tim Gosling
Tim Gosling 19 dagar sedan
There was no mention of feeding the leather to restore its natural oils. I've found doing this once a year on a car interior preserves that soft new feel for decades and prevents cracking. What do you recommend?
jeroen 19 dagar sedan
why i always ppf my seats
Joshua Kent
Joshua Kent 19 dagar sedan
This should be a legit tv show. If you could use this video style and include other detailers, each episode should focus each detailer.
Volki Tolki
Volki Tolki 19 dagar sedan
Turkey Istanbul..... one likes 😀
Twobarpsi 19 dagar sedan
Just a heads up...some seat BOLTS, are torque to yield, and should be only used once.
Torin McKenzie
Torin McKenzie 19 dagar sedan
How would you approach tightening leather sun visors?
RB 19 dagar sedan
Hi, nice results. If its possbile can you check the new colored leather parts after a few months? I´m from germany and i´m using colourlock products - even with airbrush gun. After a few months heavily used parts like the seats show always worn parts. On other parts like the arm rest everything is fine.
Peter Nicholls
Peter Nicholls 19 dagar sedan
Anything like these guys in the uk?
The K Man
The K Man 19 dagar sedan
There's something awesome watching an absolute professional work (no matter what the job). Respect. Ammo: Does a "repaired" seat like this have good longevity?
AMMO NYC 18 dagar sedan
yes it does
Randy Ealy
Randy Ealy 19 dagar sedan
You know how you can tell this is Larry's car? When they reinstalled the seat you can see that there are no crumbs or messes on the carpet. :)
WD Detailing
WD Detailing 19 dagar sedan
Always making great content!
Javier Jairo
Javier Jairo 10 dagar sedan
Dunno if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPlekt. Just google for it ;)
Mike The Man
Mike The Man 17 dagar sedan
Larry is the embodiment of “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”
MrCarnutbill67 18 dagar sedan
He sure does. That new studio is amazing. That environment would just inspire me to do good work.
david lewis
david lewis 19 dagar sedan
I am glued to everything you do. Amazing. Btw do you ever age? Lol
Doug Sims
Doug Sims 19 dagar sedan
I don’t know why you went to so much trouble. All the used car places around me just spray paint the seats to make them look new again. Seriously, I test drove 3 cars a few years back that painted the black leather seats. There was even overspray on the seat belts on one of them. Another had the carpet in the cargo area painted too.
CT85 flores
CT85 flores 19 dagar sedan
You need the spoiler
Daemon Wolf
Daemon Wolf 19 dagar sedan
I loved the work he did on that BMW a while back, that was some excellent work. I also love the information and how to since I'm looking to get more comfortable with leather seats and I have been contemplating on renewing the interior on my 97 Tahoe. The back seats are in excellent condition, but the front seats are completely destroyed. Also, thousands of different blacks.. Try Vanta Black, or even Black 3.0.
steve lozano
steve lozano 19 dagar sedan
Prep the surface, your about to die. OH MAN, IM GONNA DIE!!! AHH AHH AHHHHH
ConstantlyKenny 19 dagar sedan
Hell yeah! Ambient Gold slaps
Corey Kononchuk
Corey Kononchuk 19 dagar sedan
I just bought a 2003 Audi S8 with platinum "Valcona leather" interior which suffered mold staining. I will definitely need to do this to my leather when I can afford to!! Big thanks Larry for videos which helped me to learn some great methods to clean and disinfect the rest of the interior!!
champ 2.5
champ 2.5 19 dagar sedan
Me: oh boy can't wait to restore my lexus interior Video" products are exclusive to fire view" *map shows fire view spots everywhere besides Louisiana* Me: dammit😑
Alec Black
Alec Black 19 dagar sedan
..has anybody ever compared you to LynusTechTips?
Timothy Edmondson
Timothy Edmondson 19 dagar sedan
Hey Larry! Been following you for years and just realized in this video that you stopped at Hershey’s BBQ on your way home in your R8 and that’s literally a mile from my house! Hate I missed the opportunity to meet you! Thank you for all your videos and information you provide the detailing community!
Tommy2cats 19 dagar sedan
"Less than "half" the cost of replacing the leather completely" Ok so still way too much
Stephen Mullen
Stephen Mullen 18 dagar sedan
It cost like 100$ a seat?
Dustin Hertel
Dustin Hertel 19 dagar sedan
As a perfectionist, this brings me joy, knowing there are professionals that can restore seats to new again.
ilard 19 dagar sedan
That proprietary device is just taking a photo. There are apps for translating photos to a hex or RGB number. I suspect the secret sauce of the device is finding a way to exclude external light to maximise colour accuracy. Altogether, I’d always reupholster rather than do this painful cleaning, sanding, colouring.
RichieV 19 dagar sedan
The trouble with these guys that fix seats like this it’s cheaper to get new seats.
irre 19 dagar sedan
Small tip: don't put your phone next to the scale! The electro-magnetic waves from the phone falsify the measurement. When you get a call it can even "destroy" the calibration. In the video you can also see the scale reacting to the phone: 6:11
irre 18 dagar sedan
@Cory Yalowicki English is not my native tongue, sorry. Only found this: I'm pretty sure cellphones give off stronger radio interference. When getting a call it's of course stronger.
Cory Yalowicki
Cory Yalowicki 18 dagar sedan
@irre I'm interested in this phenomenon. Do you have a link to some info on it?
dantizzle00 19 dagar sedan
Great tip and good eye!
Ga Wa
Ga Wa 19 dagar sedan
I like my things to show the signs of age.
John Wagner
John Wagner 19 dagar sedan
Clean with a gentle APC(I use totally awesome diluted 50/50) and leather brush and detail brush, then restore and condition with lithium leather love, absolutely hands down the best product I've EVER used!
Ronke's DIY Workshop
Ronke's DIY Workshop 19 dagar sedan
Never us APC on leather, no point in conditioning modern leather
Ronke's DIY Workshop
Ronke's DIY Workshop 19 dagar sedan
Never heard of Fibrenew here in Europe. Over here it's Leather Repair Company and Colourlock. You shouldnt just sand the leather with straight up sandpaper. Use red Scotch pads, which are also a 320 grit and a solvent to break through the topcoat but it will not damage the grain as much as straight up sanding it will.
NadF 19 dagar sedan
Larry is the Doctor of detailing.
prcdnvl28 19 dagar sedan
VERY interesting to watch. that said, i have the perforated sport style leather seats. i don't think this would ever be an issue (at least i HOPE not as i only have 3,700 miles as of today), but if you could do a video on other types of fabric, that would be awesome!
mich2020 19 dagar sedan
i have the exact same car (black) and its still after 4 years the ultimate porn car , just absolutely adore it
skeelo69 19 dagar sedan
My car seats are made of leatherette the color is beige..there seems to be staining appearing from the inside of the seat and appearing on the surface.Any ideas what could be causing this ?.
Flexx Alexander
Flexx Alexander 19 dagar sedan
Soooooo glad you are doing this. I have a 2014 R8 Spyder as one of my cars on my SEmost channel and the seats are my number 1 concerned of wear and tear. I’ll definitely be looking into this type of service. Thanks Larry! We need more R8 content!!!
Cloud Air
Cloud Air 19 dagar sedan
i need leather seats because these cloth seats hold all my fart scents forever
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