Dirtiest Car Ever! Mouse Infested Subaru Forester

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This is a mouse infested Subaru Forester found in my neighbors driveway and is owned by a senior citizen . It has sever water damage and mouse poop everywhere. The interior floor is a complete disaster due to boxes of baking soda used to soak up the water leakage and intense urine smell from the mouse nests and infestation. I performed a headlight and paint restoration as well as shampooed the interior before replacing the cabin filter. The exterior is covered in mold and mildew before power washing with 110 degree water. At the end, I surprised the owners daughter at the end of the video. She was thrilled that her moms car was completed restored and safe for driving (especially at night) . Hope you enjoy! -Larry
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VividLight 19 timmar sedan
Can't believe anybody can let their car get THIS out of hand
DJ Jim
DJ Jim Dag sedan
Looks like this Forester is living up to it's name.
Raq O
Raq O Dag sedan
Where in NYC is this guy located in? I'm in Manhattan
Zach Perkinson
Zach Perkinson Dag sedan
This is why aliens don’t visit earth
cattriarch Dag sedan
Idk how I get here BUT I must say... This is so satisfying ❤️
Mr .minion
Mr .minion 2 dagar sedan
The movie ON the TV was godzilla or fast and furius
ATO7 2 dagar sedan
i dint care how old you are or what you do with the car, something like this aint normal! thats just sad to see people can live like that
sonic 2 dagar sedan
I’ve had to deal with this in a classic kept in storage. One trick is to seal it well and use a bar of Irish Spring
BushcraftingNL 3 dagar sedan
Why didn't that daughter take the car once every 6 months to the car wash and cleaned it at least a bit on the inside?
Mc Butt
Mc Butt 3 dagar sedan
At that point. I’d just let the car sit in a pool of pure alcohol
峠レーシング 4 dagar sedan
If you treat any fucking car like this,you must have some kind of mental illness
NITSUA SAN 4 dagar sedan
How suprise is she gonna be when he shows her the bill
Yourrecaller 4 dagar sedan
I think you can do the car free cuz youtube revenue gave you profit
Ajthegamer1001 5 dagar sedan
Kill me
The DocMack Car Channel
The DocMack Car Channel 5 dagar sedan
I don't get how none of her family members cleaned the car.
Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism
Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism 5 dagar sedan
Classy move @Ammo NYC
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson 6 dagar sedan
Who the hell owns this car
amber crouse
amber crouse 6 dagar sedan
As I watch mouse urine drip down into the wheel well (ewe)😳 I'm thinking dang they even had a bathroom in there pad, and then literally it was in a pad lol...ugh
Nicole Palmer
Nicole Palmer 6 dagar sedan
It had moss growing on it. Yeesh.
hkgs_knight 42
hkgs_knight 42 6 dagar sedan
How did the lady not notice all that rubbish in her car..gross lady if you ask me
Sierra Anderson
Sierra Anderson 6 dagar sedan
Not trying to be an asshole, but how do people let their cars get this bad? 🤢
James G
James G 7 dagar sedan
What? No reaction?
Alberto Valdes
Alberto Valdes 7 dagar sedan
I detail my car and 18 wheeler every weekend I thought I was occ.. well atleast I do it
Neil Norris
Neil Norris 7 dagar sedan
I bet gas mileage significantly improved with the debris field and rodent corpses removed ...
Timothy Osborn
Timothy Osborn 8 dagar sedan
I love what you do, and it's great to see this kind of charity. If possible, for future reference, make sure you use proper punctuation. When the owner's daughter came in to see the car your tag showed "Owners Daughter". Make sure to use the ownership apostrophe in usages like this "Owner's Daughter".... You're a professional, and do a great job, but the lack of proper punctuation takes away from your professionalism, IMHO. Keto up the great work!
Allen Kemp
Allen Kemp 8 dagar sedan
If you think that smells bad you should go with first responders to a deceased person call in a hoarder house where they’ve been deceased for a month. You’ll be thankful for the mouse droppings and urine at that point.
Michael Mateo
Michael Mateo 8 dagar sedan
Thats their car now imagine the house 🤦‍♂️
Mandy 9 dagar sedan
My mom; washes her car every Monday for work
Blitzer112 9 dagar sedan
Me: car not vacuumed in two weeks, I'm the filthiest person alive so ashamed. Then I watch this: faith in myself restored!
Mrfish Da real
Mrfish Da real 9 dagar sedan
Where is your shop I’m in Massachusetts and my dads truck needs a little fix the floor mats are very dirty and the Radio does not work at all
Nick 10 dagar sedan
*walks in to see newly cleaned car* proceeds to touch every exterior panel and window...
- Caveira -
- Caveira - 10 dagar sedan
The car is so dirty that you should just sell it and let someone else deal with it, and buy a new car.
Anthony Juan
Anthony Juan 10 dagar sedan
I like that theres a stick family killer and theres a text says "nobody cares about your stick figure family"
Frogmella Slob
Frogmella Slob 10 dagar sedan
How on Earth does a video about washing a car get nearly 4.8m views and what is it doing on my home page?
GreggB 11 dagar sedan
9:10 Awe, RIP little buddy
C Note
C Note 11 dagar sedan
Thanks for motivating me to clean car😆👍
TheSlayer 1799
TheSlayer 1799 11 dagar sedan
It said nobody cares about your stick figure family’s lol 😂
LPS PeanutButter Productions
LPS PeanutButter Productions 12 dagar sedan
All of a sudden my car is heaven
Lemge Meister
Lemge Meister 12 dagar sedan
This looks like some crackhead's car
David Calderon
David Calderon 13 dagar sedan
Glad you relocated the mice In the trash 🤣
TheDarkMajesty 13 dagar sedan
Update: The car went back to the same condition 4 days later.
Jesus and Victoria
Jesus and Victoria 13 dagar sedan
Was there a reason the back passenger rear fender wasn't clean ?
FAT MOE Gavgk 14 dagar sedan
Next thing you know she comes back and the car is totaled and asks if you can fix it
Food Restaurant
Food Restaurant 15 dagar sedan
Who else here eating while watching?
asad ilyas
asad ilyas 15 dagar sedan
Dude how the hell do people even do that to their cars
David Smith
David Smith 15 dagar sedan
1:03 looks like grandma was dealing coke
Antonis73 15 dagar sedan
When someone isn't sure about your services show them this video 😉
Tauhu Goreng
Tauhu Goreng 15 dagar sedan
A 7 years old not cleaned cars looks better than my 3 years cleaned every 2 months car
Jussi Kārkliņš
Jussi Kārkliņš 15 dagar sedan
I'm eating pringles while watching this.
Zac Govitz
Zac Govitz 16 dagar sedan
I bet people love to share church pews with her
Malik Muhammad Abdullah Iqbal
Malik Muhammad Abdullah Iqbal 17 dagar sedan
Fun Fact/Plot twist:She was saving money for 7 years to have a professional car washing service.
Steve K
Steve K 17 dagar sedan
Can imagine what her house looks like? Not too mention her panties??? 👹
Steven Moore
Steven Moore 17 dagar sedan
After putting the ceramic coating on it do you have to throw those towels away?
Jose Escobedo
Jose Escobedo 17 dagar sedan
It so clean but I feel dirty still becuase I saw what it originally was
Dejo5 18 dagar sedan
And people have balls to tell me to wear a mask to protect grandma. Bitch has a Virus Economy in there.
Matthew Mosiello
Matthew Mosiello 18 dagar sedan
It is just frustrating to see this. Even if u don’t have a garage for your car that never gets used just buy a 50$ car cover and call it a day
Fatal Foundry
Fatal Foundry 18 dagar sedan
I can't believe why americans and canadians don't use alkaline and petroleum based degreasers as a pre wash method before pressure washing like we do here in scandinavia. It would loosen that all that bio debris significantly.
Leyton Hodgson
Leyton Hodgson 18 dagar sedan
She naaaassstyyy!
Rob P
Rob P 19 dagar sedan
This video was awesome
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 19 dagar sedan
How can anyone drive that dirty trash for 7 years straight🥵🥵🥵. I can't even drive my car without cleaning it once in 6 months(interior cleaning).
Manuel Enrique Cortez
Manuel Enrique Cortez 19 dagar sedan
I hate the fact that’s she’s touching it.
Gc_Dwrfy DeRs A SNaKe In MY BooT
Gc_Dwrfy DeRs A SNaKe In MY BooT 19 dagar sedan
it seems like it has been forested hehehmm pun intended
Retro Ducks
Retro Ducks 19 dagar sedan
youssra dahi
youssra dahi 19 dagar sedan
PurpleMornings 19 dagar sedan
How do you even get mold inside yo taillights
Wrekt 19 dagar sedan
Some people are disgusting
Gogo 19 dagar sedan
This is how the plague was reborn.
SupItzMizuki 19 dagar sedan
Am I the only one commenting about the sticker on the car-
FN ZXTRO 20 dagar sedan
I would have told that person just buy a new car
Glen M Lj
Glen M Lj 20 dagar sedan
7:21 I'm on headphone when we both said *"oh"* Yikes 🤣
G G 20 dagar sedan
Anyone who lets their car gets this dirty is fucking disgusting.
IAmMoparNut 20 dagar sedan
What's the story with the brown stains at the tops of the B and C pillars?
1337intenz 20 dagar sedan
imagine ther house XD
Deep life challenges
Deep life challenges 20 dagar sedan
Why you wash out side first ? I think im going to wash in side car fisrt .
Aman Rehan
Aman Rehan 20 dagar sedan
I bet she is one of that anti mask karen
?? 20 dagar sedan
At that point just get a new car...
Random Person
Random Person 20 dagar sedan
No one finna mention fast and furious on the tv?
Notsk1bo1 20 dagar sedan
I would pay to powerwash a car like that.
Guy's Fieri
Guy's Fieri 21 dag sedan
and because it’s a subaru, the mouse poo was the least of its problems
Loyal Truth
Loyal Truth 21 dag sedan
Bro you're too good..! Much love..❤💛💚👍👍👍👍👏👏👏🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧
Little Big Truths
Little Big Truths 21 dag sedan
A CT resident, I’m surprised the car is in one piece with how much salt the state drops on the roads in winter
Ben McMillan
Ben McMillan 21 dag sedan
I have always wondered while watching you pressure wash the cars, what PSI and nozzle are you using on the pressure washer?
Levi Borbely
Levi Borbely 22 dagar sedan
It was a bad decesion to watch this while eating.
scrummy bingus
scrummy bingus 22 dagar sedan
This honestly hits different when you own mice. Like, I can SMELL this car vividly. Mouse pee is really potent smelling, and they poop like once every ten minutes. I bet that mouse has only been there a few months.
Zee S
Zee S 22 dagar sedan
19:26 What is that beside the rear tire?
Bigzay 0506
Bigzay 0506 22 dagar sedan
How to clean a very dirty car: step one bring it to a junkyard step two: ask someone to crush it three: buy a new car four : TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEW CAR DUMMY
Jonathan Jennings
Jonathan Jennings 22 dagar sedan
It's appalling that the lady's family let her drive around in that thing.
Brian Van
Brian Van 23 dagar sedan
You think those headlights are foggy? Mine are completely yellow.
Devil_Doge1234 23 dagar sedan
Bahahahaha I’m dying, on the back of the car it says “no one cares about your stick figure family”
ogdan 23 dagar sedan
What a Bit*%!
Chris W
Chris W 23 dagar sedan
ugh just throw that car away
王思聪是我哥 23 dagar sedan
Oh god wtf happened to this car
Will Willer
Will Willer 23 dagar sedan
Dryer sheets keep rabbits, rats, etc away pretty well for me
Tarun Sehgal
Tarun Sehgal 23 dagar sedan
Movie looks like Air Force One or Furious 6
Patricia McCool
Patricia McCool 23 dagar sedan
New Subscriber here. This was amazing!
Bradley Allen-Lively
Bradley Allen-Lively 24 dagar sedan
Knight-elf Mohawk
Knight-elf Mohawk 24 dagar sedan
If you have a rodent issue in your car (or anywhere) peppermint oil works a treat. I had an issue in a car I owned a few years ago and I put a towel with the peppermint oil on it in the glove box. Never had a problem again. And yes I kept my car tidied up. No leftover food etc. I was living up north and a car that’s just been driven and parked is a warm spot for many creatures on cold nights.
Bull Strong
Bull Strong 24 dagar sedan
After all that hard work. She just wipes her hands all over it
Edie the Panda
Edie the Panda 24 dagar sedan
I was so mad when we didn’t get to see her reaction 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😔
Mohit Verma
Mohit Verma 24 dagar sedan
Itne saal tak gandi hi car chala rahe the ye GANDE LOG..
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