How to Protect Everything with Paint Protection Film: Garage Cabinets

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In the past 6 months with the craziness of the new building project, I haven't removed the cardboard protection from the top of my stainless steel garage countertops. My goal was to avoid a complete disaster by laying my polisher and garage tools on the unprotected metal and scratching the surface, including my cabinet fronts which are painted matte black. So I did a bunch of research and realize Xpel Paint Protection film can be applied over the Moduline cabinets (which I obviously have in the Studio for cars etc...) but somehow never made the mental leap from cars to anything else. So with that "ah-ha" moment, here is the step by step process to protect your stainless steel garage cabinets from a total disaster, along with pretty much anything else with a screen, paint, metal, or plastic. Hope this helps. (no idea why I didn't think of this earlier?) -L
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Little Big Truths
Little Big Truths 4 dagar sedan
Door guards against scratches in parking lots would be neat to install on my Charger...
Edward Aldrich
Edward Aldrich 13 dagar sedan
Anyone that is this OCD and perfectionist is a hero of mine!
mahina1963 21 dag sedan
That simple pre-use prep of that Razor blade, masking the tips? Excellent! how many times have I tried to shave something off, but see I'm making the little blemish into a big scrape?
Booyamakashi Månad sedan
Im double upping this like button :D
Daland S. Tane Lan
Daland S. Tane Lan Månad sedan
4:25 😂😂😂
Hei Oi Lai
Hei Oi Lai Månad sedan
I really love your videos, they help me to next level of detailing kingdom
Circuits and Cigars
Circuits and Cigars Månad sedan
Just the razor blade trick made this video gold
Sanu Zachariah
Sanu Zachariah 2 månader sedan
When I get my RS6 I'm definitely calling Ammo Nyc to do interior and exterior
King of Newyork
King of Newyork 2 månader sedan
This man is like a surgeon
atuli 2 månader sedan
Would love a video focused on detailing/washing matte paint! I know there are several out there, but you just have a great way of explaining things!
Julz Cadz
Julz Cadz 2 månader sedan
The phone part was hilarious
ari rizaj
ari rizaj 2 månader sedan
You have the best detail videos , but we need more ! Are things slow due to Covid ? Cause love the videos ! Hope all is well ! 🇦🇱
mistercodyful 2 månader sedan
Great Guy
Great Guy 3 månader sedan
I bet he doesn’t use toilet paper, he just tears of the film around his sphincter and wraps it with a bubble free gel lubricant! And don’t forget the trick with the needle to get rid of the dingleberries under the film!
Great Guy
Great Guy 3 månader sedan
The purpose of paint is normally, besides the decorative aspect, to protect a surface. So why should I wrap a painted surface? To protect the protection? OK, a car could be seen differently, because a well preserved paint finish minimizes the loss when reselling. But in a workshop? Seriously? We already have to much plastic floating around in this world! Don’t waste resources for this kind of madness!
Just Nerp
Just Nerp 3 månader sedan
I want to see your van video that I saw on inside edition
Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classic's
Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classic's 3 månader sedan
Good Tips
Muj Per
Muj Per 3 månader sedan
Can you please take my appointment at least already emailed you 😭😭
Josh Rand
Josh Rand 3 månader sedan
Sorry this is off topic, and you might have a video that I haven’t seen but what do you recommend for getting rid of the light ghosting after debadging a 2017 vehicle? I have seen you use goof off on your own vehicle, and you use rapid remover in this video. I don’t really want to go to the extent of rubbing compound/polishing compound because it’s winter and I don’t have a garage, any suggestions?
Nick van der Sanden
Nick van der Sanden 3 månader sedan
Hey Larry, I have a small detailing business for almost 4 years now. Started detailing cars and other vehicles like 14 years ago even before i drove a car. (I'm 30 now) I just want to thank you for all the videos on the channel and other platforms. I had my fair share of detailing workshops and polishing courses but i must say. Watching these videos made me understand the line of work we are in and i learned so much from the way you explain things. You made me a detail freak even more then i already was. I now value car paint like its my own daughter for god's sake.. Again, Larry Thank you for putting all this free information on the internet and keep doing what you do best! Bless you and everyone you love. Sincerely, Nick
adam cain
adam cain 3 månader sedan
OCD at the highest level
David Hdez
David Hdez 3 månader sedan
Dónde te ha hecho esos muebles son increíbles!
Hugheszie 3 månader sedan
Larry's gone insane guys, he's PPF'd his whole house! Some say he's out there in the wild right now, PPF'ing trees and passers by!
Ronan Vlogs
Ronan Vlogs 3 månader sedan
I have a 1989 Chevy s10 tahoe and i want to get it cleaned and repainted and fix the inside and if you are willing to I will pay for the remodel just give me a price
Veritas Originale
Veritas Originale 3 månader sedan
HOOK me up with some AMMO product! (cross over sub from Scott’s channel) 😜
peter greek
peter greek 3 månader sedan
Best way to remove egg smell from inside car after someone threw a egg at me while driving.
Elijah Meise
Elijah Meise 3 månader sedan
You should do up a older truck really oils or old car
Garrett Covington
Garrett Covington 3 månader sedan
I'm sold on Ammo. Scotts 512 was incredible.
Henry Collins
Henry Collins 3 månader sedan
Did you clay and polish first
AMMO NYC 3 månader sedan
Not on these parts. On automotive paint, yes you should if it needs to be clayed and polished.
Martin 3 månader sedan
PPF on the floor next.
Moridian 3 månader sedan
I love larrys content but as a carpenter this made me laugh 😂 the stuff I build on my bench would rip straight through that film 😂 love the commitment though
colormesarge 3 månader sedan
Why didn't you do the backsplash section?
Blake Richardson
Blake Richardson 3 månader sedan
This stuff is like using a label maker for the first time, you go overboard and cover everything.
Michael W
Michael W 3 månader sedan
Hi from the UK 🇬🇧 Larry, love your Ammo brand and the Ratarossa fans appreciate your input. Stay safe 👍👍
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera 3 månader sedan
Just saw your collaboration with Ratarosa... That was awsome, and doing it... I also watch your channel, so I loved it.. Thank You..
AMMO NYC 3 månader sedan
Awesome! Thank you!
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall 3 månader sedan
Great stuff !
Dimitris Chanell
Dimitris Chanell 3 månader sedan
What soap does he use?
KIT CAT 3 månader sedan
Why the Albanian Eagle?
Svenska VargenTV
Svenska VargenTV 3 månader sedan
Is it posseble to usa it on front glas ?
Robert Waczynski
Robert Waczynski 3 månader sedan
9:51 Keep in mind Xpel has healing capabilities which means you can heat the film to remove scratches.
Devil Is In The Detail Gbr
Devil Is In The Detail Gbr 3 månader sedan
Larry, great idea, and just shows us how to protect our garages / workstations great video, cant wait for the next one
Kyle Langley
Kyle Langley 3 månader sedan
Been doing this for years. People called me crazy but obviously this guy has no shame in going public.
Nicole Claus
Nicole Claus 3 månader sedan
I am a woman who use to know literally nothing about cars. I also don't have a license and have no desire to have one. I binge watch this channel so much that I caught myself explaining to my husband why some cars have carpet wheel well liners. This channel is awesome! 💜
Parzival14 3 månader sedan
I can understand maybe the painted cabinet doors, but the stainless steel worktop, it's as tough as nails! You can just clean that and polish out any scratches if your really that bothered.
Elementst_JZZ30 3 månader sedan
I love using Xpel on my cars, I use their pre cut kits and they are perfect. I've applied them to a 15 Ford Focus ST, 13 Ford Mustang GT, 15 Jeep Renegade and my 92 Soarer will get the hood , roof and fenders done.
Guido Van E
Guido Van E 3 månader sedan
Why don't we see people using a "steel floor/drag matt' when cleaning a car floor matts? Why leave them on the the dirt...
Ezequiel Limon
Ezequiel Limon 3 månader sedan
Larry! Love all your Videos. The education you give is invaluable. Took my car detailing game through the roof, I always ask myself "what would larry think of this panel". Apperciate all you do!
han chen
han chen 3 månader sedan
Hello, your work is great. I like your video very much and I am also a fan of yours. Can I repost your work to Chinese websites? You know that people in mainland China can’t see SEmost for some reason. I will not put your video into commercial use. I will mark your name and website address, can you? Thank you.
Cory Lovely
Cory Lovely 3 månader sedan
literally the only man in the world to spend time protecting a metal work surface lol
Richard T
Richard T 3 månader sedan
Talk about major OCD...I love it!!-thanks Larry!
Josh Robertson
Josh Robertson 3 månader sedan
Hey Larry, this has nothing to do with your video but I have been searching SEmost for the past hour now looking for a video to explain the differences between what a car wash+ offers compared to what us detailers offer and have found nothing. I would make like to make a video on the subject myself but I have no experience making videos nor the audience you have. Can you please make a video explaining the difference explaining why we’re different and the reasons we put so much into what we love to do? Also thank you for all your content, you have been my biggest inspiration for what I do and I have learned so much from you. I just want to educate the population world wide as much as we can. Thank you in advance! RADAR US LLC
King Thranduil
King Thranduil 3 månader sedan
Where's the video of that old man with lots of stuff inside his van?
Nathaniel Richardson
Nathaniel Richardson 3 månader sedan
I was looking for that too
MadWhipz Srbija
MadWhipz Srbija 3 månader sedan
If you are not the same mindset as Larry is, don’t get into detailing bussines. You have to do it for the love and where you can express your ocd on something you are passionate about, and not just because of money. Plus those who just do it for profit (85% of them) are just ruining your clearcoat without even knowing anything about its thickness on different body parts... You have to be obsessed with cars and perfectionism to be good at this job, but the best ones are like Larry, those who express their ocd in a way they love. All the best.
Naomi McArthur
Naomi McArthur 3 månader sedan
Love this! I am binge watching everything AMMO NYC. Learning so much and as a car enthusiast as well as a cleaning and esthetic perfectionist I’m loving all your tips, tricks, and techniques!! Can’t wait to use them on my Mustang when it’s out of storage in the spring.
Matthew Macdonald
Matthew Macdonald 3 månader sedan
Are you gonna post the video of the van you cleaned for the guy with all the stuff in his van
Matthew Macdonald
Matthew Macdonald 3 månader sedan
@AMMO NYC can’t wait 😁😁
AMMO NYC 3 månader sedan
Yes soon
carey dodds
carey dodds 3 månader sedan
I feel like he's graduated past SEmost. This feels like high-end production with that camera work. I'll give the video 9 out of 10 only because the music is kind of garbage.
Eloy 559
Eloy 559 3 månader sedan
Couldn't u have just taken off the cardboard?
Callum Anderson
Callum Anderson 3 månader sedan
I want to see the filled white van
Element Shield Surface Solutions
Element Shield Surface Solutions 3 månader sedan
Great video, good to see someone other myself who uses the benefits of PPF for invested surfaces. @elementshieldnano
Chris jt
Chris jt 3 månader sedan
I wouldn't of worried about the bench end of the day its work bench
ooo ooo
ooo ooo 3 månader sedan
many already knew that it could be done on fridge, phones (its been for years), other furniture. the last part that is new but you didnt do is put ceramic coating on the ppf. it will help with cleaning such as the over splash when you did the floors, now if you get water hits from car work it will be cleaner and easier to clean with.
David Fisher
David Fisher 3 månader sedan
Pull off a layer of plastic (that could have been clear) and apply another one?! Or perhaps avoid the use of unnecessary rubbish plastic and allow your workshop to grow old gracefully, have a bit of character and look like you use it?
Rob DC
Rob DC 3 månader sedan
I enjoy Larry's vids and products, but I think I'm past wanting this kind of perfection. Rather, here is a 750,000 mile 911 that has earned every ding and scratch - they tell the story of how this car and owner have experienced life together. So sure...clean your car if you like to, but spend time and your energy enjoying the car rather than thinking you have to clean it when you get home.
Hardy 1
Hardy 1 3 månader sedan
Clear bra or ceramic coating for headlights? Your opinion?
Alejandro Herrera
Alejandro Herrera 3 månader sedan
This is what happens when your OCD is left unchecked
Anew Genre
Anew Genre 3 månader sedan
Yoooo I just saw you on inside edition!!!!
Ethan Berube
Ethan Berube 3 månader sedan
Nice shirt!
Brendan Olevnik
Brendan Olevnik 3 månader sedan
I just saw you on the news with that white van detail. Quite alot of stuff you pulled out of there! It's always nice to see someone be recognized for good work. Been a fam for a while now and excited to see some new details. 😁
Southern Nevada offroading and back country
Southern Nevada offroading and back country 3 månader sedan
Clear film on stainless steel tops is beyond me. I get satisfaction seeing wear and tear on the stainless
Dylan's Detailing
Dylan's Detailing 3 månader sedan
I want this, but wouldn’t have the patience to do it
MrCarnutbill67 3 månader sedan
Don’t worry Larry, every time I go to the gym my face gets sore. People must think I’m a lunatic from the faces I make.
grand04gt 3 månader sedan
Thats such a great idea. I am kinda shocked tho because i am more picky than you are apparently 🤣 i can not have any surface partially covered in a clear must go from edge to edge or it will drive me nuts lol..that edge collects so much dirt and the second it gets just a little dirty that edge stands out like a sore thumb. My car came used with a partial hood in clear bra and the first thing i did was rip it off for that reason
jamer797 3 månader sedan
i just bought the interior kit for my Q5, Piano black is a scratch disaster! thanks
Motor Powered Diecast Reviews
Motor Powered Diecast Reviews 3 månader sedan
“When you think of paint protection you probably think of cars” Me: F L E X S E A L F A M I L Y O F P R O D U C T S
Alexx S.
Alexx S. 3 månader sedan
i think this guy might protecto-film his wife too soon...
Santibag 3 månader sedan
I prefer to use series instead of films to protect things.
KJ Richard
KJ Richard 3 månader sedan
Larry- if you're ever interested in doing a video on another paint correction I have a doozy for you. '17 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport AWD. It' black and is in MAJOR need of a paint correction. Someone messed up the paint before I bought the car. It's a beautiful car but the paint makes me want to cry. I am also in CT so wouldn't be a hassle. Please let me know if you're interested. You can have the car for as long as you need Thanks!
Joey Richards
Joey Richards 3 månader sedan
Larry, great video as always.
ERICK OLIVEIRA 3 månader sedan
맛있는생각Simple a meal & daily life
맛있는생각Simple a meal & daily life 3 månader sedan
Pablo Galvez
Pablo Galvez 3 månader sedan
Funny I did this a few weeks ago when we got a new laundry pair. I put 3M Pro on the top to protect from laundry baskets and detergent bottles. It works great and protects the top surface from scratches and chemicals.
Stephen Brewer
Stephen Brewer 3 månader sedan
Looks great Larry! I was about to order a roll to do the front of my Samsung smart hub refrigerator so my 1 year old don’t tear it up and I can finally take the ugly factory plastic off lol
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz 3 månader sedan
Where is your shop located. I’m in northern NJ n would love to take my cars there for detailing.
Marko Ivanovski
Marko Ivanovski 3 månader sedan
Next video idea: how to protect the floor from shoe scratches, jk😅
Siggy 3 månader sedan
Why is transparent ppt so expensive! The one who manages to produce it cheap will be a millionaire!
Tony G
Tony G 3 månader sedan
OCD anyone?
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry 3 månader sedan
This film is like a temporary-permanent ceramic coating but protects your paint better
Corey D'Angelo
Corey D'Angelo 3 månader sedan
Larry can you do a series on washing and maintaining a vinyl wrap and making It last long?
Stingray 3 månader sedan
Hrm, I might do this to my stainless refrigerator. So much easier to keep looking good.
Stingray 3 månader sedan
I wrote that before I got to the fridge part, I swear!
magnumpunch 3 månader sedan
Ahah doubling up protection film to protect the nice protection film. You can go on forever
Purplex_Purple 77
Purplex_Purple 77 3 månader sedan
1/24/21 I just seen a preview of you on the insider edition and omfg I just freakout out haha. Yeah poverty causes me to only have antenna tv. I hope I get use all your products one day to do my own detailing learning how to get better. Hopefully can be a thing I do here and there in the Marines when I get in. Hopefully I’ll know before my birthday in late March.
dent tech
dent tech 3 månader sedan
Why? Stainless can almost always be buffed out. Easier than paint. Either way, excellent product and video
Flip 3 månader sedan
Great video. Love your garage.👍🇦🇺🍺
Laavariz Amigo
Laavariz Amigo 3 månader sedan
Let's see how much subs can I get from this comment🙂
Mara Milas
Mara Milas 3 månader sedan
Might just be my isolation brain talking but that is awesome 😉
MCU 3 månader sedan
I"ve started using PVC protective film for kitchen countertop too.
Shudhant Gautam
Shudhant Gautam 3 månader sedan
Hey Larry! I hope you're doing well. I have a similar workbench/tool storage chest in my garage and am trying to cover it with something identical to XPEL as you show here. However, it's a wooden top but has that metal finish like yours on the face of the cabinets. Do you know if XPEL has something that will work on a wood top to cover it and form a sort of layer? I too have left its original cardboard and plastic cover on the wood finish and haven't taken it off since I got it in July 2020! Thanks!
Gucci 3 månader sedan
James May would like you I believe.
Danny T
Danny T 3 månader sedan
Nice connecting rod/ piston door handle.
Michael Decker
Michael Decker 3 månader sedan
Rapid remover is an excellent product for a variety of uses.
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