Mikel Karam
Mikel Karam Timme sedan
Amazing! But what if there is red stitching ?
Harrison Edwards
Harrison Edwards 2 timmar sedan
Can you drink shampoo and conditioner? What about toothpaste
Marko Polic
Marko Polic 3 timmar sedan
Where is the rimac detailing video?
Elias Barajas
Elias Barajas 4 timmar sedan
Does anyone know what kind of glasses Larry uses?
Vorch 6 timmar sedan
I didn't realize they left the whole underside unprotected. That's a very half-baked "rally car" build. Functionally no better than the previous stanced version.
The Stellar Engineer
The Stellar Engineer 7 timmar sedan
My dad was 18 when he bought this car. Now I am 19 and he is giving it to me. I treasure that vehicle more than anything. It gives me hope that I too can restore my 280 Z to its former glory.
Cr Sankar
Cr Sankar 7 timmar sedan
Your work is really awesome
Robb 7 timmar sedan
Fun!! my sister's girlfriend had one back in the 70s, what a sexy car.. loved being driven around in it.. thankyou
QUIX OTIC 7 timmar sedan
He got half a house inside a van
Shirley Gilbert
Shirley Gilbert 8 timmar sedan
My mom had one. It was wonderful to drive
Phillip Woolley
Phillip Woolley 8 timmar sedan
D Haley
D Haley 8 timmar sedan
yes the paint is thicker in the Red because its got the tinted clear that is way thicker than base coat then it is clear coated and it is flow coated after that. they dont do that with the white cars but is there any other color that they do that with?
Jesse Barraza
Jesse Barraza 9 timmar sedan
richie vellalar
richie vellalar 10 timmar sedan
World best car is Datsun.....Thank you japan
Yaph San
Yaph San 11 timmar sedan
corey fairbanks
corey fairbanks 12 timmar sedan
Looks like the Tesla logo......
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 13 timmar sedan
Ahhhh. At minute 16:17 we finally get sound back in both ears. As a newbee, this is by far the most informative, and articulate presentation I've seen. You two work very well together....and both have good communication skills. So many video out there do not know how to express the concept in words and with examples. Thank you....and when I decide on what products I'll for purchasing....I'll be doing business with you.
1videofiend 14 timmar sedan
You're a good man Larry, (though Matt's just returned the favor!) You NYC boys stick together, (whether near or far) It's "The Basketball Diaries Automotive Edition!" 🏀 🚗
Loretta knapp
Loretta knapp 14 timmar sedan
Great video I was busting up with laughter but learning a good lesson in polishing. Absolutely awesome thank you Larry and Derek.
Joel Ramos
Joel Ramos 15 timmar sedan
something about seeing a clean cars fills me with joy
Philip Gray
Philip Gray 16 timmar sedan
He sold it to get a new Z.
Chad Trumps
Chad Trumps 16 timmar sedan
I'm curious after watching the entire episode; would the debris field left by the ice machine been as wide spread had the undercarriage been pre-treated with water?
Tang0Fox1 17 timmar sedan
That dirt reminded me of the volcanic ash that I had to clean from my car recently.
overdriven77 18 timmar sedan
Please, what's the music used in this video?
David McArthur
David McArthur 18 timmar sedan
Bought a new car last year and just found you. Wow lots of good common sense info to help me make it last longer. I'm in eastern CT., you must be west, near NY... I'm and ex-trucker and know much of the state.. can't wait to watch more... I live in an apartment so don't have all the tools but going to get them soon. I like to fact that doing basic cleaning on a regular basis is long term better. than a big job once a month.. Looked up your bio. awesome....
Sandro Lopes
Sandro Lopes 18 timmar sedan
Anyone from switzerland here?
VividLight 19 timmar sedan
Can't believe anybody can let their car get THIS out of hand
Michael Boesen
Michael Boesen 19 timmar sedan
Why would you not remove the dirt and sand/mutt before you start inside. All that waterspray and dirt will be all over the workshop
PAKTRA PRODUCTIONS 19 timmar sedan
Hey so what is your opinion on the bottom to top top to bottom debate especially when doing large vehicles?
rozagul khan
rozagul khan 19 timmar sedan
Old is gold i like this car so much
Maggot Meatballz
Maggot Meatballz 20 timmar sedan
I don't know anything about cars and don't even have a driver's license yet here I am watching these videos and now I am guetting the barn find simulator, that's just the way I roll.
Craig DeRoche
Craig DeRoche 20 timmar sedan
Craig DeRoche
Craig DeRoche 20 timmar sedan
Kurtis Kaskowski
Kurtis Kaskowski 20 timmar sedan
This is the "king of random" dood, and I heard he recently died.
Vikingdescendent 21 timme sedan
It should be put in a museum ASAP!
Helipeek 22 timmar sedan
Colour is spelt incorrectly 🤦‍♂️
Tanveer Ahmed
Tanveer Ahmed 23 timmar sedan
One of the best video. The car is the star.restore it and enjoy it wow .👍👍👍
Mwamba k
Mwamba k 23 timmar sedan
I was going to do it by hand but now i've decided i'll pay someone to do it professionally, becasue i know it will come out way better than if i do it by hand with cheap products, $80AUD TO $150AUD will be worth paying.
Nortynko 23 timmar sedan
So much detailing and than the trailer comes and takes it in muddy and snowy weather uncovered 😩
Willem Streutgers
Willem Streutgers Dag sedan
Nice to see Vrdestein tyres. A Dutch brand.
krishna kumar
krishna kumar Dag sedan
Still has the original factory tyres.
DJ Jim
DJ Jim Dag sedan
Looks like this Forester is living up to it's name.
RDU23 Dag sedan
Semi pimp mah rayd
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh Dag sedan
One of the coolest looking cars compared to todays cars
styledliving Dag sedan
Do you have a special model scissor lift that lets you wash cars on it? Bendpak/QuickJack always says to not get theirs wet.
I was waiting to watch him drive off in that piece of beauty 🙄
Augustus Arthur
Augustus Arthur Dag sedan
what was the bill?
ProPhinish NYC
ProPhinish NYC Dag sedan
Hey Larry, love the channel, the cars and most important the brain picking.......... I came across something I don’t remember you talking about. I had a clients car that had something called artillery fungus. I was lucky to remove it with clay and I tried to twist clay instead of gliding the clay across the panel. In my head, I was wondering, what would be your approach ?
Norma Bumbaugh
Norma Bumbaugh Dag sedan
Our index finger...the universal tool.
Austin Mike
Austin Mike Dag sedan
This car absolutely had 100,056 miles not 56 miles. If it had 56 miles it would have probably never been washed, maybe once. There would not that many paint swirls. Cool car and beautiful, but clearly not 56 miles.
Ben Young
Ben Young Dag sedan
Gonna wrap the roof of my car tomorrow. Send me smooth vibes y'all!
Brad Pyron
Brad Pyron Dag sedan
You are perfect in anything you try doing it It’s just phenomenal...!!!
Bob Millerick
Bob Millerick Dag sedan
You can keep that in my garage if you want.
Alexander Rutledge
Alexander Rutledge Dag sedan
bro im crying laughing at the "gently hammered into place" part hahahaha
GraphicFrost Dag sedan
I've done this before (different brand) on a BMW it turned out amazing. The issue I had was with the product wearing off, they didn't provide with a top coat when I did it. Interesting to see how long their product lasts.
Pilot Ulli
Pilot Ulli Dag sedan
I'd love to see more airplanes detailed! 😃🛩👍
Big 6s
Big 6s Dag sedan
This dude daily drives a brand new Ferrari while I drive a old ass Ford Escape 😂 only if I could live his life
Raq O
Raq O Dag sedan
Where in NYC is this guy located in? I'm in Manhattan
Scott Baican
Scott Baican Dag sedan
I’ll take the yellow Daytona ! That’s it
Добрый панд
Добрый панд Dag sedan
Price this work??
juan gabriel bontempo
juan gabriel bontempo Dag sedan
Ole4961 Dag sedan
First wash in three years? My car get 4x more dirty in one drive.
Zach Perkinson
Zach Perkinson Dag sedan
This is why aliens don’t visit earth
Adhyyan Saroj
Adhyyan Saroj Dag sedan
Tissue paper and sticky substance,I don't think he was sneezing
Ron Leggett
Ron Leggett Dag sedan
What is the song at 20:40?
JW Creates
JW Creates Dag sedan
Been a. Fan from the beginning
Mark Sketch
Mark Sketch Dag sedan
You guys have REALLY gotta get on the AVANT style of vehicles, the very best car to own that will kick off any Ferrari or Lamborghini is a RS6 Avant. I think that AdamLZ just got one as they r just starting to come into the USA but what he did with it was awful, basically wrecked it, slammed it very low n ruined all that R&D that Audi put decades into. I honestly believe the car as he got it off the dealer would kick the ass of what he has now, with his new set ups. Really sad to see.
Ian Nater
Ian Nater Dag sedan
Do you ever mention the price of a cleaning like this? Was wondering in my head what the cost trade off is washing your car consistently vs just doing an intense clean like this every 2-3 years? Love the videos and the dedication. Most the time im like damn hes even cleaning this haha awesome.
DSHanska Dag sedan
Larry the kind of detailer to have a Glickenhaus Boot Baja and a Rimac in for detailing. That's just insane.
Will Dag sedan
how did he ever manage to look at his right mirror....was he merging fucking blind lol
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Dag sedan
That things gotta be a full 10 kilograms lighter now!
shadow6687 Dag sedan
renegadelaw Dag sedan
I like that wheel stand. Where do you get one of those?
Neal Chauhan
Neal Chauhan Dag sedan
Such an amazing setup dude
ZeroDayVirus Dag sedan
How do you keep your workshop moisture free after such a wash? Dehumidifiers?
matthew Lumberjack
matthew Lumberjack Dag sedan
What song is this during the video I love it
Sun & Moon
Sun & Moon Dag sedan
I just wanted to wash my car and then-
Hi Goodbye
Hi Goodbye Dag sedan
can you apply reflex on glass?
Zahid hussain
Zahid hussain Dag sedan
just send it to ls customs
cattriarch Dag sedan
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